Laurie From ‘That 70s Show’ Says She Was Framed

April 4th, 2012 // 31 Comments
Lisa Robin Kelly Mugshot
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After being arrested for spousal abuse over the weekend, That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly is now claiming she was set up by her male roommate who beat the shit out of himself just to get her arrested, so have I mentioned these people are drug addicts? These people are drug addicts. TMZ reports:

Lisa says she’s been having issues with the guy for a while … and tried to leave the pad for good on Friday, but he became angry and “roughed me up.”
Lisa says she called police … but the guy took off before they arrived … and she decided it wasn’t worth her time to press charges.
A short time later, the roommate showed up at the police station claiming Lisa had attacked him … something Lisa insists NEVER happened.
“He must have scratched himself or done something to himself,” Lisa says.
She adds, “I am clean and sober and I have made a lot of progress. I am completely innocent. I weigh 105 pounds. I could never hurt him. I just want to start working again.”

And welcome to the Junkie Sandwich. What’s the junkie sandwich you ask? Why it’s a simple equation of claiming you’re sober in-between two completely crazy statements. In this case: “My roommate beat himself up.” “I’m not on drugs.” “I’m going to find work again.” Crazy statement, Denial, Crazy Statement. Junkie Sandwich. (See, also: Lohan, Lindsay) Of course, we’ll never really know what happened that night because it’s not like we have some sort of visual clue on Laurie’s condition. I’m working entirely on guesswork here.

NOTE: You might be wondering why I added pics of a gainfully employed and flawless skinned Mila Kunis walking the Oscars red carpet where she was invited to congregate with her fellow actors. I’m a dick.

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  1. it had to be said

    Ha! I’m glad you posted this picture. I was trying to figure out who she was on the show. I was like, “well, she’s not Mila Kunis. Or the redhead with the ass. Or the mom. Or that chick they called Fez. Was there another woman on that show?”

  2. grobpilot

    Framed? That mugshot looks like she was beat WITH a picture frame.

  3. Grammar Police

    Morning Fish. Setup is only one word if it’s used as an adjective, so in this case it should be two words because it’s not being used that way.

    • Hugh Evers

      I salute you. Last night I’m low-crawling to my laptop at an undisclosed time and place and bust a compound subject verb agreement in total disarray. It’s like we’re connected.

    • Madam Lurks a Lot

      Grammar Police – “Morning” and “Fish” should have a comma in between.

    • Inmate 12236969

      Grammar! Once you get some pussy you fuckers won’t worry about grammar on the net anymore. #virginnerds

  4. As nicely as she cleans up, that Steve Buschemi mugshot stare kind of kills it.

  5. Deacon Jones

    I’ve seen my fair share of meth heads working in north Jersey.

    The pupils and insane grin are a dead giveaway. Too bad, I used to like the “bitchy older sister” act she played well.

  6. LJ

    I wonder if the Lohan team is going to sue this girl for stealing Lindsay’s script.

  7. The Royal Penis

    “I just want to start working again.”

    Dripping desperation is so unattractive.

  8. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    Yet another woman crosses the line between makeup and taxidermy. Sad, sad thing.

  9. Natalie Porman Golden Globes
    Commented on this photo:

    not much as far as ass and titties
    (i remember her ass being larger circa 2000)
    still very pretty all the same

  10. electricgrl

    Looks like she’s not allowed on the red carpet anymore so she decided to just pose on the side of the road instead. Classy.

  11. pretty scary

    breaking news:
    lindsay lohan is the leading actress in consideration to play lisa robin kelly in a new movie.

  12. Frank Burns

    That’s a fancy dress to be wearing just for parking cars.

  13. Coming to NBC this fall: “Help, I’m a Celebrity and I’m Being Set Up!” A new reality show with Lisa Robin Kelly, Jeremy London, and Randy Quaid. Hosted by former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.

  14. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    Never found her that hot, sure I ‘d let her blow me but that isn’t a qualifier for anything other than she has a mouth and I have a cock that needs to sucked. And that leads me to my next conclusion. This picture is a still from one of those public sex tube categories, you know where she gives head next to ongoing traffic.

  15. Does anyone actually ever get framed anymore, or is it just a plot device at this point?

  16. Grand Poobah

    Looks like her latest job is scoring meth and blowin tubesteak in Jersey parking lots. Seems fitting somehow..

  17. She’s lying. Just looking at her pupils in her mugshot, you can tell she was high as a kite.

  18. TaT

    The boyfriend will never drool over her again after he saw that LOL!

  19. Mila Kunis Golden Globes
    Commented on this photo:

    Amazing beauty.

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