‘Teen Mom’ Leah Is Trying For Another Baby Again. Of Course.

Posted by Photo Boy

Teen Mom star and mother of twins, Leah Messer, is only two weeks into her second marriage, but it’s now become clear that she’s really only in it for the divorce because she’s already talking about having more kids. Via Hollywood Life reports:

On April 4, Leah wed her boyfriend, Jeremy Calvert, at the Catlettsburg Wedding Chapel in Ashland, KY. And it seems the blonde beauty isn’t wasting any time adding to her family! “Leah can’t wait to give him a baby of his own — and Jeremy’s thrilled at the thought of having more little ones around,” a source tells OK!

Yes, nothing goes quite so well with a young marriage like sleep deprivation, financial struggle and hormonal swings. It’s like pairing a perfectly aged box of Merlot with squirrel jerky.

LEAH: Honey, there’s possum in the crockpot and maybe afterwards we could, you know..
JEREMY: *swigs from Mason jar* Damnit woman, I told you never talk when Smackdown’s on!

(How babies are made in the South.)

Photo: INFdaily