Teri Hatcher

20040930_teri.jpgGeez, I can’t believe this is Teri Hatcher. She looks nothing like the way she looked on Lois & Clark which leads me to believe that she either embarked on some plastic surgery escapades, or that the ravages of time have finally taken their toll. Not that she’s ugly or anything, it’s just that she’s looking more like a ghoul than I’m usually accustomed to in a woman. There’s just something about her lips and her expression and her skin that makes me think she’ll crawl out of my closet at night and eat my soul. Actually don’t mind me, ever since that one time that Kirsten Dunst jumped out from beneath a bridge and tried to eat me I’ve always been a wee bit scared of female celebrities. Well except for the ones that look like Gisele Bundchen. That woman makes me wet myself.