That Kim Kardashian Fight Actually Happened

October 8th, 2010 // 133 Comments

I stand corrected.

TMZ was kind enough to strengthen their brand recognition send over photos from the Kardashian nightclub brawl that went down last night, and it looks like Kim really did have a drink poured on her causing Scott Disick to transform into a demon. Although who doesn’t at the sight of wet breasts? Sometimes I even sprout a tail and start jabbing people with a pitchfork. It’s almost kind of sensual, really.

Photos: TMZ, Splash News


  1. GravyLeg

    When asked to comment on the incident,
    Khloe was quoted as saying… “MOOOOOOOOOO…..”

  2. help, where is miley's neck!?

    she looks like a fucking blimp

  3. Sultry

    Someone should do that to her every time she is out flaunting her fake parts confusing the little kids. Loves it! ha ha ha ha ha lmao!

  4. alex

    damn she looks old

  5. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    is that audrina patridge in the back left corner?
    i can spot those droopy eyes anywhere.

  6. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
    Amber rose
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    That was so planned they paid that person to do that Kloe looks 38 what’s going with her an her black man you watch she won’t have his baby those idian people Black baby no way they love the sex but that’s it

  7. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    people are so jealous of them.

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  9. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    To start there at a low end club in NYC I ‘ve bee there, not the best crowd…they prob couldnt get into a better club.. Kim’s look dosen’t fit in NYC to fake trying too hard , much better in LA or Miami. I’m not a hater but man those naked pic of Kim’s ass are really nasty!! She should really cover that shit up fast! Her ego has really gotten the best of her. The photo of Mikina next to Kim is funny since Itjust shows how bad she looks next to someone with a really nice body.

    • Joey Scoglamiski

      Americans are sooo jealous and hateful! In my country if you don’t like someone you just don’t have anything to do with them, you just stay away from them. But constantly I go to her websites and the hateful comments are there. Why even visit? Why? Because it is the jealousy in you that keeps you on her news and website. Otherwise you would just move on to something else and not put so much energy into writing bad comments. People can like who they want, the people who are her fans let it be if you’re not that is your perogative!!

  10. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    wet delicious butt

  11. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    looks like Kim was sucking cock and dude blew his choad on her chest and then dude’s girl friend slapped her around a bit…at least that is the way my mind has played it out

  12. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    who gives a ish about about the race and who’s black and Indian this is ignorant and pointless f*** all of them air head bitches

  13. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    they will not survive in nyc ..not liked or respected & the work/talent ethic is waaaaaaaay too high for them to compete ..
    their ‘moohlah’ & twit twat mean nothing in nyc ..
    they’ll be running back to the west coast soon …
    she is a laughing stock & worse the media is so full of shit ..
    for example i was in paris at the louvre & people were laughing their asses off ..
    if you could see the surgery , make-up caked on & the height it is more than the french could bear ..
    read the truth in the gossiprags NO WAY !
    HAHAA they want you to believe she is popular in europe ..
    this is not the ideal beauty in europe & ESPECIALLY in france where looking like a gypsy walking on stilts dressed as a lampshade is not attractive ..
    nor is being fat with very short legs ..
    kim could not even clothing TO FIT !
    what a farce ..
    & best of all she tries to pretend that she’s had nothing done ..
    she looks like a ventriloquists dummy …

  14. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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  15. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    wow he looks like satan just cz there was no red eye correction and he wasnt gonna fight a girl he just pushed her out the way to get to the meatball who was all crazy. seriously ive been to that club/bar they were at and i dont know what it is but fights happen there all the time. i went with a bunch of girl friends and seriously every other chick tried to start something with one of us. i think even a midget tried to fight us, hahaha. good times.

  16. jes

    2 wise words FUCK HATERS i betr not one of u girls are pretty hating cus she is pretty nd ur all ugly either that or ur insecure because honestly why would a secure pretty girl say something bad about them and tlk sooo much shit

  17. Aaronraider13

    She has a fat dumpy ass and thunder thighs. That skank is not going to age well.

  18. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
    john lovers
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    hey, i watch james bond movie and i am really got amazed when james characters gets died in actions.

  19. kim is a slow bitch and also her sisters 2

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