Really, MTV?

January 11th, 2010 // 210 Comments

I have no idea what the fuck this thing is supposed to be, but I’m pretty sure it’s everything that’s wrong with America if America lived solely off of Big Macs, melanoma and the semen of men who’ll wake up and wish they died of alcohol poisoning back in the taxi.

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  1. Bill

    She looks like someone made a muppet porno to me

  2. Laurel

    She makes me want to stab my eyes out with rusty nails.

  3. MR. T

    It’s frightening how real Mike Judge’s movie “Idiocracy” is turning out to be.

  4. T-Dawg 30

    I don’t know why everyone is losing their shit…I think Danny Devito looks great in drag…

  5. Angie

    She is an unfortunate looking girl, isn’t she? And, why is she making the same exact face in like, 17 out of 20 pictures? Her range is amazing, isn’t it.

  6. Sam Hain

    @101 yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…muppet porno!

  7. ShitShow

    I know this has been reiterated 100 times but she is so god-awful fucking hideous… & what is she indian? middle-eastern? get out of the fucking tanning bed!!!!!!

  8. Rossi

    So I’ve noticed, in these comments alone, that Latina whores get really upset when Italian whores are in the spotlight.

    And that New York douchebags are as eager to blame shit on New Jersey douchebags as New Jersey doucebags are eager to blame New York doucebags.

    And that “fat” is still the ultimate insult, while “doesn’t give a fuck” (i.e. “passes out sloppy drunk in a new stranger’s lap each night and has no future”) is somehow a good trait.

  9. twizlah

    Kill it before it spreads.

  10. jlylec

    gross…why WHY are people giving this shit attention. if we ignore it maybe it will go away? it’s disgusting that MTV is still popular. makes me scared for our youth that they’re so retarded they actually like this shit. i sound like my dad. fuck.

    whatever happened to objectifying only the hottest of the broads. not these short, fat, annoying, trashy ones. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!

  11. WTF

    This website has sunk a new low by posting this shite. I did not bother looking at her pics….WTF time to step it up with CLASS

  12. Johnny Lava

    ….Why did you tell people shes half Puerto Rican? I don’t want people to know that! She’s an embarrassment. Plus she let some whale of a woman !@#$ her up. No New York woman would have let that go down : /

  13. Jessica

    #45- 2,000? I heard that she was at a fist pumping competition and they paid her 10,000. That’s where all the pictures are from. It’s crazy that they pay her that much.

  14. Smarm

    “60. diwatabacani – January 12, 2010 3:16 AM

    I LOVE SNOOKI. she dusnt give a fuck and she looks a lot like me.

    Sorry about your fucking luck there, piglet

  15. g

    The claibre of comments on this site has reache dan all time low..I’m talking to you @23-30 and again @36, obviously the English language and you, are not friends .

    @79..I applaud the word ‘dimunitive’ the way you parked it in the sentence shows great effort on your part.

    The rest of you imbeciles, prisoners excluded, keep it interesting, and use a dictionary!!

  16. kaylia

    kill it with fire!!

  17. gross

    this girl is fucking ugly. can we please stop paying attention to her?

    #114 ahahaha

  18. Deacon Jones


    You still don’t get it you dumb shit.

    Let me explain something to most of you.

    Every summer, the sleaze of New York, Staten Island, Long Island flood the shore towns of NORTH Jersey. Bayonne, Seaside Heights, Belmar (really bad). Most of the people who live in New Jersey, or the Philly area, go to SOUTH Jersey to escape the flood of white trash and obnoxious ricans. (Black people don’t go to the beach because they’re terrified of the ocean).

    SOUTH Jersey (Avalon, Sea Isle, Long Beach Island) is nice. It’s nice because they outprice the houses so guido fucks from New York can only spread their herpes / genital warts amongst themselves and live with it all winter when they take it back to NY.

  19. paulc

    She looks like the over-inflated Dago version of Tila.

  20. Pseudopodia

    Aren’t all the people calling us haters just hating on us?
    Seems logical.

  21. gotmilk?

    Bayonne isn’t a shore town. it’s a dingy industrial area south of jersey city.

  22. baadnewsbear

    MTV is a horrible channel. All you kids should be watching Discovery.

  23. Valerie

    She’s fucking awesome!

  24. The Dude

    Thank you god for not creating me in that part of New Jersey.

  25. Barack Obama

    Aww, give Snickers a break. She’s got a big rack, is cute, and isn’t shy about handing out the sex.

    There should be lots more girls like this in the world. There’d be less war, pestilence, etc.

    Shout out to THE SITUATION! What up, Mike!

  26. Deacon Jones

    You’re right, I meant Bay Head.

    Same difference though

  27. Why does she always have a clippy in her hair like that??? Reminds me of my 1st grade teacher, literally. Use a fucking Bump-It for crying outloud.

  28. Biker

    Wonder if she squeaks ?!

  29. @23-30 and unfortunately 36.

    Ebonics type, just wonderful, your brilliance shines through every letter.
    Thank you for reminding me that street ape stereotypes are alive and well.


    First ghetto geography class of the day.

  30. Jenna

    In this girls defense, she isn’t fat. However, her fake tan does nothing for her, and I seriously question her intelligence.

  31. FoxxyAaisha23

    I am not sure if she is fat or curvy. Her ensemble, her demeanor in these photos, the gosh-awful tan, or that asinine “duck face”; all of these things make her ugly beyond measure. I think if she eased up on the self tanner and wore clothing that flattered her figure, wore darker lipstick and had a better hairstyle, stopped over-plucking her brows and waxed her upper lip, she could be okay looking.

  32. I clicked on this just to see wtf that thing is. Now I feel stupider for falling for that trick.. At least we have Megan Fox in her undies for today.

  33. SO RIGHT

    Snookie IS not only FAT, but ugly as well. Now if she dropped about 15 pounds and cut down on the tanning, she might be just ok. And no, blondes are NOT way more attractive. Italian brunettes are FAR more beautiful, in general — just not this one.

  34. Michale Finnigan

    background pic 13 “Fresh oracles will be delivered to you… daily!”

  35. Jen

    that show is so fucking entertaining. i need to go on a reality show and get famous for my stupid fucking antics. UNFAIR!

  36. jiz

    What a disgusting, fat, stunted goddamned yankee. But I’d’ still bend her over the nearest table and fuck her, sure ‘nuf.

  37. MTV

    It’s Raven Simone!~!!

  38. Brian0523

    OMFG – I wish this fat twat would curl-up and crawl back into her mothers snatch!

    She’s fugly, and the pursed-lip expression she gives in all the photos is just beyond idiotic.

    Bitch needs a stylist asap…the hair, the tan, the clothes, the face, the look…epic FAIL!

  39. Ripper

    Shouldn’t the headline say “Really Superficial? You actually post this horseshit?”

    The Superficial writer’s ego has gone to his head. He thinks he can post whatever bullshit he wants and people will visit.

    It won’t be long until he is on the streets sucking dick for money and hopping from hotel to hotel raiding continental breakfasts for food. side by side with all these MTV “reality” nobodys.

  40. Johnny

    nop.. thats a cross between raven symone and kim kardashian

  41. Erik

    @5 Hugh Jorgen

    Hey idiot, you know what’s funny?

    This ho’bag is from Marlboro, NEW YORK!

  42. Shanker

    i’m from Toms River, NJ and every year we get a flood of dumbfucks, although there is also a decent amount already living there, but most of them are from north jersey, or new york, or their parents are. The majority of people are just normal people that don’t do any of that stupid shit, and they definitely don’t look like those crazy ass people on that show

  43. Shanker

    oh and i wish i was at the beachcomber so I could have punched her in her duck face

  44. Shanker

    oh and i wish i was at the beachcomber so I could have punched her in her duck face

  45. RebelMinion

    Dunno who this she-stain is, don’t know why anyone would want to know who this she-stain is.

  46. whitney

    @ bill billson: I see wut you did thar.

  47. netstarman

    Who is this short fat drunken dwarf?It looks like a turtle head poking out of Lindsey Lohans freckled ass.

  48. memememe

    I wanna know how I can do that with my hair, so that I can never do that.

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