‘Teen Mom’ Leah is Going to Let MTV Film Her Entire Divorce. Oh, Good.

“Even though I just bought a new truck with my MTV money, they told me to hand you the kids and look all forlorn. Do you.. do you know what that word means? Because I sure don’t. Shit, are these mics on?”

Apparently Teen Mom star Leah Messer is not only going to divorce Corey Simms after six months of marriage for allegedly banging this, but let MTV film the entire thing. Including yesterday when she moves out of their house and takes their daughters away from their father because that’s always a moment you want recorded forever. Seriously, at what point did this go from a sugary-sweet show glamorizing knocked up teenagers to goddamn Jerry Springer? Or did I just describe the entire pitch.

PRODUCER: So, basically, white trash teenagers get pregnant just to be on TV, and each week, the viewer gets to watch them fall into a hopeless cycle of broken relationships and smashed middle class dreams.
MTV: Can you make them all get implants and wear bikinis?
PRODUCER: I don’t see why not.
MTV: *bangs gavels* 18 seasons! Go! NOW.

(How I think network pitches work.)

Photos: Splash News