That’s not how you find Easter Eggs.

April 2nd, 2010 // 128 Comments

Because she’s full of the spirit, Lindsay Lohan fell on her drunk ass again last night while leaving an Xbox party which is clearly not a sign she needs rehab. Who thinks like that?

On that note, The Superficial is off for Zombie Man weekend, but will return Monday to blame Lindsay’s parents for her death (Saturday 5:37 p.m.), and kick off the new Guess How Many Abortions Jesse James Made His Mistresses Get Game. Bring the kids!

See you Monday.


  1. cc

    Abby@13 “I love the grin in the fifth picture.”

    Thanks for making me go back and look again. That is funny.

    “I know, I can’t believe I am this fucked up again either!”

  2. —–@ 89 – “If you want some real horror stories, look up the oh-so-tolerant nature of the “religion of peace,” Islam. Particularly the way the women are treated.
    @68 Coulter hit too close to home for ya? “Evil bile,” please. I know she isn’t warm and fuzzy, but evil? Gimme one example…I’ll wait.”——-


    As far as I can tell, Ann Coulters “Christianity” is much closer to Islam (post abrogation) or Sharia Law. Agree with us or die, don’t ever question us.
    She might fit into the Old Testament smoothly enough – “exterminate all your neighbors and steal all their stuff”, but as far as the New Testament goes, she seems to take a handful of verses (I bring a sword, they will hate you for being Christian)and twist those towards support of imperialism or manifest destiny. To do that, she has to dump most of the New Testament (vengeance is mine saith the lord, turn the other cheek, mercy and forgiveness are most important) in the garbage and shit on it.

    The majority of the nation SAYS it’s Christian, but the rotten fruit they produce says otherwise. It’s that “Jesus saved me so now I just do whatever my greed and lust tell me to because nobody is perfect and that’s okay” baloney. Jesus is obviously of no importance in their lives, let alone the center of importance.

    Hypocrisy might be human nature, but it isn’t Christian nature. Does God ever give you a test you are not equipped to pass? Honestly? What is most important, you or God?

    (as I guess 91 was saying) I don’t think it’s possible to have a Christian government. If there ever was one, it would be crushed and raped and forgotten very quickly.
    A government might give a little nod to Christianity here and there, but eventually it will have to toss Christianity to the side and worship itself…unless God’s going to come back and protect them from their enemies. Good luck with that. Looks like the Jews ended up doing most of the dirty work themselves.

  3. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca – 4 BC – AD 65

  4. Haha, who knows, maybe she did find some eggs ;)

  5. Andrea

    She is such a talented and beautiful girl. Why is she doing this to her? I blame her parents specially her mom. Lindsay feed her entire family as long as Dina spent her money in shoes :S and her dad was in jail.
    I think is never to late to save her from falling.
    God bless you lindsay

  6. dude

    Stop wishing Lindsay bad. We’d mostly all do her don’t fuckin lie. Even if she looks 35, well um arent there a lot of 35yo’s we’d all love to nail like jesus?
    Happy Bunny day!

  7. BlameWho

    You f–ked up women and kids, extort like a hooligan, preyed on women and put blame it on your own parents for your own f–kup behavior, for the sex addiction you had on women, for the kind of gene you inherited? So your parents put blame on all their forefathers for their behavior and ultimately, it all voiced down to the root of your own clan? How many criminals in jail have parents with that equal shitty behavior? Should Madoff, Saddam Hussein’s whole family clan be put in jail for 150 yrs or executed to eliminate future problem for the world? That’s what Mr Bush tried to do, just throw the bomb and then got himself ousted out as President, right?

    Since Obama has some root of African and Indonesian clan, he could have inherited some “terrorist” gene, why elect as President? Now if he can’t get his job done, blame it on his parents, fore parents for the poor gene inherited? Why wasn’t Bush and his whole clan be eliminated for his failure as President, instead his Republican party got ousted out? If his Republican clan got ousted out, why not kill it right to the root level, since they all are the “bad eggs”? So who should be elected to borrow the Nuclear Weapon from North Korea to eliminate all the “black sheep” once and for all?

    Of course, the “good shepherd” remaining will be those sitting here writing “fairytale”, LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!

  8. no, she’s not drunk or high, it’s all the paparatzi’s fault.

  9. @ 96 & 107 – Are these posts intended as humor? It’s a little too abstract for me.

  10. justifiable

    #102 “(as I guess 91 was saying) I don’t think it’s possible to have a Christian government. If there ever was one, it would be crushed and raped and forgotten very quickly.
    A government might give a little nod to Christianity here and there, but eventually it will have to toss Christianity to the side and worship itself.”

    Narcissist, it isn’t possible to have a Christian government – not because it would be so meek and gentle it couldn’t survive – but because once a religion, ANY religion, gets involved in a free civic process it’s no longer free. The religion also become irrevocably corrupted, always assuming it wasn’t before that.

    What usually happens first is that anyone who wants to serve in that government has to belong to that religion, which in effect creates two classes of citizens – the accepted who control everything, and the nonbelievers or dissenters who have no rights. Then the laws of that religion become enmeshed in civil law, administered by the clergy either with, or as, the court – and if anyone thinks that really doesn’t sound too bad, I invite them to either check out Saudi Arabia, or else revisit the Inquisition, which was, of course, conducted by man in Christ’s name. Centuries of religious wars, crusades and inquisitions were not what our founding fathers wanted for our country, and the fact that so many people still want to inject religion into our civil process today would make them weep.

    And I think 96 & 107 is smoking the plastic grass in his Easter basket.

  11. Have some respect

    Wow it sure seems a pity that we don’t have our own seperate media to turn to. I mean the founding folks, not the parasites and rejects who came here after the nation was being developed. Gotta love the easy money though. Stealing and investing is fun!!!!

  12. me

    It is obvious that all these bashers do not know my Lord. My Lord sat and supped with people like you and me and worse than ourselves. He healed strangers, people lying in the street, crazed and desperate with nothing to give in return, all they had to give was faith. That’s the beauty. He just wanted folks to know his father, your father. I not only respect it, but I believe it.

    It’s strange, the HATE people have for Christ. Hate your government, hate what people have used God’s word to claim a prize…. But please, don’t hate a man that gave nothing but love. Even if you do not accept him as the Messiah, he was beaten and mocked through life, just have some respect is all. I agree Judaism and Islam are off limits. Jews were extremely persecuted already, and Muslims (mostly) will literally kill people that mock their Lord. I know we’ll never be in a world that Yeshua will be off limits, or any religion for that matter, but when his name is attacked I will defend his honor.

  13. fufu

    Zombie Man weekend. Wow. You know, I used to frequent this site every day for a few laughs and witty comments on the crazed paparazzo-ridden world of celebrities. I’m a Christian (and a pretty liberal one) and by no standards of the Ann Coulter stereotype you all make us out to be. And I don’t go out and insult anyone’s religion. Me personally I’ll joke about anything, anything in this world, but never the Lord. I understand other people do so, but the actions of Jesus alone can prove Him to be worthy of respect at least. Fish used to throw in snide comments here and there, but unfortunately his posts have almost ALL been reduced to “Your mom in a bikini” orrrr… what else? Nothing really witty. I’m not surprised he’s left to just rely on increasingly disgusting anti-Christ comments, so at least SOMEONE out there can think he’s being innovative with his jokes. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  14. wrecked 'em

    @ 86
    Lots wife turned to a pillar of salt. Durrrrrrrrrr. Nice one, Trigg Palin!

  15. Ash Frog

    haha yeah

  16. @ 112 – “Even if you do not accept him as the Messiah, he was beaten and mocked through life…”

    I thought that was just for the last few days of his life. Then he became all powerful ruler of the universe for eternity. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

  17. she just needs somebody to take her out of her misery once and forever, just like an old racing horse..

  18. thank you that was so briliant and so funny ( I mean the escape of kids) that I burst in laugh , but very quickly apologized to Mj and ask for his forgivnes.Poor guy is probabaly pacing the heaven back and forth trying to tell us the truth , and being tremondously angry with hmmm I dont know if I should ever call that killer a doctor .Doctor is a person who is doing everyuthing to save someones life .Killer is a person who takes that life away ….so what do You thing tough decison …..NOT

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