That Guy Fieri Johnny Cash Mashup Is Actually Pretty Great

Someone mashed up Johnny Cash’s Hurt with a bunch of perfectly complimentary scenes of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives host and 80s glam band roadie, Guy Fieri, horfing food into his bleached vagina of a mouth. It came out remarkably well, and I initially thought, “Damn, that must have taken forever.” Then I watched closely and realized this is literally cut from maybe a dozen shows, and that’s because — as a shameful voyeur of this spiked pig’s program — I can tell you, they’re all the goddamn same. He walks into a pristine kitchen wearing sandals and a thousand pinky rings. Then, he mugs like a fuck while the chef makes food that almost always has a house made spice rub which he samples with his finger. Then he tries the finished dish, never once waiting for it to cool for even a millisecond, before saying, “The crunch, the salty with the sweet, and you get that heat comin’ through. Seriously, man, knocked it outta the park. This is the real deal.” Every. Goddamn. Time. Which is probably why, if you’re like me, the best part of the show is lusting after food like a man seeing a woman after a 20 year prison sentence watching the restaurant owners’ horrified faces as they realize the Faustian deal they’ve struck.

Point in case:

Guy Fieri Hurt Mashup Asian Guy

There’s also this, which I present without commentary:

Guy Fieri Hurt Mashup BBQ Sauce

Go watch the video, it’s great.

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Photo: AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet, Getty, Instagram

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