That Kim Kardashian Fight Actually Happened

October 8th, 2010 // 133 Comments

I stand corrected.

TMZ was kind enough to strengthen their brand recognition send over photos from the Kardashian nightclub brawl that went down last night, and it looks like Kim really did have a drink poured on her causing Scott Disick to transform into a demon. Although who doesn’t at the sight of wet breasts? Sometimes I even sprout a tail and start jabbing people with a pitchfork. It’s almost kind of sensual, really.

Photos: TMZ, Splash News


  1. rough OR die

    Outrageous! Where is Bloomberg on all of this? I want liquor license pull, cabaret license revoked…Cuomo?

  2. ilikesake

    The girlfriend who threw the drink should’ve threw the bottle too…

    • rough OR die

      No jerk. She should’ve had a bucket…I want to see this on the run ways, next fashion season….

  3. Scott Dicklick

    I don’t get it…why are there two guys both pretending to restrain Scott Dicklick? Wouldn’t one of the girls holding her hand out be more than sufficient?

  4. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    I laughed at this for a good 2 minutes. Oh thats funny. Awesome.

  5. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    why does kourtney’s face look so haggard??

  6. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    why is kourtney wearing MC Hammer pants?

  7. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    …do i sense a new meme on the horizon?

  8. SMB

    …the disick demon head …it needs to be photoshopped onto everything…now.

  9. BigDaddy

    FU liuhujin………… Neither one of them could fight there way out of a paperbag, Kim or Scott.

  10. BigDaddy

    Wow her hair didn’t even get wet. The only time I’ve ever seen the show is when she got her ass kicked in boxing. Now that was funny.

  11. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
    ω=ლ=D~~ (゚ಥ_ಠ)
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    Nuke America. It’s done.

  12. Funeral Guy

    Does this bitch do anything but hang out in fucking nightclubs? Somebody should throw gasoline on her the next time. Match, please.

  13. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    what a bunch of slovenly armenians

  14. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    looks like her ass is like crunched and folded, bulging out suffocating beneath that line

  15. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    Crazy-Eyes Killah

  16. captain america

    pst, WE HAVE A NEW “Rambo” HERE!!

  17. Amabel

    She’s worn that ugly dress that looks like it’s made out of Ace bandages at least 15 times. I’m so glad that its ruined and, hopefully, will never see the light of day again.

  18. Tom

    How do we know that’s not just hobo cum?

  19. Lucy Squared

    I agree with many others and this seemed staged. What kind of animal would waste alcohol on this tramp? You can drink your booze, piss it out into a cup and throw THAT at her but don’t drag sweet, innocent alcohol (the real victim in this fracas) into it. There are a million thirsty alcoholics in China would have no booze to drink tonight so, finish up your cocktail or else you’ll get no more!

  20. okk

    It was a publicity stunt. The girl who threw the drink was paid to do so. These types of people do anything to get in the news. Stop being fooled.

  21. what


  22. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    Homegirl that threw the drink is a hero. I enjoy how she’s covering her face now after this, but will famewhore herself out any other day. Reality check.

    • Joey Scoglamiski

      Americans are sooo jealous and hateful! In my country if you don’t like someone you just don’t have anything to do with them, you just stay away from them. But constantly I go to her websites and the hateful comments are there. Why even visit? Why? Because it is the jealousy in you that keeps you on her news and website. Otherwise you would just move on to something else and not put so much energy into writing bad comments. People can like who they want, the people who are her fans let it be if you’re not that is your perogative!!

  23. Rhialto

    I don’t know what really happened here.But i did figure out that most women do like monogamous guys.

  24. Gando

    Ofcourse she’d look still adorable.One of my favorite sistas!

  25. Nomnom

    How many time has she worn that dress? The person who splashed her must have been trying to wash it

  26. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    What is he gonna do? Buy the guy?

  27. Yuneil


  28. Ash Bones

    This would have been more believable if it was staged at a pro wrestling event.

  29. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    Fake fight for a fake show starring Kim with her fat, fake, implanted ass. That pig Kim would suck the shit off of the dick of a guy who just raped a 5-year-old if she thought it would get her 10 seconds of TV fame. Disgusting family with a pimp for a mother and a soulless lawyer for a father. Puke.

  30. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
    rough OR die
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    I think this guy was getting rerady to howl at the moon. But if TMZ says he was getting ready to fight, then it must be…


  31. Willy Wonka

    Someone spilled a drink on this fat bitch? Good. Should have punched her in the face while they were at it.

    • Ash Bones

      They haven’t found a look alike stunt double to take the hit yet… Next season, shaky cam and fast cut edits.

  32. I do believe Gay Tom Cruise was going to punch a woman.

  33. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
    Jack S
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    Just want to tottaly titfuck her…

  34. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    this reminds me the movie

  35. nice try

    I have seen many drinks thrown on people at clubs. This is the first one I have EVER seen that was thrown directly at the girls tits. 100% of real drinks are thrown in the face not the tits. Think about it.

  36. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    why else would the cameras be rolling??

    Someone pls set their house of fire. I would if i lived in America.

  37. Nobody likes the guy lucky enough to be banging the hottest girl – period. Even/Especially if she’s the prettiest Persian of the famewhore litter.

  38. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
    let's get rough before we are lovers...
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    Never, in all the years that I have been a club crawler, have I witness a more calmer security goons during a scuffle in NYC . Usually patrons are rushed out feet first, upside-down…

    • squirtdrinker

      wait a second, he is not in the fight, he just realized that he forgot his purse on the table, read his lips, he is yelling MY PURSE, I FORGOT MY FUCKING PURSE….

  39. s

    Kim looks fat here. Wouldn’t you think she would do something about her weight? Especially when her older sister Kourtney(who had a baby) still
    looks slimmer, hotter and prettier than Kim ever will.

    • nas tay

      She doesnt look fat. She is fat. and she’ll probably be reading these comments soon. so prepare for starvation mode

  40. fappuiccino

    i wud luv if dat bitch wud ride my fat cock i wud watch dat fat ass gigglin up an down on mah dick yo gotta give luv 2 dem curvy hos mutherfuckerz!

  41. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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  42. cc


    Promo for her bebe dress (the one she is wearing). She wore that dress before. When does she EVER wear anything twice?

  43. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    What a quiff!

  44. Burt

    If the camera crew and her apparent lack of concern isn’t enough evidence that this was staged for her sitcom (come on, isn’t it time that we admit reality shows are sitcoms?), it’s been a week and TMZ still doesn’t have an update about an arrest being made. Can it be any more obvious?

  45. Kim Kardashian Had Drink Poured On Her in Fight
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    I HATE!!!!!!!!…these TV whores! it’s ALL SHOW for the cameras, but I would still BANG ALL SISTERS!

  46. captain america

    this was a little practise for an upcoming “Rocky”-film.

  47. KKWhore

    OOPS… I thought it was a pic of Monica Lewenski…

  48. Happy Hiker

    This was completely STAGED! This just suddenly happened during the filming of Kim’s and Kourtney’s new show. Yawn…. attention whores!

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