The 2011 People’s Choice Awards

And by People’s Choice Awards coverage, I meant three posts because I’m not about to waste my time on an awards show that picks The Twilight Saga: Eclipse over Inception. That’s what MTV’s for. At any rate, here are the highlights, if you can even call them that:

- Khloe Kardashian has red hair proving Clairol tests on animals.
- Selena Gomez showed up sans Justin Bieber.
- Zac Efron stood next to Taylor Swift so clearly they’re fucking.
- Robert Pattinson wore a coat.
- Johnny Depp! SQUEEEE!
- Natalie Portman was pregnant.
- Kristen Stewart was morose.
– And the Kardashians actually won something thereby discrediting television forever.

Before we get back to business as usual, I just want to give special props to Jerry O’Connell who’s obviously been using his ridiculous amounts of free time to become an expert photobomber. See? Being the unhireable fat kid from Stand By Me’s not so bad after all.

Photos: Getty