Really, MTV?

January 11th, 2010 // 210 Comments

I have no idea what the fuck this thing is supposed to be, but I’m pretty sure it’s everything that’s wrong with America if America lived solely off of Big Macs, melanoma and the semen of men who’ll wake up and wish they died of alcohol poisoning back in the taxi.

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  1. Josef Goebbels

    What the hell is wrong with you monkeys? She’s not fat. Fat is a woman who’s 4 1/2 feet and weighs 400 pounds. Not ugly, either- ugly is a woman who’s 4 1/2 goddamn feet tall, weighs 400 goddamn pounds and is bald with a combover. I’ve seen that woman in real life, in Saskatchewan, next to the Skatch Jersey is goddamn Paris. The nice part of Paris, without all the dog crap and garbage.
    Point is, you’re all retarded monkeys who don’t know anything about anything and you will all perish in flames. Or cheap motels surrounded by empty Thunderbird bottles. And whatsername there is cute. CUTE, GODDAMMIT.

  2. jack johnson

    AHHH more internet hatred…….isnt america grand.
    grow up, i mean the bitch aint a dime but again how many of you wouldnt love to be at a club at about 1:45 am and see this drunk bitch still walkin around trying to get chosen? (girls too)she does look like her cooch stanks tho, so dont forget your jim hats or u will be sorry!!!

  3. jack johnson

    by the way Snookys got some big ass titties

  4. Gary B

    I had the mis fortune of actually watching this show. It appears Snooki has become the breakout star of sorts. I cannot wait until some studio exec has a brain fart and decides to give Snooki her own album and lets her design her own fashion line. A Snooki clothing line would be hilarious.

    As for the guys I’d say cologne, but if you wanted to smell guido, They would just take Brut and slap the show’s name on it. I can literally smell the Brut coming from the tv when this is on. By the way Brut gives me the same reaction I got from the CS gas in the CBRN Chamber in Boot camp.

  5. very good thank you.

  6. Narrr
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    Lay off the dunkin donuts hun.

  7. Narrr
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    Trashy ass bitch.

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