Come For The Ninja Turtles, Stay For The 9/11

July 29th, 2014 // 29 Comments

Paramount recently released a new promotional poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ upcoming release in Australia which featured the Turtles jumping out of an exploding skyscraper because their lives are dope and they do dope shit. Which seems pretty innocuous for a summer movie poster until you notice the release date of SEPTEMBER 11. A day when actual people jumped out of an exploding skyscraper to their deaths. So after hearing from the Internet, Paramount pulled the poster off Twitter and Facebook which always puts these fires right out. As for how an oversight like this could happen, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an oversight as much a source for Michael Bay‘s erection. “Aw yeah, 9/11, baby, fuckin’ shit blowed up so hard.” *fap fap fap*

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  1. Shanannigan


  2. CrashHell

    Not for nothing, but September 11 is just another day to the rest of the world. Shit, Ausies’ didn’t even hear anything about what happened in the Americas till the 12th or 13th. Are we all still in the “too soon” mode on this?

    • “Ausies’ ” (seriously, WTF?) heard about it when it was happening, which was roughly 11PM on the 12th, their time. I had FB friends from down under messaging me right afterwards because, most like adults, they didn’t go to bed at sundown. Oz isn’t in a time warp where it takes over 48 hours for information from the northern hemisphere to get to them.

      • Correction: 11PM the 11th – it became the 12th there one hour later.

        The point is, they get fucking CNN in Australia.

      • LynxLeopard

        FB friends? in 2001? yeah right! nice fairy tale you Reptilian Scum!

      • CrashHell

        Facebook wasn’t even founded until 2004! You are justifiably full of shit.

      • Yup, you’re right – they emailed me. We’ve been FB messaging since its inception, and it seems like its been around forever, so yeah, that detail did get conflated. Point is, we were in contact right after it happened – they didn’t hear about it days later.

      • I think the point is nobody really gives a fuck about 9/11 vs 9/12, 11pm vs 12 am Sydney time, or Aussies in general.

        The idea that it’s really the US that gives a big fuck about 9/11 still stands.

      • Hey, who in this country remembers the dates of the London subway or Madrid train bombings? Or Lockerbie? Unless you had family or friends die in any of those attacks, probably not a great many. 67 Brits died in 9/11, but I’m not sure that the country as a whole has such an awareness of the date. I actually booked a United flight on 9/11 and it totally failed to register until a few days later.

      • Ol

        As an Australian I remember my dad just got home from work around 11pm and we were watching some late news while he had dinner. There was a report of a plane hitting the tower and I thought it was such a horrible accident. Then the 2nd plane hit and my dad said it was definitely a terrorist attack. Then he rushed back into work at his newspaper. I stayed up all night watching the news. I went to uni the next day and it was all over the TVs in the eating areas and everyone was so shocked. We felt for ya.
        On a side note, a few months later I was at a party and some edgy jerk said the Americans had it coming to them so those people deserved to die. I almost punched his lights out.

  3. Israeli army has killed at least 600 Palestinians (including a high percentage of kids) in the Gaza Strip and the body count is still piling up.

    Guess you have to be an American for your death by terrorism to be important.

    • Rico Jones

      No but it helps to not be a Hamas supporting Palestinian scumbag.

      • I wasn’t aware six month old babies could be Hamas supporting Palestinian scumbags. Those Palestinian kids sure do get involved in politics early in life.

      • Rico Jones

        Blame their parents not Israel. Palestinians cannot be separated from Hamas. The Palestinian people elected Hamas to a position of power and they support Hamas. You can’t support Hamas and then claim to be innocent when Hamas attacks Israel. Can’t have it both ways.

        I have noticed over the past week that people like you don’t seem to give a fuck about the rockets being fired blindly at Israel. Why is that?

      • I want fighting to stop on both sides, but thanks for reading the non-existent thoughts in my mind and categorizing me without bothering to find out my own views.

        The rockets being fired at Israel are being swatted away by Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense.

        So you believe in collective punishment? By that token, if a parent commits a crime in the United States, we should lock up the whole fucking family.

        All totalitarian and fascist states believe in, and practice, collective punishment. So what does that make Israel?

      • Rico Jones

        I am well aware of how well the Iron Dome system works. War is a bitch and civilians get killed. You don’t think we killed any kids when we bombed Germany and Japan? You think Israel should just defend itself from never ending rocket attacks? Don’t be a fuckin pussy. Whats YOUR solution?

      • My solution is to let all fairy tale believers kill each other without any US taxpayer help in the matter.

      • The iron dome is a fucking joke. I’m sure it is basically just a scam between the government and defense contractors. The US probably paid for it anyway.

        The reason there aren’t tons of dead israelis is because these rockets are glorified bottle rockets.

      • Since you are interested in body counts:

        “Israeli spokesmen have their work cut out explaining how they have killed more than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them civilians, compared with just three civilians killed in Israel by Hamas rocket and mortar fire. But on television and radio and in newspapers, Israeli government spokesmen such as Mark Regev appear slicker and less aggressive than their predecessors, who were often visibly indifferent to how many Palestinians were killed.”

        3 Israelis vs. over 1,000 Palestinians.

        Israel is isolated in the world, supported only the United States government. Isolated and with a single (and increasingly weak) ally is not a good place to be. But Israel acts like it’s 1955 and Eisenhower is in the White House. Good luck with that.

      • Walter Peck

        Wow, color me shocked that Muslims are killed because the cowardly Hamas uses them as human shields. Or that local radio encourages the civilian population to be human shields to become martyrs “for the cause”. Or how about the Hamas terrorists use schools and hospitals as command centers, rocket launch points, and weapon depots.

        And lastly to the “world being against Israel”, it’s because it’s full of anti-Semitic faggots like yourself.

      • “anti-semitic faggots”


      • The Zionists do tend to retreat into racist and homophobic stereotypes pretty quickly when you question the size of their missiles.

      • Walter Peck

        Racist and homophobic stereotypes? What a piss poor attempt to deflect the truth. I guess Amnesty International is full of racists who stereotype Hamas when they reported, and I quote,

        “in previous conflicts Amnesty International has documented that Palestinian armed groups have stored munitions in and fired indiscriminate rockets from residential areas in the Gaza Strip, and available evidence indicates that they continue to do both during the current hostilities, in violation of international humanitarian law. During the current hostilities, Hamas spokespeople have reportedly urged residents in some areas of the Gaza Strip not to leave their homes after the Israeli military dropped leaflets and made phone calls warning people in the area to evacuate.”

        So you are either an anti-semite or someone to stupid to understand that Hamas is to blame.

      • You’re fucking stupid if you think this about israel defending itself against glorified bottle rockets.

        And you’re even fucking stupidier if you think they *really* give a shit about dead palestinian civilians.

        This notion that if you don’t suck Israeli dick it’s because you’re an anti semite is exactly why those assholes need to fend for them fucking selves rather than suck the sweet titty of the US taxpayer. We don’t have any need to support some shit ass chunk of worthless desert with religious symbols on their flag. Fuck that.

      • Walter Peck

        How fucking stupid are you that you think it’s just about rockets. Maybe it’s about Hamas’ mission statement of the destruction of Israel, Nah, couldn’t be that.

        And how fucking stupid are you when it comes to reading comprehension when at no point did I say Israel cared about collateral damage (they don’t) or that we should (we shouldn’t).

        And finally if you are so obtuse that you don’t see the advantage of allying with Israel as opposed to the increasingly radicalized Muslim world I pray you have no voting rights in the US.

      • How about we ally with neither the Jews nor the Muslims?

        Hamas can have all the mission statements they want. How is that whole destruction thing working out? Besides, are you really surprised? Who doesn’t wish for the destruction of their oppressors?

        It’s cute you still believe voting makes a fuck worth of difference in anything. 7th grade civics has taught you well.

  4. Rico Jones

    People are too fuckin sensitive. I guess next they will ban the scene of John McClane jumping from the top of an exploding Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard.

  5. I’m soooo over 9/11.

  6. BoganTrojan

    Damn Yanks made “Kangaroo Jack” after the death of Skippy.
    Fair suck of the sav cunts!

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