‘Teen Mom’ Leah’s Husband Corey Cheated With This

April 21st, 2011 // 197 Comments

Last Friday, 19-year-old Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer filed for divorce from her husband Corey Simms after only being married for six months. According to Us Weekly, he was cheating on her and now suddenly his other woman, Jordan Humble (above), is already posing for exclusive paparazzi photos which makes a lot of sense once you consider everyone here is from West Virginia and where Corey met Jordan:

Just weeks before their Oct. 17 wedding, Simms was spotted flirting with several young women at a local Dairy Queen, according to one witness.

Wow, Dairy Queen. That’s some high school bullshit. It’s almost as if everyone involved is just a bunch of kids who have absolutely no business getting married in the first place, not to mention being encouraged to keep a baby. But that can’t be right. Outdated, conservative family values always work out awesome. ALWAYS! *shakes fist*

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  1. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Man if he’s nailing something like that I should be banging something really hot.
    Oh wait I am, ..yes score, I rule posers!

  2. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    The all look like trailer park refugees.

  3. jw

    I think her body is pretty hot, but as a dude, I must argue that a good butt shot or two would make her portfolio complete.
    If you want me to get all “queer eye” I will point out 2 things though:
    1. she is wearing too much makeup, probably to cover some acne damage
    2. her shirt is way tight, but you can’t see a ribcage or belly button so I would guess that Lycra is her best friend.
    The only other thing I will add is that she shouldn’t expect to get any gig for herself out of this, if all she did is cheat with the babydaddy of one of these reality chicks. If she wants to be famous on her own, she needs to do more; much, much, much, more. That is all.

  4. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    I’d hit it too. Nice hips.

  5. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    shes got leahs figure but looks like JWOWW in the face.. hmm….

    if fell so bad for leah she tried so hard to get things good with corey like they were untill all this happend !! i hope everything works out for them and their kids !!

  6. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    looks like linday and teen mom jenelle mixed in one

  7. Donald Trump

    One word for this chick – WHORE.

  8. Donald Trump

    This chick is a white-trash WHORE

  9. Donald Trump

    How do you get anything past those inner thighs? Damn.

  10. How can you people judge somebody that you don’t even know or comment on a situation that you have no idea about.. There is always more to the story then what is told! Especially when you are dealing with these websites and magazines!

    Jordan, Aunt and I will be your body guards all the wayy :) haha

  11. Dawn

    First off the comment “already posing for exclusive paparazzi photos which makes a lot of sense once you consider everyone here is from West Virginia and where Corey met Jordan:” is bullshit. Believe it or not, people here in WV enjoy our privacy and likes to keep life simple. So do alittle research before you start bashing the people of WV for wanting the lime-light.

    • i agree completely! they were either gunna take the picture of her not ready or they gave her the chance to get ready… these pictures dont do the girl justice.. she is absolutely beautiful and a great girl with a great attitude! she isnt even from west virginia and the way they found her is beyond me! LITTLE MISS LEAH should be the one people point fingers at, if they only knew the TRUTH!

  12. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    I am so glad I left the state in the 80′s after growing up there. Jordan looks like the type that wanted fame so she went after stupid Corey. What an easy mark!! I thought he was a better guy. What a disappointment. He will probably get this whore pregnant. No show for you Jordan. No one wants to watch homewrecking whores!!!!!

  13. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    ha ha you guys are stupid no one uses washboards anymore…ha u wanna see hick come to SW Kansas!

  14. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Nancy Thomas
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    i honestly think thats messed up on all levels.!
    She was always there for him, and she loves him!.
    Leah you need to stay strong because that ugly trick hes with aint worth it.

  15. cedaredgekid

    omg i know here we were in high school together. She just moved there. She is from cedaredge co and went to surface creek vision home school program. She wasnt a virgin before her ex boyfriend used to beat her.

  16. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    haha what is really funny is that i went to high school with this skank (JORDAN HUMBLE) its not surprising to see that she is a home wrecker

  17. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Ya she’s pretty hot, I’d hit it

  18. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    hahaha!! I went to Cedaredge highschool with this girl!!! To be honest with everyone, she has always been a dumb tramp so im not suprised in the least. Atleast i guess her tramping around got her some form of attention lol.

  19. yogi bearrr

    I went to school with this girl hahahaha. We called her “Whoredan Jumble” lmao.

  20. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    what is corey doing leah is so much better then that girl
    leah is do much prettyer then her and leah got you kids
    and i fort you and leah was happy what happed to you
    to being happy x

  21. Manda

    is it just her shirt or is her body shaped funny?

  22. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Ugh really this pisses me off i was so happy for them when I watched them get married and now this bs she’s not even pretty she’s fugly looking and Leah is so beautiful so here’s the Way to Fuck Up Award to you Cory!!!!

  23. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    IS THIS what constitutes as “hot” in WV. I mean everyone is hating on the girl he cheated with or leah as too fat too think looks like this or that… but has anyone actually looked at this no chinned fat SOB? I mean really? How he gets his wangus into any chick is beyond me.

  24. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    1) She is most likely a fame huniting home wrecking skank
    2) She is not ugly, her body is amazing… her face is meh
    3) Everyone insulting her, have you looked at Cory? He’s fat, he has no chin, he looks like he smells bad, and i will be surprised if he isnt missing a few teeth in a year. Everyone always judging women on their physical appearance but seriously in this case, a creature from the trailer park lagoon somehow managed to get it in with 2 very beautiful women. I wonder what the rest of the guys look like in WV if that THING is worth fighting over

  25. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    dont worry girl. i know your pain. I have a set a twin girls too.We have gorwn together on our own and eventually became friends. The three Muskuteers! I know how two girls need constant attention! i dont see how ppl comlpain aboutjust one baby. let them step in our shoes for just a couple hours and they would loose their mind! you might have to do it on your own for a while but dont let everyone out their who said “I told you so!” get the best of you. Jus hold on and just love them as much as you can. In the end you will have your own little three muskuteer bond too. and nothing is more wonderful

  26. FinanciallyNdpendant

    that would kinda of explain why coory was kinda distant rom leah when they were marred cause he was cheating ad she wored so much leah would never really know

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