Teri Hatcher in a bikini

May 29th, 2009 // 201 Comments

Here’s Teri Hatcher swimming in Miami and, Jesus Mother of God, I forgot how awesome those things are. It’s sort of like finding your favorite blanket you loved as a kid except it’s Terri Hatcher’s breasts. Also, you didn’t have to kidney punch your nephew who wasn’t even using it, mom.

Photos: WireImage

  1. Karri

    “they’re real, and they’re spectacular.”

    yes I know I’m repeating someone else, but I was thinking the same thing. ha. :)

    …but really, I never realized how gorgeous she is.

    if I look like that at her age, I am going to be one happy woman.

  2. danny

    Yeah, I don’t care what anyone says, she’s still got it. I loved her as Lois Lane all those years ago.

  3. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So. In other news….
    My friend ‘Frank’ from 16th floor come over to watch a little bit of sumo. ‘Frank’ as some of you – may – or may not, know watch a lot of movie. So I have on hand – a little bit of popcorn. Hello ‘Frank’.
    ‘Frank’ from 16th floor : Hi everybody. I’m over at Knee’s. He’s up on 17. I’m on 16.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Right. So ‘Frank’ I having little trouble here with Somali Pirate Satellite ™. Hello. HELLO ! Hello Tokyo.. SUMO night ? 10-4 ? Or is it twist this way ?
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : I don’t think motor-boating the digital box is the way to go Knee. Could be a problem with ‘skip line’.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : ‘Frank’ how good are these Somalis with warranty ? All I seem to be getting now is this jibber-jabber from Fresno.
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Do you have any popcorn ?

  4. Narcissist

    I always thought she was a poor mans busted Jamie Gertz, who can also be seen on Seinfeld. Not a square to spare.

    Jamie is on the right in this pic.

    @ 2 – I look better than everyone.

  5. RtSS

    Nip, nip, nIp, NiP, Nipples! Sweet nipples. Loved her since Lois and Clark days. Nice backside shot, stupid wave getting in the way though… Image #2 looks like she’s peeing. I’d put a cup there and drink some of that…

  6. So # 55-56.

    U Merican ?

  7. I’m sure america supplies special “HOME FOR THE ELDERLY”-bathing suits, folks?

  8. RtSS

    @55: Excellent composite of JamiGertz. Always watched Still Standing just for her sweetness. Now you have me torn, T.Hatcher or Jami Gertz. Dare I say, I’ll take a scoop of each. I imagine their respective love tunnels would look very similar, I would have to take a lick of one then the other, then back to the first to decide which one is the best. Both have equally fine poopchutes. I am torn. Let’s just call it a ‘split’ decision.

  9. Shit – you lack PATHOS Gerald !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And how are things at Vector Motors ?

  10. Damn she looks goods I could suck those boobs right now yum yum yum
    XOXO !!

  11. #59 You seem like wheel intellectual.
    Inside job ?

  12. RtSS

    @57: #56 is definitely ‘Merican!!! Born and raised a true Red, White, and Blue flag waver, baby! Grew up in the heartland of this great nation, a know and love the female form. T.Hatcher has some nice hips that one could mount and ride like a wild bull.

  13. Same goes for you Rick.
    Inside job ?

  14. Same goes for you Rick.
    Inside job ?

  15. Same goes for you Rick.
    Inside job ?

  16. Knee Ya Ha Ha : Well ok. This site occasionwally send me to OZ….
    ( I now understwand that they control horizontwall and vertaquwilll)
    But i’M BACK.
    sO..# 63. wHAT YOU twing To SWAy here Exactwee ?
    InSide JOB ?

  17. Shazmahtaz

    This is totally unrelated, but have you seen this woman? She’s stunning.


    more photos here too:


    Lianka Gryu. Check her out.

  18. Gonna have to check out that one.
    Thanks for the tip.

  19. RtSS

    @67: Not sure I git your drift… InSide JOB. Nope. However, for either lady (T.Hatcher or J.Gertz) I’d settle for an inside job South of their border.

  20. # 70 LOL !
    Are you a shill ?
    Ever heard of concepts like ‘Gravity ‘ and ‘Resistance’ ?
    Explain your theories to the engineers and architects on this site and let us know how it go.
    (You don’t seem like wheel intellectual.)
    (No offense)

  21. RtSS

    @71: Oh, I am crushed and offended Mister second law of thermodynamics… Or Mister @64:@65:@66 your superior intellect is so ASStounding. (No offense) Now back to gazing at the bikini clad ladies.

  22. So.
    # 72 What you twying to sway here exactwee ?
    Inside job ?

  23. hifi

    britneysucks, better than me too

  24. hifi

    britneysucks, better than me too

  25. hifi

    britneysucks, better than me too

  26. RtSS

    @73: Nope, no shilling experience here… Just a pair of eyes catching up on a week’s worth of Fish. Enjoying T.Hatcher, wishing I could ‘sea’ more of her port hole in image #6. Ah, to be a single celled organism in that wave. Mostly here for the fun, don’t be a hater.

  27. RtSS

    @78: Well said! Brief parting indirect reference to entropy in a closed system comment in #72. Share the love… Peace, Out!

  28. Cliff Notes : Blow me

  29. Binky: Well thanks for handling that one Cliff….(That’s not really my style)
    you know……that type of thing…. taking one for the team…etc… ? ….

  30. jules

    Tastes differ, guys. Someone might like this girl, someone might like others. The same goes for guys. Do you think you are all fucking awesome and stunning that every bitch on this planet will hiss and piss just to see your small cocks. You guys have too H-U-G-E egos. I am done with this site, too many nasty bitches and hatred

  31. jules

    Tastes differ, guys. Someone might like this girl, someone might like others. The same goes for guys. Do you think you are all fucking awesome and stunning that every bitch on this planet will hiss and piss just to see your small cocks. You guys have too H-U-G-E egos. I am done with this site, too many nasty bitches and hatred

  32. # 62
    Gr8 points all. Done with this site ?
    Inside job ?

  33. …..Perhaps……U know…………
    …………That type of thing………

  34. she looks so good…

  35. So # 86. Gr8 points all. But…
    What do you have to say to these architects and engineers at this site here ?
    Inside job ?

  36. Time to ‘Lock and Load’ America.

    Oh…Nice tits Teri…

  37. Earned It

    I’d walk a mile on my lips to stick my tongue in her sea-moistened twat.

    Older women “get it”. If they dig you, they’ll do anything to please you. Young, stupid girls have hang-ups and body image issues that prohibit them from truly enjoying sex. Older chicks have already worked it all out and are not afraid to get hot and nasty.

    Enjoy your lifeless, insecure, worried 20-year old baggage handling neophyte. I’ll take an experienced, sexy cougar any day of the week.

  38. Darth


  39. mikeock

    she has a face like a deranged monkey, but I would so hit that 40-something mommy.

  40. river

    she is thin which is a plus, most Americans are fat
    She has a beautiful face
    she has thick beautiful hair
    The only thing is her breasts don’t look good when she is naked.
    For 44, she looks amazing though
    But pussy is pussy, all you dudes would still slam that
    And she is rich and set for life
    Most hot broads are lazy and marry rich men so they don’t have to work and go shopping all day and going to spa’s
    Terri Hatcher works 14 hour days, she’s awesome

  41. i worry about things

    I bet her pubes are at least 30% gray.

  42. Wonderful clarity of the pic. And spectacular Picture. Kudos to the photographer as well as the model. Great Job. (9 out of 10)

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  44. Teri Hatcher should be in a nursing home.


  45. Galtacticus

    Look how fierce she’s coming out the ocean! With clenched teeth and her eagle eyes focused only on one target without fear!

  46. Parker

    I remember when I was a little kid, before I even knew what sex was, the first time I saw Teri Hatcher on tv I knew I wanted to do something to her ass but didn’t know what it was. Then I grew up and realized I wanted to buttfuck her. The boobs would be a distraction but a minor one as long as I could bend her over and do her ass from behind. It was all I ever wanted and thus began a lifelong quest to find a girl who’d say, only anal for me baby. Someday…

  47. Rasputins Liver



    ….look. I loved Seinfeld. Funny as hell show.


    …I….NEVER….thiought they were “spectacular”.

    In fact….

    ….they are kinda flat, lacking any kind of shape other than just some meat flaps with nipples on ‘em hanging there. Close to, but not quite like, some old woman’s teat bags.


    …don’t get me wrong here. I like Teri and think she’s a good actor and is a good looking woman. But she’s nothing more than an average good looking woman.

    Just in my little town alone…

    ….I see women, young and older, who look ten times more “spectacular” than Teri. No slam against Teri. More, it’s a slam against those who hype her and her looks beyond reasonableness.

    Still, Teri’s a good lookin’ gal and seems like a pretty nice person and I’d bet she’s fun to be around and even play with, even those not-so “spectacular”, but oh-so average milk bags.


  48. LPB

    “Oh My, My.
    Oh, Hell Yes!
    Honey put on that party dress!”

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