Teri Hatcher in a bikini

May 29th, 2009 // 201 Comments

Here’s Teri Hatcher swimming in Miami and, Jesus Mother of God, I forgot how awesome those things are. It’s sort of like finding your favorite blanket you loved as a kid except it’s Terri Hatcher’s breasts. Also, you didn’t have to kidney punch your nephew who wasn’t even using it, mom.

Photos: WireImage

  1. Jackie Childs

    They’re real and they’re spectacular

  2. britneysucks

    She looks good. Better than me.

  3. blackout

    Are you kidding me, even years ago in that movie she was naked in she had orangutan tits. They look like envelope flaps now, or fried eggs handing on a nail.

  4. Zanna

    I really dig that bathing suit and she is filling it out nicely. You go girl.

  5. Jerry Stiller

    What are you talking about? Those tits are more than disappointing out of the bra.

  6. tedbundy

    not to bad for an old bag. I would lick her weatherd box

  7. Duuude

    If all of you are responding to #1, you should probably check out a show called Seinfeld. Its pretty good.

  8. Brandon

    Fish obviously has terrible taste in tits, because those are quite flapjacktastic.

  9. The Listener

    Just like Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, her body’s grrreat!

  10. Terri is a sweety but I see signs of her hitting that wall pretty badly, when are these geeks going to find a solution to slow down the aging process!

  11. Wyatt

    Oh, please- if any of you had the chance to bang her, you would. She looks very doable to me.

  12. pete

    She’s fighting the good fight against time, which makes her body (and especially her mailbag-boobs) want to go south for the long cold winter of aging. Still, her pull date has passed, clearly.

  13. Mike

    “Oh, please- if any of you had the chance to bang her, you would. She looks very doable to me.”

    Fuck you, old man. I’m 20 years old and if I “had the chance to bang” a good looking 20 year old chick, absolutely I would. But a 44-year-old middle-aged woman? Maybe when my balls start to sag in 20 years, like yours have.

  14. VandaL

    Who the fuck goes swimming in earrings? It’s all me me me with these cunts. OK, so I’d fuck her still but only so I could tell my mates.

  15. wow!! she looks stunning! How old is she? 42, 43? ! wish my wife looked that at that age :)

  16. db

    @13: fag

  17. Uk_Matt

    Great condition, I’d be willing to pleasure her if the occasion was forthcoming.

  18. She looks good for her age, but they are no longer “spectacular”.

  19. bitingontinfoil

    gotta admit she looks “spectacular”…good for her

    @13 before your balls can actually sag, dear heart, they must first descend. don’t worry, you’ll get there…eventually.

  20. sara

    her bikini is too big .. its not her size at all

  21. Jeremiah

    Teri is a gorgeous creature, but Heavens Prisoners came out 13 years ago and her tities were almost down to her belly then, I could not imagine how much further they have sunk today. I am not saying I wouldn’t tap, but I am saying, that I wouldn’t get on a trampoline with her.

  22. Randal

    One of the all time favorite looking women who has aged very well and taken great care of herself. From her first major TV role as Clark Kent’s attraction to her talented cast on Desperate House Wives, Teri Hatcher has always had sex appeal.


  23. Jackson

    She takes care of her body and it shows unlike fat ass and wide hip Kim Kardaskank. Thanks for not posting anymore pics of wide hip fat ass Kim.

  24. Huckleberry Hashimoto



    Bear in mind, this pic is from several years ago.

  25. celeblulz

    go to CELEBLULZ.COM its the best and funniest celeb gossip blog, youll laugh ur ass off!

  26. beegzy

    it’s like she has two slices of pizza stapled to her chest

    …pointing to 4 and 8 o’clock, respectively.

  27. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    I’ld still hit it hard.

  28. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Oh yes, I would hit that.

  29. lisa

    she looks great, but that bikini aint helping her looks…

  30. Rhialto

    She looks still very acceptable.

  31. Gando

    She was most hot in Lois&Clark.

  32. Meh

    After the parade of freaks with plastic bags for tits, finally, a hot woman with tits that are her own.

  33. Duke Nukem

    No idea what Fish is thinking. Those things are almost under her armpits.

  34. His Huge Greatness Himself

    She looks very tight and well conserved for her age.

  35. Nero

    She has a tight looking bum!

  36. the evian baby

    She can never be excused for inflicting upon us susan mayer

  37. Darth

    I bet she’s regular on a dieet but her boobs look allright to me!

  38. domenico


  39. Realist

    18′s got it right. Good for her age but no longer spectacular. Still definitely hittable!

  40. DCMikeRotch

    Hot damn.

    After seemingly weeks of bikini photos of Halloween bags of bad plastic surgery, we get that ohsofine-ness…

  41. blp

    OK I may be super drunk but not enough to hit that. I draw the line at old skeletons. Maybe a lampshade over the head would change my mind. If I was forced to choose I suppose I’d choose Susan over Bree

  42. GROAARH!


  43. titsonsnack

    I call shenanigans. I was just looking at pictures of her today where she looked like a weatherbeaten old paperbag that’s been crumpled up and rained on and then flattened back out and dried in the sun.
    I mean, for god’s sake:

  44. dude

    C’mon guys, get your priorities straight. After sex w/ Susan Boyle, she brings you a warm cup of coffee/spot of tea/s’more depending on your age. Then she rubs for your back for hours and hours and massages your feet. Then she fellates your anus for quite some time before getting you off again. YOU HAVE GOT TO WEIGHT YOUR PRIORITIES

  45. Jack

    Hmmm. No one else mentioned the belly button piercing. I think mid-forties is a bit old for that. No?

  46. isitin

    13. Mike, show us some of the ugly 20 year olds your fucking right now. Ya right, they are all pig dogs………….asshole.

  47. Still real…and srill spectacular!!

  48. jewish

    #13 is 13 years old and has never “banged” anyone in his life. And #41 nobody watches Desperate Housewives except for gay guys and ugly fat housewives.

  49. AMO

    She looks great, but who does that belly ring still? Especially at her age…

  50. Dave

    Wow… she looks wonderful

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