That has to be a new record.

March 1st, 2010 // 50 Comments

Here’s a blonde again Britney Spears in Calabasas yesterday where her left nipple apparently attempted to point at her back. It’s almost like it’s trying to show her the future of her tits if she doesn’t back off the Frappucinos. “So I’ll be slowly settling myself under your armpit here, and judging by the direction righty’s pointing, he’ll be jutting directly at the sun. So basically Sexy Town, U.S.A.”

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  1. lsfg


  2. poundcake

    oh britney, please start wearing a bra.


    We need a Britney sex tape…would love to see some of that titty bouncing

  4. stupidass

    is this from too many frappuccinos? i’ve heard about the dreaded frappnip but had never witnessed its horror until this moment.

  5. Celly

    At first I was gonna defend her, not that I’m a fan, but as a girl sometimes tags and crap get snagged on your bra. One time I had a cheerio down between my bra and shirt. Not cute. But…this…isn’t a tag, or a Cheerio. It looks like her nipples are being dragged down by double the Earth’s gravity.

  6. toolboy

    Nipple: “Look!! a quarter!!

  7. Hazel

    And obviously she doesn’t give a sh*t what any of you think, or she would probably start covering that up. Good for her.

  8. Please fix your tits!!!! Or wear a bra. Thanks!

  9. hilsy

    What I love is that she has those long fake nails. If you are going to pay that much attention to how your nails look (when not bitten off to bloody stumps), then why not TAKE A SHOWER!? Oh, probably because someone can’t do that for you, like nails.

    My husband and I have repeated conversations regarding her breasts. Did she have big implants and then downgrade, leaving her boob stretched out? Is it an under the muscle implant and her natural boob on top is sagging? Oh, who knows.

  10. joho777

    C’mon, give Britney a break. It gets tiresome having to struggle into a bra all the time. She likes going “natural,” even in this chilly weather.

    Next she will probably stop shaving under her arms, and the whole “blonde” thing will go out the window.

    She will have to go back to being a dark brunette.

  11. Oh Yeah!

    I love me some Britney nips!

    If you don’t want to get your lips wrapped around them, there’s something wrong with you.

  12. duh

    Slow news, day Fish? Guess your mom’s nips are not gravity-challenged. . . .

  13. Dick Snot

    At what point do the paps stop caring and move on? She looks like poor white trash. She’s nuttier than a squirrel turd. It can’t be that long until her “concerts” are at the county fair. She’s just not interesting anymore. It’s like stalking my ex.

  14. sunshine

    Is it her magnetic personality or is she just dense, because the tops of her ears are also being pulled downward due to earth’s gravitational pull.

  15. pimp

    when is she gonna show her asshole?

  16. Nasty Titties

    Oh shitney. Would you please stop inducing vomiting everywhere you go & cover up your nasty titties? It’s almost like she’s thinking “I be wearin’ no bra ’cause I be Sessay!” Uh, WRONG. You be nasty. Cover up them nasty ass titties please, shitney; nobody wants to see your floppy dried up funbags.

  17. jackson

    nice national geographic floppers

  18. vaginaman

    mindless, flappy eared, stinky PIG.

  19. Rough rage

    I think they look nice, for a one time only handling. Now! Obligation to stick around would bring the pain and the rage….

  20. beebo

    what an ugly fukin bitch!!!!

  21. S.

    Bunch of fucktards. I don’t like Britney at all but you all are just unbelievably stupid.

  22. Britney


    Where are you when I really need you?


  23. John

    The new writer fails hard at being witty or funny

  24. Jenny

    The new writer fails hard at being witty or funny

  25. jose

    :) Britney-sweetnips. Oh Britney, please DONT start wearing a bra. Man id love to see that girl naked! Either now or when she was in ultra-tight form, either way Id be a happy dude.

  26. crazypants

    What is friggin hard to understand? She has large breats, large nipples and her breast point downwards and she never wears a bra. That’s what it looks like.

    Its her look, she doesn’t care and many dudes would have no problme whatsoever playing w/ her boobs – so leave her alone.

  27. me


    Nipples not up to somebody else’s standards. Just plain boring….

    Do they call you Fish because you are constantly fishing for SOMETHING to bitch about?

    Fish: “Britney’s nipples everybody! Look! Look! OMG!!! I’m such a loser!”

  28. gen


    Nope, Fish is short for Superficial. And celebrity gossip is boring. That’s the deal.

  29. jennyjenjen

    @9 I know! It kills me that she is so filthy! Yesterday her hair was clean and she looked nice! But I knew as sure as anything that she would regress to her normal filthy self. She’s such a lazy pig.

  30. Elle

    If I tempt her with a bag of cheetos do you think she’d brush her damn hair?

  31. hotcougar

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  32. Rasputins Liver


    What America and the world really needs in this trying, difficult times is…




    Now that’s a reality show that really is real life and we can all get behind and would distract us for a few minutes from what’s going on around us.


    Let’s get a petition up to demand Congress mandate the Pink Wig Britney be brought back out!!




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  35. WTF

    WTF is the big deal?!?! Real natural breasts don’t stand up on their own unless you’re like an A cup!!! Men talk about loving big breast but if they don’t point at the sky with your bra off… heaven forbid?!?! Grow the kcuf up!

  36. Jamie Lynn

    You better tuck those saggy ass bewbs into your belt Brit, before you scrape them on the pavement.

    Maybe a bra is too complicated for this retard. Does she need professional assistance just to get dressed?

    She is still an unfit mother and a talentless lip-syncing failure. Hope this cigarettes start doing their job soon. See ya in hell skank!

  37. Smilin Bob

    I think Brit is hot. However, some smaller cupped women can pull off the “No Bra Thing” and get away with it most of the time(like Jennifer Aniston). However, Brits boobs are too big and NEED to be in a bra.

    I’m pretty sure she could afford a bra, or has her father limited her bra spending account also…..


  38. captain america

    ………………………..HELLS BELLS!!

  39. Doug

    I like how the guys bash Brit but if she gave them even an ounce of attention they’d be all up in that, I know I’d be !

  40. Rasputins Liver


    #39 Doug and Shitney’s other drooling numbskulls when the professionally done make-up is washed off and the professionally made outfits are discarded for her preferred country-ghetto “attire what we’re left with, if you look at the photos clearly and not with your strar-crossed adolescent eyes, is one prime example of an shallow, vacuaous, self-centered, ugly faced Suthuhn white trailer trash bimbo.


    There is…NO FUCKING WAY….I’d touch that grotesque HASMAT ladened carcass or even deign to pretend to converse with that idiot bitch!


    She’s one of the very top examples of how low the notion of quality entertainment has fallen. If you and others really think she’s “hot” in looks and talent then our nation’s shot to shit as, unfortunately, there are way too many of your ilk as the shitty unreal “reality” shows prove.


    The idea of the likes of you and your mindset one day holding the reigns of power and influence in our government, business and social arenas is beyond frightening.


  41. who dat

    What i would like to know is why ANYONE would pay to see her concert. It was announced in advance she would lip sync. Guess the fckin brain dead peeps need something more fcked up then them for entertainment.

  42. Mr. Nice Guy

    Not her best look. But as a guy that loves Big Breasts, I know that this is how they look. She would do better in a Halter Top when Bra less. You either love Tits like this or you don’t, I do. Chocolate and Vanilla.

  43. hellawack

    wow, she looks haggard. worse and worse every time she’s photographed.

  44. Creamy Chocolate Delight

    Is it so hard to wear a bra?

    Stores sell comfy ones with no under wire for as little as 10 bucks.

  45. Rhialto

    I was just thinking about how to get sum extra cash.And then i stumpled upon this post.Coincidence?!

  46. Darth

    Her post was ‘saved by the bell’ for today.Destiny?!

  47. she doesn't look that bad to me

    she doesn’t look fat here, and to be fair her tits aren’t really saggy – her nipples are just placed low. Her breast fat looks firm and round enough, esp considering she is not wearing a bra.

  48. cisy

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  49. Steph

    Britney Spears is ridiculous, 1. she doesnt take advantage of being britney spears. 2. she doesnt do f/a for anyone else! Maybe it’s just because Im in love Ben Gibbard but at least people like him use their music for a good cause rather than just to stay relevant enough that her nipples can make news

  50. Hugh Gentry

    her nipples look like Lisa Ann’s left nipple. Low low low low….

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