UPDATE: Somebody Stole All The DVDs From Texas Children’s Hospital, Let’s Christian Bale That Shit

“They even took WALL-E?”

UPDATE: So after this story went huge today, Texas Children’s Hospital just released a statement and apparently their whole DVD collection didn’t get wiped out, but they do get stolen, and a lot judging by some of your comments and this news report. So like another first time I had, this probably could’ve gone smoother. But at least I didn’t cry and a bunch of kids battling cancer got a whole bunch of movies and video games instead of my parents coming home early and freaking the fuck out:

Yesterday we received a number of calls about DVDs being stolen from the Infusion Room at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. And today, these reports have quickly spread across the internet, with hundreds of people posting about their desire to help out. While we do have DVDs go missing from time to time, we did not experience a mass theft. We are deeply appreciative and amazed by the outpouring of support from the community. Donations – monetary and otherwise – are always needed and appreciated. If you are interested in donating to the hospital, please visit waystogive.texaschildrens.org or call 832-824-6806.

I’m still calling myself Batman.


Imagine you’re a little kid battling cancer and one of the few things making your chemo treatments just a little less scary and painful is watching one of your favorite movies the nice nurse at the hospital puts on for you. Now imagine you arrive one morning and all the movies are gone. No adventures with Hiccup in How To Train Your Dragon. No laughing at Dory in Finding Nemo. That happened this week when some Kardashian of a person (worst insult I could think of) completely cleaned out all the DVDs at the Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. Fortunately, the Layla Grace Childrens’ Cancer Research Foundation has stepped up and is collecting new and used DVDs to restock the cancer center. So let’s see if we can take a break from being douchebags on the Internet and hook them up with an awesome collection. And, hell, maybe a couple of Playstations or 3DSs to all you rich people reading the site. Here’s the mailing address if you want to chip in:

Layla Grace Foundation
12320 Barker Cypress Rd
Suite 600 #264
Cypress, Tx 77429

They’ll be collecting through the end of September. Keep the DVDs rated G/PG. Amazon gift cards are welcome and if you’re worried about sending duplicates, they’ll send the extras to other parts of the children’s hospital.

Thanks for indulging me on this one, and the awesome response on Facebook. For some reason, this was the last bit of human shittery I could just shake my head at without doing something. I’m not all sexy, emotionless steel. Just mostly.

UPDATE: The Layla Grace Foundation left all of you a nice message on The Superficial Facebook page which they really didn’t have to do because I genuinely didn’t expect them to associate themselves with the tomfoolery that happens on this site. In fact, I’d implore them to disavow all knowledge of what just happened here today and run while they still can. Anyway, here’s the message:

Thanks everyone for your support of the kids. Any duplicates will be distributed to other parts of the hospital. If you want to send anything else for the kids, like video games or systems we will take those up there too and distribute them evenly throughout the play rooms, and infusion rooms.

Also, thanks to Vince Mancini over at FilmDrunk for getting the word out at the risk of everyone knowing what soft, delicate flowers we are. *clutches tattered VHS copy of Beaches* Sorry, little kids, this one stays with me. This one stays with me.

Photo: Warner Bros.