That Chelsea Handler/50 Cent Thing Actually Happened

October 6th, 2010 // 53 Comments
Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent

TMZ obtained a recent photo of 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler sitting closely at a club (above) that really could’ve been anything from an innocent conversation to a full-blown explanation on how to pull back her bat wings for insertion. Turns out it was closer to the latter, according to Us Magazine:

“It’s been going on awhile,” the source says of the comedienne and the rapper, both 35. “It’s more of a hookup thing — whenever they are in the same town.”
50 Cent’s rep had no comment. A rep for the Chelsea Lately host tells Us, “She saves all her comments for her own show.”

I’m sure this arrangement is something both of them agreed to take to their graves. For Chelsea mostly. Think about it: No rich, white Hollywood CEO is going to want to marry her now because he’ll be self-conscious about following a black guy in the sack. [Note: White guys really think like this. -- Except me.] Unless enough cash really can buy you a larger penis, in which case, forget everything I just said, this site is subscription only now. YOU GIVE ME MONEY.

Photo: TMZ


  1. Dr Ock


  2. Obvious

    I’m afraid that this might be next years Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex tape.

  3. If I was him I’d hit it. I knows she’s about a 3.2 without makeup but I bet she sucks dick like a champ.

  4. afroballz

    Hey dude@dude…another n/fer! Ain’t that some shit?

  5. Et tu fish lol.. zenryaku/battery dyin.. is chelsea still married to her boss..?

  6. Jane Goodall

    I concur

  7. Deacon Jones

    He looks like a straight up monkey in this photo. I’m not even exagerrating.

  8. J-Sin

    Wow, lotta poor insecure white boys on the internet today.

  9. dumbass

    I thought they only did their raping in packs?

  10. Anon

    What’s so wrong with uncut? My current boyfriend is uncut and I love it…

  11. ♫What if Rough was one of us♫

    I happen to like racism. I don’t think it’s a bad concept at all. How else do you go about making yourself feel superior to the next man? One needs to boost thy self esteem once in a while…

  12. Jesse Jackson

    This is all so sad. So sad but true.

  13. kanyeisgayfish

    Another talentless COALBURNER with another TALENTLESS rapper that has more leaks in him than a skeleton at a keg party.

  14. TheCheese

    No – a rich white guy wouldn’t touch her because of the risk of HIV and STDs after she got with a black. That is not a stereotype – look at the statistics, it’s the truth that blacks are way way way more infected than anyone else.

  15. Any Guy

    Chelsea Hanlder – old, ugly, and possibly one of the most UN-funny females to ever walk erect. Aside from Ellen Degeneres. She’s still female right?

    Keep lying about your age Chelsea, no one will EVER catch on.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      Amen! My brother raved about this broad so one night I turned on the show and this FUGLY UNFUNNY broad is doing her schtick and – lucky me – it’s the same night Jennifer Aniston was a guest. I turned this crap off and never went back.
      In the rare picture where she looks decent I can only imagine what it took for her cabal of hairdressers and makeup artists to put Humpty Dumpty back togther again and now…? To find out she has 50 Cent’s penis in her yap on her off hours? Jesus – I would have had more respect for this useless bitch if she just occassionally went down to Compton and got her Prius and her vagina filled up at an Arco station.

  16. Burke, Esq.

    Oi vey! What does Chelsea’s Bubbe have to say about this?

    Didn’t 50 Cent lose like 50 pounds of muscle for some movie he is doing/did? He probably still looks better than her body-wise..I really don’t like this drunk bitch, she annoys the piss out of me.

  17. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    He must be loving the motorboating.

  18. Justin

    I still can’t believe Chelsae Handler is only 35. I think she’s a good lookin’ lady and all, but I would have easily guessed 45.

  19. Jason

    White guys aren’t afraid of following black guys in the sack, we’re disgusted by it.

  20. Bob Swaggot

    It will end when she finds out Fiddy isnt libtarded and that he voted for GWB. Shes a stupid wacko libtard.

  21. kingofbeer

    Clearly she is sitting closer to the Camera talking to the guy mostly off picture while 50cent is further back facing the other way.

  22. The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

    WTF? This site is eating posts now?

  23. stevebeagle

    another smarmy liberal jew bitch who’s jumped on the coal burner bandwagon.
    like 5 years ago carpet munching was the “in thing” amongst goofy liberal white chicks…

    try as she may, she’s about as relevant as yesterdays morning dump.

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  25. bumdfounded

    I was going to say something mean about the way he looks but after looking at her I just can’t bring myself to do it. He, with his bank are debatable talent could do MUCH MUCH better than Chelsea. I mean if he was with me at the damn park today he could have scored much more quality pussy than this.

    Somebody needs to set him straight for real. There is a world of pussy that is head and shoulders above whatever Chelsea brings to the table.

  26. captain america

    her words: SHE HATE N*GGERS.

    please look further 50 cent!!

  27. Burt

    It’s nobody’s business why they choose to see each other. Haven’t you Americans evolved over the last 50 years?

  28. One ugly person is dating another ugly person. Big deal. Let them be happy and have ugly sex, so long as they don’t have ugly children. It takes two ugly people off the market. Now, if we can only find someone for Snooki so that she fucks off for all eternity.

  29. Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent
    Commented on this photo:

    what a rapper would do for a ‘white woman’

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