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July 1st, 2010 // 80 Comments

So here’s controversial artist Dan Lacey’s latest portraits to commemorate the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and you’ve got to respect someone who “presupposes” that Michael turned black when he died and then ultimately back into his younger, innocent Jackson 5 form thanks to the mere presence of Tupac. Which almost makes perfect sense until you remember Pac’s not dead and Michael was a Jehovah Witness who touched children so, seriously, shouldn’t there be more fire or is this whole Hell business actually not that bad? Because that could work for me.

Photos: Dan Lacey/Splash News


  1. Mike

    What’s with picture #5? I didn’t know Eddie Griffin was Michael Jackson’s dad!

  2. glitter glove


  3. billabong021
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    that frickin 2pac he’s coddling there?!

  4. jacob

    This is so funny!!
    that glove just cracked me up I love how they painted the face of death michael, lol,

  5. Lex

    He was not a Jehovah’s Witness his mom was but he never one himself.

    • Douchariffic

      He was, just not when he died. There was a whole thing about the Thriller video and him adding the disclaimer. He left the religion a few years after the video was released. To say he was “never” a Jehovah’s Witness is completely false.

  6. I bet he has Gary Coleman behind that glove..

  7. The Truth

    Jesus forgave all his sins…. pfffffftttttt hahahaha

  8. D-bo
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    Michael pops a squat.

  9. Commented on this photo:


  10. WhateverHelpsYouSleepAtNightBtch

    wow.. that is pretty fcked up

  11. Geezer
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    I’ll be damned. It looks like JJ is painting again. Dy-No-Mite!

  12. Commented on this photo:

    Had no idea Michael would be kickin it in thug’s mansion…

  13. Cock Dr

    Congrats. Weirdness envelope is nudged out a little further. Considering the celebrity I guess that’s appropriate.
    RIP MJ you poor screwed up body dysmorphic ped.

  14. Savalas

    It seems to be missing a bald eagle with a tear streaming down its face

  15. Crabby Old Guy

    Wow! One would normally have to venture out to the large trailer parked on the neighborhood Shell Gas Station’s lot some lovely Sunday afternoon to find such fabulous works of art! Where are the ones painted on velvet – so exude “class”!

    Oh, and one of Michael playing poker with some dogs – that’s going over the living room fireplace mantel!

    • laughingiscontagious

      seriously… I have seen better artwork on display in the mall from first graders. this stuff is CRAP!!

  16. ultraviolet72
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    A painting of Michael masturbating fits in REAL well with one of him being taken to Heaven. Please…this guy is sick.

  17. Commented on this photo:

    So does this mean that he thinks Tupac went to hell, resigned to spend an eternity with an Jackson-5 Michael?

  18. Deacon Jones


    Michael Jackson is now pleasuring himself in Heaven (pic 2) while Tupac sings “All Eyes on Me” in the background?

  19. laughingiscontagious

    MJ was never a babtized Jehovah’s Witness. He wrote a letter and said he no longer wanted to be associated with the Witnesses. Apparently, his mother sometimes attends meetings.

  20. JD
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    This was done better over a year ago.

  21. Sheena
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    The ‘back to black’ MJ pleasures himself in hell. Niiiiiiice.

  22. Sheena
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    Here we see that Jesus wears the crown of thorns and the sparkle glove – but in another portrait MJ wears the crown of sequins (which cuts him, cuts him DEEP).

    This is some seriously fucked up imagery.

  23. Just uh, creepy. Very, very creepy.

  24. wendy

    um…I’m pretty sure Tupac IS dead.

  25. snarkyscreenname

    I’m completely at a loss for a smartass comment. Touche, Fish. You have silenced me. WTF was the best tag that could have possibly been applied to this – EVER.

  26. Commented on this photo:

    Put those on black velvet and I’m buying one. At least Michael remembered to cup the balls…..


  27. Ike

    WTF? MJ did a Got Milk? ad on his way out and is now dating Tupac? This whole “Any press is good press” thing has gone way too far now. I mean, is Jesus going to pick Lindsay up on a sled coming down cocaine mountain? Where does it stop?

  28. Miles Long
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    Father, may I touch the young ones?

  29. Anita Hanchob
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    I always knew Tupac smoked pole and like younger boys. Typical Rapper.

  30. jesue
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    What would you call someone who got accused of not 1 sexual abuse but 5? a priest

  31. Randall

    Someone posted this on one of the images and it deserves a repost.


  32. HLM
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    This one is just…ugh. Disgusting.

  33. Juliana
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    That second picture is a joke, right? Who in his/her right mind would WANT to paint THAT???????????? WTF???

  34. BirdLeggz
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    Lacey will clearly fail as an accepted artist but if he needs to make a quick buck, he could always sell this piece to Valtrex’s advertising team.

  35. barroom hero
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    wtf? Is that Tupac in pic 5?

  36. ym
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    good stuff. A pedophile and thug; shouldn’t there be flames? jackson looking to blow tupac’s pole is a nice touch tho.

  37. Jacob

    OH, they are pictures of him in heaven,

    BUT i wish someone drew him as FREDDY KRUEGER!!!!!!!

    I think if given the chance he would come back to haunt our dreams,

    Here is a picture I made of his a FREDDY, someone please paint this!

  38. Rough&Roses

    Hell? How does the black section part of “hell” escape your mind? Mike will be unscathed for those who are worried…Muslim you know.

  39. Vito
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    These pictures are fairly well done. But who gives a shit? Michael Jackson was a marvelously talented man who just coincidentally was as screwy as a pig’s tail. He wasn’t the Messiah, fer fucksake. He was an entertainer. A very good one. and he was FUCKING NUTS. He’s dead and gone now. Enough, already. Give it a fucking rest!

  40. Jackie

    I’m just LOLing at the Eli Cash reference.

  41. superstar
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    The second picture is a bit…uncomfortable

  42. Commented on this photo:

    What the FUCK?

    This is how you pay homage to a person’s death? I don’t know how anyone would find this picture comfortable to look at, much less comforting. This is the most retarded one of the bunch. Ugh.

  43. jamman

    No, it’s all wrong. He isn’t dying and going to hell.

  44. Wm. Norwood
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    Was he thinking about all those wonderful sleep-overs he had; or was he thinking of that life-size cub-scout doll we all saw in his house

  45. jimbo

    Random thoughts:

    You know how Richard Hook’s Jesus’ were white anglos (California surfers)? What if he really looked like Woody Allen?

    Yes, there was no residual blood after the resurrection. The wounds are still there though.

  46. mfb

    the pics with the crown of thorns is a slap in the face to elvis ;)

  47. Count Von Stickyteeth
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    I actually think these are okay – especially 2-4. But 5, what the fuck is up with that. 2pac and MJ – that’s where we see that it’s a lame joke instead of a serious statement.

    It should have been Elmo instead. or Fat Albert.

    How about MJ, Fat albert, Fresh prince (and family especially hot Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali)) Darth Vader (pre-Haden style – no helmet) and Lucifer (a la billy crystal in deconstructing harry), Woody allen as jesus (painted black like a gollywog), He-Man as god – all playing a game of hungry hungry hippos – while Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee and Kurt Cobain do a Kung fu yelling – guitar Jam. And Michael Jordan kills all with his planet eating planet/basketball.

  48. captain america

    ……………………..try to believe.

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