That looks about right.

February 22nd, 2010 // 76 Comments

Or should I have gone with the Kraken?

Photos: Flynet

  1. htdg

    Why censor nothing?

  2. Richard McBeef

    So much better than the pink star.

  3. Dik


  4. Dik


  5. Dumbbox

    I don’t think he was censoring as much as making a joke.

    Either way KILL IT. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

  6. Dez of the North

    That is funny as hell! SW isn’t censoring anything, it’s a visual representation of what is under the wear.

  7. eu

    Wow, it is a galaxy void.

  8. JC

    why is Doug always so red…. looks like a lobster!

  9. wtf

    I agree with #7.

  10. amanda

    medusa would also have been acceptable

  11. dogface

    WTF is wrong with her knees….been on blacktop and gravel too long?????….

  12. Mr. Krinkle

    What, I don’t get what people are talking about with this censored stuff, isn’t that her vagina?

  13. havoc

    Accurate. Good call….

    Or maybe one of those things from The Langoliers?


  14. yummy

    Id eat her pussy for 3 days straight

  15. rufus

    i loled. good job.


    #15 – The Langoliers !!!

  17. Lisa

    A “Biohazard” sign would’ve also been appropriate.

  18. GeneralEmergency

    I say…Double Wall Flesh-Tone Depends.

    For those extra-heavy “Skank” days.

  19. Doc Schweinstrudel


  20. JJ Daddy-O

    Doug Reinhardt looks like a mean-ass drunk.

  21. What a dumabss

    What’s really funny is, she presents herself to the press as “I’m American Royalty”, but is not only slutty & skanky, but is the most physically awkward woman I’ve ever seen. She’s not even a lady; she’s just a skank.

    Everything is about her, yet she’s just not worth it. She just doesn’t get it, and her attitude is “If I don’t get it, then it’s not worth getting”. WRONG. You don’t get it because you’re a mentally limited, dim, leg spread slutty skank. Can’t get much lower than that…

  22. HLM

    @ #19: LMAO!! The best answer yet.

    Personally, I’m just thankful that she’s actually wearing panties.

  23. Mr. Nice Guy

    Paris is Paid a $1,000,000 to show up at Dance Parties. She is “American Royalty”. Most men know that Sluts/Whores make the Best Girlfriends/Wives. When is the last time a “Good Girl” got $1,000,000 for showing up? Never. Sluts Rule.

  24. Seriously?

    If you want to marry/befriend a walking petri dish, I guess that’s your business. I’ll take my chances with “good girls”, even though they don’t often present a smorgasbord of incurable STDs….

  25. Dread not

    Davey Jones! Squid face! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! LMAO.

  26. That is funny as hell. Probably about what it looks like by now.

  27. sarah

    Finally she is gaining some weight and looks normal!

  28. sarah

    Finally she is gaining some weight and looks normal!

  29. BAllsy

    Perfect representation!

  30. madchen

    Like Barbie, she just smooth down there. Not.

  31. Lol at the censored……. if you guys that desperate to see a vagina why don’t ya just go on a p0rn site.

  32. pedobear

    fuckin site is retarded now. good job on censoring nothing. fuckin moron.

    geekologie ftw.
    superficial has jumped the mutha fuckin shark.

  33. asshole

    Superficial…i almost want to stop visiting your site after a stunt like that

  34. At least she’s wearing underwear.
    And her body looks like she’s finally hitting puberty.
    Her face, is well..the same one attached to her mother.

    Speaking of which…Lol@ her mother sitting there wishing that birth control was more effective in the early 80s.

  35. Not even a white pant? Or is it something else she is wearing?

  36. So sad watching a brown eyed brunette trying to be a blue eyed blond. Tsk.

  37. Colin

    I think the kraken WOULD have been better. Y’know the scene where Jack’s tied to the ship and it comes up behind him and roars? That’s how I imagine Paris Hilton’s nethers. Complete with flying mucus and multiple rows of teeth.

  38. Hi,
    she is gaining some weight and looks normal!




    AGE: 33

  40. cowbulls

    I understand a lot of the hatred BUT she’s still a good looking woman that understands her role is to please men using any and every part of her body. The problem as her video shows is she isn’t very good sexually. Still, she gets points for spreading joy and her legs whenever asked.

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  42. Goddamit!!

    You fucking idiot!! DONT FUCKING CENSOR IF THERE IS NOTHING TO SENSOR!! Get me all excited to see the “Kraken” and make me look at every dumb pic of that stupid bitch and NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you burn for this!

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  44. Darth

    That’s quite horrific.Works better than caffeine though.

  45. Nero

    I’m surprised she doesn’t have any tattoos yet.

  46. Galtacticus

    Is this her way of doing audition for a movie role?!

  47. Gando

    What’s she doing with MJ’s nose in the first two pictures?

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