‘Teen Mom’ Leah’s Husband Corey Cheated With This

April 21st, 2011 // 197 Comments

Last Friday, 19-year-old Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer filed for divorce from her husband Corey Simms after only being married for six months. According to Us Weekly, he was cheating on her and now suddenly his other woman, Jordan Humble (above), is already posing for exclusive paparazzi photos which makes a lot of sense once you consider everyone here is from West Virginia and where Corey met Jordan:

Just weeks before their Oct. 17 wedding, Simms was spotted flirting with several young women at a local Dairy Queen, according to one witness.

Wow, Dairy Queen. That’s some high school bullshit. It’s almost as if everyone involved is just a bunch of kids who have absolutely no business getting married in the first place, not to mention being encouraged to keep a baby. But that can’t be right. Outdated, conservative family values always work out awesome. ALWAYS! *shakes fist*

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  1. DM

    Guy made a bad move, you stay with the money don’t stray from the money!!

  2. Huh

    Gripping story!

  3. Charmless Man

    She got them child-bearin’ hips! IMMA BE ON TEE-VEE AGIN!!!

  4. Unimate

    Holy shit, I would, too. She’s like a hot Kirsten Dunst.

  5. Rough--guess who else is unzipped

    I can’t believe MTV and the Tabs are taking the trailer park baton from Maury, Jerry Springer and sprinting with it…

  6. dpbefun

    Hopefully there will be another baby on the way! That would make some nice BS drama. Anyone care to make a bet it happens?

  7. RoboZombie

    They’re all good christians too, I’m sure.
    As a side note, I can hear her thighs rubbing together in Pic 1

  8. Lisa

    Those are some child-bearing hips if I’ve ever seen them. Is he aiming for baby #2?

  9. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    I dub thee, J-Blah.

  10. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    And by baby #2 I mean #3. Considering the apparently limited gene pool available (judging by Leah’s face) it’s amazing the first two aren’t fused together… making for 1.5 babies.

  11. Tony

    Hillbillies do hillbilly shit

  12. Ed

    There must be a fame-whoring class at their high school.

  13. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    West Virginia: Come for the neon shirts, stay to support your meth addiction.

    • Brittany


      Corey: Hey paw! I gots me a new woman!
      Corey’s dad: You ain’t humpin yer sister agin are ya?
      Corey: Naw, she’s my first cousin!

      • Nicole

        Uhm i’m form west virgnia & we are NOTHING like that. We may be a bunch of hicks but we don’t fuck our cousins or sisters or brothers. Anyone who thinks that is a sick ass person so get your facts straight hunn!

  14. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    Pretty, pretty.

  15. considering it’s in west virginia, the fact they’re not related is progress

    • Zoey

      I wouldn’t doubt it if they are.

    • PopeyesChicken

      Your interrupting clause at the end should be “the fact that* they are not related is progress”. You missed an entire word. I live in West Virginia. What’s your excuse?

      • PopeyesChicken, you’re an idiot. The relative pronoun ‘that’ is often an implied word in American English, especially in writing.

        “Interrupting clause” is also not a term that’s used in mechanical English unless, of course, you were taught English in a bar.

        Put some shoes on, Hillbilly. Then you can start correcting the English of others.

  16. Deacon Jones

    Her body actually isn’t that bad, until your eyes go past the knees, and realize she’s standing on flat ground, and that half her shins aren’t covered by a small hill in front of her.

    • Fletch

      To me she has the shape of a weeble. And she looks like Kirsten Dunst. So now we have a Kirsten Dunst Weeble who wobbles and won’t fall down.

      • FunnyStuff

        OMG that was HILARIOUS! Weebles wobble buuuut they won’t fall down xD lmao! You win there my friend, you win. And she looks like Kirsten Dunst IF someone smashed her in the face with the shovel. WHY are we giving her any slack? She is a homewrecker!

    • Bucky Barnes

      Aw, cut her some slack. She’s nineteen, which in West Virginia means she has probably given birth to nine youngin’s, more if they’s twins involved… siamese or otherwise.

  17. JC

    Hey, don’t make fun. If you live in West Virginia, then getting with this chick is the equivalent of a non-hillbilly guy getting to bang Miranda Kerr.

  18. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    he is one hell of a looker! no wonder he has all the WV bitches all over his shit.

  19. kj

    Oh please. This chick is HIDEOUS. The only thing she’s got going for her is that she’s under 30. Look for her in 2023 on the cover of Ugly Whore Magazine. Which would actually be a “get” for her, since she’s not likely to survive the stabbing her meth-dealing boyfriend will administer in 2017.

  20. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    “I dunno how they gets in there, but sumtimes Vittoria Secrets magurzines come outta this magic box!”

  21. Hemingway

    I smell a threesome…or pig slop.
    No, its slop…

  22. JOSH

    WOW…she is fucking fug! SHORT AND FAT IN THE HIPS…those hips are so wide, wow…shes ugly.

  23. DogBoy

    From a straight-to-video perspective… I vote for the two chicks getting together, and leaving Mr Dreamboat on the curb.

  24. Senor VonBonBons III

    For a split second I thought this was J-Wow with no makeup.

    I don’t blame the guy. This chick has awesome hips and thighs and a vagina that hasn’t been blown out by a 9 pound screaming embryo.

  25. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    What is Orko doing wrecking homes in West Virginia? Shouldn’t he be defending Castle Greyskull or whatever?

  26. So what you’re saying is he left his Queen at home producing dairy while he perused the Dairy Queen for a dairy-less Queen? When did kids stop just masturbating?

  27. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
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    wonder what she looks like from BEHIND (*cough cough*)

  28. David


    • dpbefun

      Nicely worded comment.

      • R. T. Tidewell

        DAVID: You show us just how low the thoughts of a reprobate man can go !!
        I hope and pray that God will rebuke you so sternly that your mind will be clean and become fit for a woman who could become your wife! I have always respected my gorgeous wife whom I have respected all our married life, and befoe, and now we are really in the prime of our love! True love increases and endures regardless of what happens, but could never, and would never, have disrespected our love and our relationship by some vulgar comment about another woman.

  29. So he scored with Melissa Etheridge?

  30. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like she could be out in the field picking beans, & when the baby’s head crowns she could simply squat, push it on out, tidy things up a bit, and then start nursing while at the same time resuming the harvest.

  31. Suddenly I’m hungry for pears.

  32. Yeah we are headed toward complete “Idiocracy” , you know the movie…oh and a world morphed by herpes!

    • Jovy

      why come you have no tattoo?

      • lol, “The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections”.

  33. Bucky Barnes

    This is what happens when hillbillies start breeding outside of their immediate family.

  34. Richard McBeef

    If I had to choose between those two skanks, I would flip a coin and then quietly masturbate in the corner.

  35. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Tom Horton
    Commented on this photo:

    Homewrecking WHORE! Love is dead because of you.

  36. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Nancy Pelosi
    Commented on this photo:

    I love me a good slut.

  37. Wotwot

    I guess you’ve gotta start somewhere when trying to work your way up to Charlie Sheen Goddess status.

    • The Critical Crassness

      She’ll never make it….too much tit! Charlie only wants big tits on his wives…his goddesses must be flat chested, coke addicted, porno rats.

  38. Jesus, it’s like all these teen mothers are fat assed white trash skanks with bad skin and douchebag boyfriends. It’s almost like “teen mom” was the best they ever were going to do.

  39. Bucky Barnes

    Corey Simms: “Pa, I had to shoot me that new wife.”
    Pa Simms: “Whyever for, Son?”
    Corey: “On accounta she was a virgin… if she ain’t good enough fer her family, she ain’t good enough fer our’n.”

  40. JesseJimmy

    It’s nice to see Kirstie Alley is serving as a role model to today’s youth. Remember, don’t criticize, or they’ll have “body image issues.” And it will be your fault.

    In other news, I’m buying Lane Bryant stock.

  41. The Critical Crassness

    Wow, Jennifer Love Hewitt must have really given up….. Otherwise, WTF is she doing in West Virginia working at DQ?

  42. Teen Mom Leah Divorce Corey Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    Henchman 21? Is that you?
    A beard is no excuse for a jawline no matter how you trim it!

  43. lol hicks

    same figure and looks as the wifey. her hair and make-up loked more like this when he met her, not the blonde and orange tan.

  44. CC

    So, he upgraded, big deal!

  45. nahhhhh

    Nothing says “hallway” quite like those kinds of hips. Probably still an upgrade though.

  46. The Critical Crassness

    He had to cheat on her…she ran out of hips to carry more kids on!

  47. Rough--guess who else is unzipped

    The hips are innocent, stp bashing it….

  48. Pffft… Like this is the only chick he cheated on his wife with…. You can guarantee the his teen wife became much less fun after having kids and being “famous”.

  49. diamondj

    Big A$$ Titties and a Sexy Switch? Whatever you got, you deserved it bitch.

  50. Dan

    See, this sounds bad looking in on it, but we really don’t know the context of this whole thing.

    The new girl doesn’t look bad to me…

    • she isnt whatsoever.. she is a sweetheart that did not split their marrige up.. they were already done before she came along.. i read somewhere that she was with him the night before their wedding, which cracks me up due to the fact she has only been here for a few weeks! i watched as they took pictures of her.. they had better ones they just decided to use the ones where she is caught off guard and the ones that they wanted to use.. and you dont see anybody saying anything about LITTLE MISS LEAH going out with her EX! yeah the one she was with before, which is what REALLY split their marriage up!! so, she isnt a bad girl at all!! im team JORDAN HUMBLE all the wayyyy :)

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