Teresa Giudice Got The ‘OITNB’ Prison, Doesn’t Want To Now

Yesterday, we learned that Teresa Giudice’s crisis manager fired her after Teresa went behind her back and filed a request to serve her time at Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut which was the inspiration for Orange Is The New Black. And according to TMZ, she actually got approved except, just kidding, how about a nice halfway house? Jail is like Kayak.com, right? E! News reports:

E! News has learned that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s new attorney Stacy Ann Biancamo filed a letter to Judge Salas with the Federal Court today asking that they reconsider letting Teresa spend some of her sentence in a halfway house.
In the letter obtained by E! News, Biancamo states that she and her client “respectfully disagree” with the government’s decision to object their request that Giudice serve her time in home confinement because it’s a “substantive change to her sentence.”

Oh, did I mention Teresa was trying to get house arrest? Teresa was trying to get house arrest. But she’ll settle for a halfway house which she deserves because she has kids and farting out kids immediately makes you a golden angel who deserves special treatment. Back me up, Mama June:

“In Ms. Giudice’s case, we respectfully submit that the maximum RRC [Residential Reentry Center or halfway house] placement, as determined by the BOP, would also facilitate her return to her four young children, elderly parents, community and charitable endeavors without reducing her 15-month custodial sentence,” the letter states.

Teresa also mentioned she has a coupon and when she called earlier and spoke to a – *looks at notes* – “Cheryl,” Cheryl told her it’d be okay for her to go to a halfway house. Why would she tell her that if it wasn’t true? She then asked to speak to a manager before swatting away one of her kids. “Mommy’s busy!”

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