Teri Hatcher: Triathlete

September 13th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Here’s Teri Hatcher changing out of her wetsuit while competing in the 2009 Nautica Triathlon yesterday in Malibu, and I love how a devotion to athleticism obviously hasn’t shrunk her ample breasts. It’s almost as if God smiled down upon her and said “The normal rules don’t apply to you, Teri Hatcher, and also, fantastic bikini line management. That’s right, I looked.” (God’s a peeping Tom. What’re ya gonna do?)

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. jeff


  2. Gordon S. Fisherman

    What a sexy bitch

  3. pasteve

    Nice hiney.

  4. Gordon S. Fisherman

    I want to make love in her butt hole

  5. Gordon S. Fisherman

    Love is…

    making sexy time in her anus

  6. deedee

    She’s a definite milf. A little wacky, but still bangable.

  7. Gordon S. Fisherman

    Trust me. I’m the Gordon S Fisherman.

  8. Gordon S. Fisherman

    Why is she “wacky”? Fuck you!

  9. Gordon S. Fisherman

    Fuck you Deedee

  10. ak

    what happened to her ass. there is nothing there

  11. HOOTERS!

    Hmmm she’s pretty but kinda has somepectoral flab going on :( Arms are kinda my thing though, ANNND I’m not a guy so idk if it really matters that much!

  12. HOOTERS!

    Hmmm she’s pretty but kinda has some pectoral flab going on :( Arms are kinda my thing though, ANNND I’m not a guy so idk if it really matters that much!

  13. roflcopterpilot

    I’d be on that like CNN on a republican scandal.


    Now that’s a real woman.

  15. me

    she looks FABULOUS! I was never a big fan of hers, but I gotta hand it to her. She puts most women 1/2 her age to shame. YOU GO GIRL!

  16. Tom

    I got an INSTANT boner from seeing these. Damn I wanna fuck her so bad…

  17. tromba

    I have had a boner for her for years. I’d eat her either before or after the race!

  18. wsys

    I would love to shoot a big fat load into that sexy body

  19. Couch Potato

    OK, flipping through all of these pictures of her just changing her clothes is making me tired, and I’m going to go take a nap. I can’t even begin to think of how boring being in this event must be. And, to think of the smell, everyone there must just reek of sweat and piss and rubber….

  20. Sue S

    She’s not that hot, and I could beat her any old day. I’m 60 years young and stronger and faster than her. Ha Ha Ha, eat my dust!

  21. Really Who Cares

    Malibu sucks!

    I wonder what was in the “Gift Bag” that she got for being in the race.

  22. Pamela Anderson

    KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken – I ate the whole thing……

  23. Cat Ink

    What no ugly tattoos – she needs to get some ugly ink fast.

  24. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  25. cacaforfun

    Umm ample breasts?
    Have you seen women before? This is not ample.

  26. Venom is Back, Bitch

    LOL @ Fish’s crush on this hag. Her tits were sagging to her stomach 15 years ago… and he’s complimenting her 15 years later.

  27. McBiff

    Superman already hit it

  28. Teri Hatcher

    They’re real, and they’re spectacular.

  29. Laura


    OMG, I just watched the Kanye West/Taylor Swift video on Youtube of Kanye making a complete fool out of himself! Like seriously, what. a. loser.! You gotta post the link!

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  31. I don’t think that’s good…

  32. Emily

    Wheres the Kanye-bashing?

  33. ann

    There is no bad customer,only bad product.
    You can try!!!

  34. jim

    you all miss the point…what was her finish time?

  35. effyeray

    Awful fucking tits… I’d always dug her until I saw her tits, Yipes! They were bad when she was younger, they must be wretched by now. Fucking awful tits.

    • Bob

      That’s true. I thought she was hot in Lois & Clark, but Heaven’s Prisoners (1996) ended that for me. I was looking forward to her tits, as many teenagers of that era were, but that was a huge letdown. The huge letdown was a common discussion topic of teenage men back in the late 1990s.

  36. Womb Raider

    She’s so sexy! She looks just like my mom.

  37. Nameless

    She looks a lot better with the weight back on.

  38. Spunky Monkey

    Clearly, she shaved (actually probably waxed) before the event.

  39. miguelito

    good to see she’s looking healthy once again… was getting a bit emaciated not much of a while back…

  40. Al Pacino in "Heat"

    Cause she’s got a GREAT ASS. And you got your head, all the way up it.

  41. datroof

    See fattys?

    See what you fattys can accomplish? See how good, how healthy and sexy, you can actually look when you care enough to put down the snacks and put in some work?

    Teri Hatcher is looking really damn good for an old broad. Because she puts in the effort. She doesn’t lay around eating everything within reach, as her increasing gravitational mass begins to alter the orbit of the planet, and insist men should still find her sexy.

    She works for her healthy, athletic bod. She doesn’t make excuses. She doesn’t over-eat and she lays off the snacks. She cares.

    You lazy, bloated, disgustingly fat moo-cows out there are not sexy. Teri Hatcher is sexy.

  42. literally awful..

  43. jiajia

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  44. Kantutero

    Wanna bang her since i was a kid certified MILF wanna lick her butthole

  45. Darth

    She isn’t quite a pussy.Folks?!

  46. Galtacticus

    This proves,unlike her acting,she isn’t a real clums.

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