‘Teen Mom’ Leah’s Husband Corey Cheated With This

April 21st, 2011 // 197 Comments

Last Friday, 19-year-old Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer filed for divorce from her husband Corey Simms after only being married for six months. According to Us Weekly, he was cheating on her and now suddenly his other woman, Jordan Humble (above), is already posing for exclusive paparazzi photos which makes a lot of sense once you consider everyone here is from West Virginia and where Corey met Jordan:

Just weeks before their Oct. 17 wedding, Simms was spotted flirting with several young women at a local Dairy Queen, according to one witness.

Wow, Dairy Queen. That’s some high school bullshit. It’s almost as if everyone involved is just a bunch of kids who have absolutely no business getting married in the first place, not to mention being encouraged to keep a baby. But that can’t be right. Outdated, conservative family values always work out awesome. ALWAYS! *shakes fist*

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  1. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Title should have read– ‘Teen Mom’ Leah’s husband , a real piece of work, cheated with this.

  2. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    lol hicks
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    eww he’s shorter thasn i thought

  3. Ewie

    Downgrade. She looks like a cross-eyed centaur with fetal alcohol syndrome.

    • Brittany


      You are so f’in funny.

      She so does. Man the barges man, we could sail the seas on those hips. She’s sick.

  4. WOW

    The comments section here has convinced me that a) most white men are either gay b) most white men have small penises c) most white men are pedophiles. How is this girl considered “fat” or have a “fat ass”? This is ridiculous. Any man that wants a woman to look like a man…likes men. Point blank period.

  5. Jared

    Apparently the only place to shop for clothes in their city is an Old Navy outlet and a bait & tackle.

  6. Sam :)

    This is BULLSHIT :) Leah even said it was on her Twitter :D Corey was working with this girl… not working at her :) DON’T BELIEVE THIS SHIT.

  7. Hannah

    It’s weird to me that men are complaining about her hips. They’re not that big , her waist is just small. I though men liked a nice hip to waist ratio. Apparently men on here want women to have boyish bodies like Alessandra Ambrosio. I’m 5’8″ and 125 and I have a similar body to this girl except my legs are way longer and I always get complemented on my waist and hips.

    • nahhhhh

      To me it isn’t the waist:hip as much as it is the shoulder:hip. I bet if you checked a full-length mirror, your hips and shoulders would be about the same, or at least much closer than hers.

      • Hannah

        That’s true. My shoulders are wider. She’s a pear shape yet I’m a vase/hourglass. Also my hips are higher up than hers. Still I think this girl doesn’t look bad. At least when she gains weight it will go to her hips and legs rather than her stomach. It’s actually a very healthy fat distribution.

      • LordAtama

        I’m not a fan of her face and her legs are too short, but I like her hips quite a bit. I like pear-shapes.

    • Sal

      I like her hips, who wants to screw a beanpole??

  8. SuperT

    This is what happens when there isn’t an actual shotgun involved in the wedding.

  9. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Good cans

  10. JOSH

    no sorry this women has monster sized hips, they are fucking huge…its gross, little hips are cute but this is the hips of a woman who had 10 kids! not a teen.

  11. JOSH

    you can tell her ass is fat and wide, VERY WIDE…i am not turned on by wide asses at all, nice little perky/bump ones YES…big wide ones..nope! I like my woman to be taller and have some curves yes, but not liek this, this is chunky waiting to happen…its already in her hips…

    • wanda

      Amazing how we dissect womens bodies so utterly completely..but you will NEVER see that happen talking about a guy….ladies, I say we seize upon the next post featuring a guy and talk about his ass, waist size, cankles, bicep fat distribution, shoulder metrics, etc……what goes around should come around….

  12. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    she looks like she is purposely trying to pose for the camera…

  13. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Take off that fucking hat already!!!! I’m sure it smell like ass.

  14. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    that thing is ugly

  15. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    The best part of Teen Mom 2 celebrity sightings is they are so easy to photograph on the third of the month, cause they’re all walking to their mailboxes to pick up social security checks. ZING!

  16. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Oh and 1st you all you previous first-tards on the interwebs.

  17. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    I love chicks like this. I bet she has the prettiest pussy. I’d fuck her till she blood, then some more

  18. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Lol wow you guys really, REALLY need to up your standards a bit..

    • jim eh

      Up our standards, sorry honey we don’t all live in a dream world where we all like tall clueless blondes, I for one would fuck this chick over TONS of other chicks.

  19. Burt

    Wow, and to think they are famous for being too stupid to figure out how to use a condom.

  20. Urbanspaceman

    Can you hear, can you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover.

  21. the captain

    psssssst: she isn’t a VIRGIN any longer.

  22. wanda

    to all the 8th grade boys here acting like they are experts on the female body…WTF..get a life…I’m sure all of you have 6 packs and are the embodiment of male bodily perfection. and have so much experience with women that you are experts…. mmmmmKAY….

    • wanda

      and this goes for any and all posts about females….regardless of who they are

      • Penthouse Forum Responds:

        Wanda, upon rereading this, I realize that the d-bag comment was really rude and I shouldn’t have wrote it. Also, Doc Schweinstrudel is right, I was way too harsh and should have just kept my mouth shut. I am truly sorry if I have offended you in any way.

    • Penthouse Forum Responds:

      Dear Gloria Steinem,

      You are obviously new here so let me give you some pointers:
      1. Once a post is popular enough to get to the second page, don’t bother posting any more comments, because honey, NOBODY (and I do mean NOBODY, not even me, tee hee) reads the second page.
      2. Don’t post a response to your own post, it makes you look like a d-bag. I only had one occasion to post a response to one of my posts, and that is when I APOLOGIZED.
      3. If you truly want your voice to be heard, you should spread it around a little, you know, like maybe put some comments on some other posts. The Lindsay Lohan post is still kind of light, why don’t you go stink up that one?

  23. puddleduck

    I’m going to post this bunch in Wikipedia under “Trailer Trash”. They describe it to the fullest!

  24. queenbea

    with shame i admit to being hooked on that show and i would’ve broken it off
    when he asked me to take a FAMILY portrait in head to toe Camo! babies n all!

    • kitty kat

      i loved when she asked if it would look weird if they were in two different camo’s. and did anyone notice they got married at coonskin park. i know where i’m eloping!

  25. White trash is as white trash does sir.

  26. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    i’ll admit it, i find her oddly arousing.

  27. john

    i find her oddly arousing.

  28. kitty kat

    damn. i wasn’t a pregnant teen in west virginia. i could of been white trash! then my parents would have had a reason to be proud, instead of earning a damn masters degree and making something of myself. where was 16 and pregnant in the mid-90s?!?

  29. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    If this is really true, then she is a HOE. What kind of woman hits on/flirts with a VERY WELL KNOWN married man? She can’t even say she didn’t know he was married. That is TRASH!!

  30. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    fucking whore!

  31. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    Sorry that happened to your family. Hold on, girl. Even things like these happen for the best maybe you are better off without that loser.

  32. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    What a great catch!

  33. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    this jeans must have been $2 in Vietnam

  34. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    Is it me or he kind of looks like a gay arab in the face?

  35. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Filthy slut whomewrecker! I feel sorry for the kids. What goes around comes around.

  36. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Hold your hand up to cover her body (note: there is no good reason to do this), and you’re looking at a late-30′s IHOP waitress down to goddamn JOWLS. I can’t tell if it’s the result of Appalachian poverty or Appalachian genetics. That’s not going to help her career when she starts stripping in a few months.

  37. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Every average looking guy should take note and move to WV where they are guaranteed to get laid.

  38. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    juaquin ingles
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    He’s like a deep fried version of that drooling dork with AIDS from the movie Kids.

  39. Lovemypussyhairthick

    What the hell happen to the entertainment of this country? This is how far we’ve fallen.

  40. kendrachanae

    That’s what her ass gets for getting married at an early age she didn’t know what she was doing just gettin married just to say she got married. Haha bitch!!

  41. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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  42. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    She looks nice and dirty. Nice cans, too. She’d be up for anything, I’m certain.

  43. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Just fucking say it
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    It makes sense mathematically. Jordan is a strong 6 while Leah is a weak 5. You can add a point to Jordan for not having kids and another for them big ol’ boobies and then deduct a point from Leah for the kid and unsightly cesarean scar.

  44. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    ewwwww, make the country people go away.
    He needs to run his clothes over that washboard again.

  45. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Is that tape holding his mailbox together???

  46. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    suck it in . . . suck it in . . . don’t let the gut out . . . can’t breathe . . . [passes out]

  47. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

  48. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    she is kinda hot.

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