1. Nicole

    These women are extremely thin, whatever happened to the VS curvy women? Any beautiful woman can starve herself and get breast implants. Candice looks like a damned lollipop, no asses, no real figure at all. I miss the Tyra and Heidi’s of VS.

  2. Shazbot

    Is there a way to view all the images at once?

  3. Tim

    Usually I make fun of eating disorders as an affectation of whiny rich girls, but who the hell is the blond near-death concentration camp model in the 5th picture??? You can see her entire skeleton.

  4. sitron

    don’t hate because you are fat guys. Save the krispy kreme and hit the treadmill that’s all.

  5. mnsuperbee

    Ew!! Saggy anorexic ass!

  6. Mena

    Yes her ass is pretty terrible. Its like she was given a huge snatch and the ass grew from her residual crotch skin.

  7. hohoho


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