That Chick From iCarly Out-Cleavaged Katy Perry

Nickelodeon held its Kid Choice Awards over the weekend, and if there’s one place I like to scour for breasts it’s wherever teenagers hang out not there, Chris Hanson. That said, here’s iCarly star Jennette McCurdy whose cleavage stood out way more than Katy Perry which wasn’t hard considering she just showed up in a sports bra because she hates America’s youth. So, kudos to Jennette for being a teen star recognized mostly for her breasts. That generally works out awesome.

Runner-Up: Selena Gomez who I just assume is contractually obligated to keep most of her MapleChrist-marinated breasts under wraps unless she’s filming Spring Breakers. (See how sensitive and understanding and never mentioning we might break up I am? We should hang out.)

Photos: Getty, Splash News