Teyana Taylor Is Still Dancing Like The ‘Fade’ Video? Perfect

I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this, but Fish and I thought Teyana Taylor’s performance in Kanye West’s Fade video was really neat. Just super chill, fun stuff. So when she did a workout video that was basically the same thing, we were like “Wow! She’s doing her jerky ass jiggles again, hurray!” We high-fived and everything. So imagine how tickled we were to come across yet another dance workout video (above), as well as this Reebok ad, where — hold on to your hats — they’re both chock full of butt seizures. So, enjoy those videos and also these still images from her Instagram, which are great even though you can’t actually see the motion of her twerking like she’s being mildly electrocuted.

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Photo: Instagram

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