The 2011 People’s Choice Awards

January 6th, 2011 // 130 Comments

And by People’s Choice Awards coverage, I meant three posts because I’m not about to waste my time on an awards show that picks The Twilight Saga: Eclipse over Inception. That’s what MTV’s for. At any rate, here are the highlights, if you can even call them that:

- Khloe Kardashian has red hair proving Clairol tests on animals.
- Selena Gomez showed up sans Justin Bieber.
- Zac Efron stood next to Taylor Swift so clearly they’re fucking.
- Robert Pattinson wore a coat.
- Johnny Depp! SQUEEEE!
- Natalie Portman was pregnant.
- Kristen Stewart was morose.
- And the Kardashians actually won something thereby discrediting television forever.

Before we get back to business as usual, I just want to give special props to Jerry O’Connell who’s obviously been using his ridiculous amounts of free time to become an expert photobomber. See? Being the unhireable fat kid from Stand By Me‘s not so bad after all.

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  1. Alex

    These people sell fashion for a living? They are always dressed in the worst outfits that prolly cost 1000′s of Dollars, yet look like typical stuff you can find in any “club wear” kinda store here in Jersey

  2. devo

    Wynona Judd is looking haggard…

  3. brit

    “proving clairol tests on animals” – may be the funniest thing i’ve ever read. haha.

  4. People's Choice Awards
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    Pale, blue gown, big head, some shit hanging down over her shoulder…she’s got kind of a Bib Fortuna thing going on there.

  5. People's Choice Awards
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    Still a 10.

  6. People's Choice Awards
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    I like.

  7. People's Choice Awards
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  8. People's Choice Awards
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  9. People's Choice Awards
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    Jerry seems kind of happy about catching every venereal disease due to his proximity.

  10. People's Choice Awards
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    Whoa…Kim Kardashian…is wearing SPINACH DIP! It’s true that you are what you eat. Heifer.

  11. People's Choice Awards
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    Kim is wearing spinach dip. How fitting to help her cottage cheese blend in.

  12. People's Choice Awards
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    Kim is wearing spinach dip. How fitting…it helps the cottage cheese blend in.

  13. sunshine

    What’s with the crossing your legs? Do you think that makes you look slimmer?

  14. Flower

    My God! Chloe is huge! I never realized just how big she is. She is so out of proportion, it looks like she was photoshopped into the frame,

    • Jillia

      It’s a shame really. It’s just that the other 2 are midgets. Kourtney’s around 5’1″ and Kim’s something like 5’3″. I think Kloe is about 5’8″. I feel for her because I’m about 5’8″ and alot of my friends are short so sometimes I look like a giant in pictures. Before anyone starts calling me a fatty i’m 130 lbs.

  15. Just looks like an old beat up oak tree with a BAD wig on..

  16. GravyLeg

    The two in front at wearing HEELS too. They need to come Klean. I think that Khloe used to be name Kevin.

  17. BroodyVampire

    Robert Pattinson says: “OOOooouullghhh…I just got hit on the top of the head with a frying pan…”

  18. anonym

    god damn !

    khloe is a giant with a big head

  19. People’s choice? Does that mean that I’m not a people?

  20. People's Choice Awards
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    wow lookin AMAZING!!!!!!!

  21. denisedamenace

    LOL @ the Jerry O’Connell photobomb.

  22. Come_Honor_Face

    If this photo isn’t proof that Khole is a product of a one night stand between Kris and some gigantaur type creature….then what the hell has been the point of putting her photo on the internet………boner killers?..?

  23. B.P.

    When people ask Jerry O’Connell what he does for a living, he could say, “I star in The Defenders on CBS.”
    Or he could just point at Rebecca Romijn and laugh like a madman.

  24. S'up Bitches

    Khloe looks like Ginger after Gilligan’s island was hit with a 10 thousand megaton nuke bomb. I wonder how long it takes to wax her back.

  25. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    I wish the “People” would “choose” for this vapid, obnoxious family to go away.

  26. People's Choice Awards
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    Gupta, Rajeev, and Mr. Todd Dempsey are thinking they just might score some Kardashian. Jolly Vindaloo Day indeed!

  27. People's Choice Awards
    Ex-St. Paul Resident
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    I’m pretty sure she was loaded last night…

  28. Anya

    why are these three ugly whores even at an award show? Kim looks like she belongs in a wax gallery and Khloe looks like a giant orangatun with that hair color.

  29. Anya

    Dear god just how short is that troll kourtney? She makes kimbo look tall.

  30. People's Choice Awards
    Keyser Soze
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    Haha, Jerry O’connell is awesome. Dude photobombed the Kardashians, lol. Also, he has one hot wife. Nothing wrong with the dude in my book.

  31. They played rock, paper, scissors to see who got to use the new crystal dildo first.

  32. People's Choice Awards
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    She’s so beautiful, yet pregnant T_T

  33. People's Choice Awards
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    No way awful, pricks

  34. People's Choice Awards
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    Hhah, he’s too short.

  35. People's Choice Awards
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  36. People's Choice Awards
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    how did their parents have SUCH hideous children???

  37. People's Choice Awards
    Mike Walker
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    She should return to the curly hair.

  38. People's Choice Awards
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    cute dress, gross body

  39. poopsmith

    yes! jerry o’connell yes!!! you are a god

  40. People's Choice Awards
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    what the FUCK is she doing with her lips???

  41. People's Choice Awards
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    Between Kourtney’s bolted on boobs and Kim’s plastic face, Khloe is actually okay-looking. Now there’s something I thought I’d never say. Of course, that’s if you disregard the fact that she’s huge compared to the other two midgets.

  42. Nikki

    Khloe really is the ugly red headed step child.

  43. James

    A semi-cute young woman holding up an inflated sex doll and the elephant man?

  44. People's Choice Awards
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    He can look his worst and still be hotter than 90% of the rest of the world.

  45. People's Choice Awards
    Hugh Gentry
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    her body is built for fun!

  46. me

    The only things I understand about these girls is the one on the left go famous for getting peed on and being Paris Hilton’s friend, the other two are her sister and everyone is having babies. The one on the right doesn’t look as bad as everyone is saying, to me she is actually the prettiest in the photo. The one in the middle looks like a member of Menudo, and Kim looks fake fake fake. Maybe people in Hollywood think that shit looks good, but out here in the real world it looks weird.

  47. Dora Glasberg

    I think Khloe was a product of fooling around with Jenner, before her hubby dies.

  48. ummmm

    I’m convinced…Lamar Odom’s gay
    & I totally agree Dora..Khloe is the youngest after all!
    They should do paternity test for the finale.

  49. People's Choice Awards
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    Jen, is going through hart times. She need some loving. She is trying her best to keep her face – up. But she is hurting. Keep all drugs and alcohol away from her.

  50. People's Choice Awards
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    Khloe…. looks the best here. Plastic dumb arrogant cunt on the left, fake tittied midget on the right.

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