That’s not how you find Easter Eggs.

April 2nd, 2010 // 128 Comments

Because she’s full of the spirit, Lindsay Lohan fell on her drunk ass again last night while leaving an Xbox party which is clearly not a sign she needs rehab. Who thinks like that?

On that note, The Superficial is off for Zombie Man weekend, but will return Monday to blame Lindsay’s parents for her death (Saturday 5:37 p.m.), and kick off the new Guess How Many Abortions Jesse James Made His Mistresses Get Game. Bring the kids!

See you Monday.


  1. neen

    Love her

  2. Rough on half decafinated decaf

    I think Fish just punch out his time card…

  3. Sammie

    Aww I’m going to miss you :(

  4. Dave

    11 am CST, man you really slaved away today..

  5. LiLOldSlut

    Why invite this talentless drunk anywhere?

  6. wtf

    How does ANYONE fall down this much? I think I’ve fallen on my drunk ass once, maybe twice, in my entire life. And I’ve been plenty wasted. This girl needs to die already.

  7. Oz

    she just needs somebody to take her out of her misery once and forever, just like an old racing horse lol

  8. Oz

    she just needs somebody to take her out of her misery once and forever, just like an old racing horse lol

  9. oz

    she just needs to be taken out of her misery, just like an old racing horse


    Overdose already so we can FORGET YOU!!!! used to be a PIECE of ASS!!

  11. Dank

    So i know she’s one coke line away from dying but i cant help but think Lindsay looks pretty hot here. Her hair actually looks pretty sexy for a change.

  12. Wow, what a puffy, bloated, drunk bitch.

    Her forehead looks like that of a 60-year-old grannie.

    What’s the line on the Lohan Dead Pool? I’m in for Sunday afternoon.

  13. abby

    I love the grin in the fifth picture.

  14. havoc

    Later Fish…..


  15. Zombie Man weekend? Really? Really?

  16. TekMoney

    Haha. Keep it up, Lindsay! At this point I think this is the sole reason people invite her to parties… to see her get wrecked. xD

    I know I give you a lot of shit, Fish. But have a good weekend and I hope you come back recharged.

  17. cc

    When I first looked at the lead picture I thought some guy had dropped his pants or that Lohan had pulled them down. Then I realized it was an elbow.

    Most people have two kidneys and one liver. Lindsay? A genetic mutant with two livers and kidney.

    Nice forehead wrinkles Lindsay.

  18. Valerie

    Cocaine nosejob. I think Beck saw into the future with that “Loser” song.

  19. chelsea

    someone lock this girl up and take everything away from her to get the hell to control herself.

    people only hang around to see something bad happen to her, she doesn’t do anything, she’s not worth taking a picture of lol. or getting an autograph. though if she’d DIE. all those people would benefit.

  20. Why do people pay her to attend these events? Is it in the hopes that she will fall down or puke on someone? I don’t get it.

  21. Sport

    she looks like she is 38 years old – so ragged and leathery.

  22. captain america

    there are people alive who take her shit seriously?

  23. xylus

    Her ginge roots are showing…

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  25. me

    Zombie Man weekend. What a reference to Jesus Christ. It’s one thing not to believe and another to act like the Romans that tortured and nailed him to a cross. I think Fish dreams and fantasizes about being the one who stuck the spear in his side. Or maybe “Fish” was a person on the street spitting and yelling at Christ as he carried his cross on his back to it’s destination. Or maybe “Fish” dreams of being the one who stretched out each arm, and put a big thick nail in the palm of Christ and took that hammer and pounded it through, and then proceded to do the same to his feet. “Fish” raised the cross off of the ground and displayed this mess for all to see and laughed and rejoiced. Yes, it was on this day that people like “Fish” killed our prince, but he did not die. They could not kill him. They tried but love will always win.

  26. Middleman

    Wow, one post and you’re off for a three day weekend, attributed to a holiday you obviously don’t think very highly of. Life must be pretty fucking rough for you Fish. Might want to think twice before giving Lindsey shit, as she seems to work a lot more regularly then your ass, and she’s a drunk crackhead.

  27. Yoda

    #25….take your giant cross with a dead Jesus nailed on it and shove it up your stupid ass.

  28. Jim Jones

    lol @ #27. Amen.

  29. Mr Bunny Rabbit


    Looks like she needs to get buttfucked to death out of her misery……
    Volunteers, anyone?

  30. Pat C.

    #25 Or maybe Fish doesn’t dream of any of that and you’re completely overreacting to an off-the-cuff remark.
    Come to think of it, maybe it was people like YOU who slaughtered the Native Americans – hey, overreacting is fun!

  31. JesseJimmy


    You do realize that the only difference between your cute fairy tale religion and Scientology is length of existence, right?

    Just because people have swallowed your horseshit for longer than L. Ron Cruise’s horseshit, doesn’t make your horseshit any less laughable.

    Fucking lemming.

  32. Have some respect

    The problem with “Fish” is that he only mocks Christians, not the sacred jews and muslims. I would never disrespect another man’s beliefs. I think about 70% of this nation is Christian so the those of you who aren’t (such as me) should be the ones to shove it up your asses or have simple courtesty. Perhaps your foreign cancerous cultures don’t teach such a thing.
    Happy Easter!

  33. Sport

    Jesus Christ #25 chill buddy.
    God damn you are sensitive.

  34. #25: You can try to ruin a perfectly good long weekend by bringing up that fairy tale. But it won’t work.

  35. joho777

    You guys are really cruel, you know.

    Lindsay was just doing pushups in that alley to pass the time while she waited for her dealer, . . hold it, “waited for a friend.”

    You always misinterpret things. Shame on you all.

  36. Joe

    Miss Lohan is starting to look almost healthy. If she ever learns to walk again she might get somewhere.

  37. hateyoufornoreason

    I’m sure one of the paparazzi tripped her again.

  38. Bob

    Lindsay didn’t fall; I’m sure some paparazzi pushed her…AGAIN.

  39. Mr. T

    can’t we move on from this skanky ass whore. I can smell her through my monitor…it smells like vodka, old cheese, and shame.

  40. Alex

    Have any of you actually seen girls try to walk in the shoes that are popular right now (5 inch heels)??? They look like stupid, vapid waddling ducks. That’s why she keeps falling…

  41. Shemp

    I finally got the “Zombie Man Weekend” bit (after reading #25′s screedy post)…


  42. turd da third

    I think drinking has a Lindsay problem….

  43. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    After she goes, another will take her place, my money is on Miley Cyrus.

  44. Jack MeHoff

    I’ve got a craving for some fire pie.

  45. herbiefrog

    arent shoes meant to complement feet ?

    feet are cool… they keep us grounded
    …and yet let us walk around
    …waiting for you

    …just waitin’

    shhh… [everybody say hi : )))

  46. jonny

    More like Lindsay BLOWhan lol.!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. justifiable

    #32 Uh, by calling out the “sacred jews and muslims” in such a sarcastic and nasty way, you DID just disrespect someone else’s religion – and not just one, but two! Then you went for a second round again with “foreign cancerous cultures” who you assume had the gall to diss a religious majority! Congratulations on your gold-plated hypocrisy – and because you’re so much better than anyone here who’s disrespecting religion, be sure to congratulate yourself for being so humble about it. You wouldn’t know “simple courtesy” if it bit you on the ass.

    FYI, no religion is respected on this site – IT’S THE FUCKING SUPERFICIAL.

    Get over yourself by Sunday, please.

  48. Miss Lohan is starting to look almost healthy. If she ever learns to walk again she might get somewhere.

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