Teri Hatcher not dating Ryan Seacrest


In an interview with Acces Hollywood, Teri Hatcher denied her relationship with Ryan Seacrest, responding to the photos of her and Seacrest kissing by saying::

“Well, I guess what’s caught on film is caught on film and it would be hard for me to stand here and say that it wasn’t me. I’m not a liar and I wouldn’t do that, but I could say that I could still use the business card!” When asked if she was attached to Seacrest, she added, “I’m not.”

The business card she’s referring to is for a dating service and was in the wallet of one of her purses she had brought to auction off at “Comedy for a Cure.”

It’s hard to deny a relationship when you’ve got photographic evidence of you making out with the guy. Even more so when that guy has given you a thick wad of money to pretend otherwise.