A Model Claims Terry Richardson Jerked Off On Her Face In The Middle of A Photo Shoot

Tampon tea aficionado Terry Richardson is no stranger to sexual harrasment allegations, so here’s another model that’s come forward with her tale that sounds exactly like Terry’s M.O. Via Jezebel:

I stood there and he started taking pics, assistant off to the side. Then he came up and took pictures POV style with his hand on my face. Then he put his thumb in my mouth, I actually thought this was funny in the moment and he and his assistant were very upbeat and just light heartedly directing me. Then he stepped back at some point and had me start removing my clothes (I knew I would be getting nude, so this was not weird to me). I remember he had me take stuff off in stages, he complimented a lot, his assistant too. Definitely the usual trying to make the barely legal model feel special kind of thing looking back. I honestly do not remember if the sexual stuff started by the wall or when he moved me to the couch area but at some point I was being directed to do things like hold the top of his pants while he took more POV style pictures, then eventually unbutton his pants and then his penis was out. Meanwhile it felt like it was all just happening and there was no time to step back and be like “woah this is out of hand”. I dont think anyone who knows me would describe me as a particularly aggressive person (and definitely wasn’t at 19) and the only way I can describe how I felt was nervous and paralyzed. At some point the assistant started taking pictures too with a crappy point and shoot camera. He had me posing on the couch and then I had my back to him and just literally felt him start licking my ass, like every part of it, and the assistant was taking pictures the whole time. Things were now completely pornographic and never once initiated by me. He was now on the couch with me and it became sexual act after sexual act, aggressive kissing, random sexual things being done to me and being directed to do everything you can think of back, everything slow so his assistant could photograph. He even directed me to squeeze his balls as hard as I could so that they pushed back up into his body. I did not even know that was possible (At least I learned something about the male anatomy that night?). I was completely a sex puppet at this point. It ended with him jacking off on to my face and he told me to keep my eyes open really wide and his assistant stood over me and it got in my eye and they both began taking pics of it for a what felt like 10 minutes but was probably only 30 seconds…

Afterward, Terry Richardson allegedly asked if she had a boyfriend then apologized profusely because normally he asks that before splooging on a woman’s face during the middle of a photo shoot. He’s not a monster! Would a monster train his assistant to comfort his victims models afterward? No, a monster would not:

This is only bolstered by the behavior of his assistant, whom the Reddit user says paid for her cab and “rode halfway with me and sort of comforted me I guess?” The assistant also gave the model “weird advice on how everything we did was ok and how I am clearly a strong girl but i wasn’t even asking for advice.”

Considering any of this is true, it makes you wonder whose face Terry Richardson has jizzed on over the years which could literally be anyone: Miranda Kerr, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Jared Leto, Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowksi, or God help us all, Walter Jr. who just wanted some fucking breakfast before going to fucking school, mom. The poor kid’s dad is a drug dealer. C’mon!

Photos: Terry’s Diary