‘Teen Mom’ Maci is in a Bikini, And Surprise! She Has Implants.

April 18th, 2011 // 98 Comments

Exactly as I predicted, here are just-released photos of Teen Mom Maci Bookout posing with her new implants in a bikini because apparently MTV is paying these kids with them. Although, Jenelle seems to have pawned hers for drugs while Farrah made that goddamn crying face until they agreed to the giant size. Anyway, I’m just so glad to see they’re still not over-glamorizing these girls by treating them like movie stars as a reward for getting knocked up in high school. I mean, only a crazy person would send that message to impressionable young girls who started pregnancy pacts after just 90 minutes of Juno, and then Canada would have no choice but to nuke us. Politely, of course, for such are their ways. “Terribly sorry about this, America. We want you to know any survivors are more than welcome to our free health-care and delicious, high alcohol content beers. We insist.”

Photos: Splash News


  1. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    Big Ass Bunny Feet
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    That’s what i was thinking. I think tinting her her eyebrows would help her face and darkening her hair. She looked best as a strawberry blonde.

  2. miley's lesbian lover

    She was cute with red hair…curse you Lindsay Lohan, for making redheads all want to be skank blonde like you. The MTV $$$ would have been better spent on a nose reduction & a package of Crest white strips.

  3. Now if only science could undo the damage of being towed face-first behind a pickup truck she’d be set.

  4. gluten

    ugh, shit…
    that head…the rat tail hair…the little boy body… the it-improves-nothing implants…the asshole tattoos.
    get back in your kennel.
    gross. moving on.

  5. LEB

    Teen girl gets pregnant.

    Teen girl gets boobjob.

    Teen girl wouldn’t have any of these problems if she didn’t use her body as her only asset.

  6. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    I would so hit that…

  7. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    Teen Mom, huh… interesting term, boob job or implants hasn’t been anyone favors since, after it has gotten worst then.

  8. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    oMGeeeez, she looks like lindsay lohan. The body type, and the hair. The complexion! Fuck me!

  9. kara

    once again, this proves my theory that only girls no waist-hip definition get implants. hi! i’m a 34A with a 23in waist & 36in hips. eat that bitch, & my shit was free!

  10. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    nick p
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    Maci Bookout is hot

  11. kelsy

    this girl is nasty! and now that she has money watching her on interviews with her caked on makeup and huge forehead makes me even sicker. she looks like a retarded alien and no boob job no matter how big they are can cover up her ugly mug

  12. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    wow fake boobs whatever cannot believe people even care bout what these girls get up too we should look up to them NOT they are famous for getting knocked up and being too stupid
    to think of birth control

  13. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    Good, she needed them. Millions of women get breast implants everyday but she can’t b.c she had a kid in HS. Whatever. At least, she didn’t get some outrageous size. Heads up ladies, this is how to get breast implants.

  14. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    she looks good with her new boobs. wish i could see her tats better.

  15. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    i know right jane your so right its amazing… i wonder why she felt the need for the enhancement

  16. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    Who gives a crap! She looks great and deserves to have a life too! Go Maci!!!

  17. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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  18. lisa

    i read recently that her baby daddy not paying child support and she is goin wasting her money on fake tits she looks like a 40 year old hooker and she needs to spend money on food to put on weight she is the fakest bitch on that show waste of money i think for sure.

  19. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    Her body is cute even though she had to BUY some breasts but her face is tore up and she has horrible skin!

  20. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    Think that it is crazy that these girls have the lives and money they do now all because they got knocked up at 16. I have nothing against them I just don’t understand why make them “SUPERSTARS” for having a baby????? Guess they need new boobs to keep up with the standards of “Hollywood”, whatever that may be. I have an idea……first keep up your precious babies.!!!!

  21. ashbash10

    ugh i dislike this girl so much i hate watchin her on teen mom……..why the hell will she need child support when she get 39k per ep?????(based on what i heard)

  22. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    still gross in the face. yuck

  23. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    dallas daniel hessler junior
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    i wish maci was my mom

  24. mike

    Wow I think she is gorgeous. Even girls who haven’t been pregnant yet would kill to look like her.

  25. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    James B.
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    Maci is so beautiful an sexy. I love her. From Philly

  26. James B.

    So so beautiful. 26m/ pa Love her – soo sexy!

  27. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    I dont see why everyone is so mad about her implants at least she got implants that are proportional to her size rather than DDs, I think she looks gorgeous. Everyone was saying how she was the perfect one? No ones perfect, just because you have kids doesn’t mean your life is over. She has to take care of herself too otherwise how can she take care of a kid? If I looked that great Id show my body off too.

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