‘Teen Mom’ Maci is in a Bikini, And Surprise! She Has Implants.

April 18th, 2011 // 98 Comments

Exactly as I predicted, here are just-released photos of Teen Mom Maci Bookout posing with her new implants in a bikini because apparently MTV is paying these kids with them. Although, Jenelle seems to have pawned hers for drugs while Farrah made that goddamn crying face until they agreed to the giant size. Anyway, I’m just so glad to see they’re still not over-glamorizing these girls by treating them like movie stars as a reward for getting knocked up in high school. I mean, only a crazy person would send that message to impressionable young girls who started pregnancy pacts after just 90 minutes of Juno, and then Canada would have no choice but to nuke us. Politely, of course, for such are their ways. “Terribly sorry about this, America. We want you to know any survivors are more than welcome to our free health-care and delicious, high alcohol content beers. We insist.”

Photos: Splash News


  1. phil

    boobs. 1st!

  2. phil

    omg i was 1st 4 posts in a row! im ultra special! :D

  3. FamousPlastic.com

    Yep. First staged bikini photos after the implants. Here are the candids of Maci parading her new implants around on spring break:


    Lesson? Give young impressional girls a bunch of money and they’ll blow it on stupid sh!t like plastic surgery…

  4. DrunkRussian

    great body, but what’s up with all the tats? Nasty.

  5. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    christ, i’ve never had a kid and i still don’t look like that. love her! :)

  6. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    its almost scary how much of her face her son got, he literally stole her face to a T.

  7. Sassyfras

    She looks like a ho’d out Polly Pocket :-/…

  8. noooooooo

    She has fail written all over her, in seven languages even.

  9. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    She has the body but what happened to her face?

  10. SIN

    Those bags under her eyes are still more noticeable than the tits. What happened to her face?

  11. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I liked the Canadian joke

  12. hmm weird

    total trash

  13. Audrey is amazing

    Tattoos are ugly ! This trend has got to end. Maybe you should post a nice picture of Audrey Hepburn. Oh wait, in 2004 you wrote a terrible post about how ugly you think Audrey is I forgot…you pathetic loser!

  14. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    I am 13 and i live in a very religious modest area. I have 2 bikinis. My mom isnt a modesty freak, but she worries too much about what other people think of us.

  15. Jovy

    Busted face is busted.

  16. the captain

    …………..around her eyes too?

  17. mupps

    Does anyone else get the” gonzo double anal queen porn” vibe off this girl?
    Fake tits?…Check
    aged butter face from too many anal gangbangs ?……check

  18. The Critical Crassness

    Another lackluster day at the Superficial….Nicholas Gage and two posts about Teen Moms, both of which were good candidates for Charlie Sheen’s Goddess Program….read Porn Star U! My how the mighty have fallen…..All the real celebrities must be off for the Easter holiday a week early.

  19. Ismoss

    They aint big enough I still looked at her face.

  20. “Hi! I’m faux famous!”

  21. Rancid

    Very sexy in a Jimmy Durante sort of way.

  22. anus

    ugly face omg

  23. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck the haters, I think she’s hot. Especially if you put a paper bag with pre-photo Scarlett Johansson’s face drawn on it.

  24. oblio3

    She should have had that forehead reduction surgery first, then tattoo removal, then the implants.

    • MrsWrong

      and a nose job…or a brown paper bag

      • dontfuckwithme!

        how about yall get a life. she just had a baby. and doing a good ass job. and i bet she looks ten times better than half of yall talking shit on here. so go have a baby an show us a pic an so we can tell you how unly you are.

  25. matt

    I don’t think actual forehead reduction is possible, lowering the hairline is but the results don’t really do that much for most folks.

  26. matt

    http://famousplastic.com/2011/03/30/maci-bookout-takes-her-fake-boobs-on-vacation/ what the fuck happened? on that pic on the left she looks kinda cute (I don’t care about the hairline) but now she’s fuckn hideous

  27. terry

    funny! just so damn funny!
    When the black girls are teen moms they’re sluts but when the white chicks get knocked up with no man and no means of supporting their kid(s) they get reality shows.

  28. m

    the belle of the trailer park

  29. Doc Schweinstrudel

    spent 20 minutes trying to give a damn

  30. It should have been,

    1. Nose job
    2. Get a real job
    3. Boob job.

    Priorities kiddies…

  31. Jimmy

    Next up: a neck tattoo with the name of her boyfriend/child/grandmother written out in cursive. Or a shamrock. Or Tinkerbelle. Take your pick.

  32. Doc Schweinstrudel

    first time I see post natal stretch marks and cellulite settling in under eyes area.

    • senor froggy

      yep. what else do you expect from a TEEN mom who already popped out a kid? she is just SO EAGER to announce that she PUTS OUT!

  33. Senor Trout

    Butterface [buh-TUR-feys] Noun. 1. Person whose worst feature is the front part of their head. 2. Typically used to describe some, but not all, stars of Teen Mom (note, for Amber Portwood, see entries for ‘whaleface’ and ‘lardass’).

  34. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    i think she look fine. implants are a decent size.

  35. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    weird. did they copy and paste her here? very poorly?

  36. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    Gary Shirley
    Commented on this photo:

    whata butt’er face….

  37. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    I’m sorry, but that is one busted up face.

  38. Deacon Jones

    Man, she’s got meth head Hooter’s waitress turned stripper turned hooker in her tarot cards for sure.

  39. And the winner for the 1st annual Miss Teen Crackwhore is….

  40. TomFrank

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. If Juno is partly to blame for this—and sure, why not?—then Canada’s got no business nuking us since they gave us that movie’s director (Jason Reitman), star (Ellen Page), and co-star (Michael Cera).

    Also…Canada has nukes now?

  41. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    the girls pretty, but it doesn’t look right. she has a boyish figure with now “boobs”. two just don’t go together.

    • Sunny

      Pretty?! She looks like a 35 year old mother of 5, waitressin’ hard to keep the trailer she earned in the dee-vorce.

    • chelsea

      I have a boyish figure, but 34D breasts. I look just like Maci (in the body), except mine are natural.

    • CockHungry

      This girl is a white trash whore! She is absolutely disgusting and whatever brains she did have, have now been squeezed out by those atrocious fake titties!

  42. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    I would love to bang Maci. I might even try to get her knocked up again!

  43. Kodos

    Is it too late to postdate an abortion for this slag? Her, not the whelp.

    Whores, the lot of ‘em!

  44. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    Bitches are always so quick to get a boob job, when what they really need is to fix their ugly faces.

  45. 35 pics over two posts today, not one ass shot. typical waste of storage space

  46. Go Galt

    It appears that “cumdumpster” is now a desired career choice for young American girls. What a worthless country this has become.

  47. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    teenage girls bounce back a lot better than when youre 30

  48. Teen Mom Maci Bikini Implants
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    I’m not gonna lie to you, she’s a hot mom.

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