Teri Hatcher is a damn fool

No_Teri.jpgPage Six is reporting that after Felicity Huffman won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, she wanted a picture with her castmates, most of whom happily complied, while Teri Hatcher refused.

For once, I’m going to avoid comments about Marcia Cross ripping off wigs or stealing babies or whatever other crazy things she did on Melrose Place, and I’m just going to say that Teri Hatcher needs to fire her dumbass publicist. Somebody with half a brain needs to make sure Hatcher is in every one of these picture, because if she isn’t, no matter how legitimate the reason, we’re all just content to assume she’s a bitch. And that’s probably not true. She dealt with Dean Cain for like four years, didn’t she? In fact, she played second fiddle to Dean Cain for four years. There’s no way she’d rather stand in Cain’s shadow than in Huffman’s. I’m telling you, there’s no way. No, dude, fame doesn’t always change people. Okay, you know what? If you keep second guessing me, I’m going to send Marcia Cross to steal your baby. End of story.