‘Teen Mom’ Maci is in a Bikini, And Surprise! She Has Implants.

Exactly as I predicted, here are just-released photos of Teen Mom Maci Bookout posing with her new implants in a bikini because apparently MTV is paying these kids with them. Although, Jenelle seems to have pawned hers for drugs while Farrah made that goddamn crying face until they agreed to the giant size. Anyway, I’m just so glad to see they’re still not over-glamorizing these girls by treating them like movie stars as a reward for getting knocked up in high school. I mean, only a crazy person would send that message to impressionable young girls who started pregnancy pacts after just 90 minutes of Juno, and then Canada would have no choice but to nuke us. Politely, of course, for such are their ways. “Terribly sorry about this, America. We want you to know any survivors are more than welcome to our free health-care and delicious, high alcohol content beers. We insist.”

Photos: Splash News