‘Teen Mom’ Leah is Going to Let MTV Film Her Entire Divorce. Oh, Good.

April 26th, 2011 // 79 Comments

“Even though I just bought a new truck with my MTV money, they told me to hand you the kids and look all forlorn. Do you.. do you know what that word means? Because I sure don’t. Shit, are these mics on?”

Apparently Teen Mom star Leah Messer is not only going to divorce Corey Simms after six months of marriage for allegedly banging this, but let MTV film the entire thing. Including yesterday when she moves out of their house and takes their daughters away from their father because that’s always a moment you want recorded forever. Seriously, at what point did this go from a sugary-sweet show glamorizing knocked up teenagers to goddamn Jerry Springer? Or did I just describe the entire pitch.

PRODUCER: So, basically, white trash teenagers get pregnant just to be on TV, and each week, the viewer gets to watch them fall into a hopeless cycle of broken relationships and smashed middle class dreams.
MTV: Can you make them all get implants and wear bikinis?
PRODUCER: I don’t see why not.
MTV: *bangs gavels* 18 seasons! Go! NOW.

(How I think network pitches work.)

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  1. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    poor ali her leg still looks like its in bad shape

  2. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    susan ayden
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    This is so disgusting to what was beautiful ending to teen mom2, another family torn apart, more drama and broken families glamorized on mtv. That was a serious forever, 6 months? I guess in the tv world that is forever. I just dont see anything great about watching this family split up. It is so sad, I would have loved a happy forever and so would the children.I wish both these parents would grow up and stop this destruction of their girls. You can stay together and raise your children 100 percent of the time or split up and have someone else raise your children 50 percent of the time. Parents need to stop being so selfish. After having children you dont hve the luxury of destroying their world. Every marriage is fixable Both Corey and Leah need to read the book, The Proper Care and Feeding Of Marriage by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and stop destroying their baby”s world for money and fame, I meen filming the entire divorce, like thats great entertainment?a re you freaking serious? Corey needs to man up and say no , their kids dont need to be watching that in the furture. I hope both continue to be at least decent parents……

  3. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    susan Hayden
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    On a last note, they dont need to let them film the divorce or glamorize divorce in any way, I thought this show was to discourage young girls from becomming pregnant, not glamorzing broken families and never ending drama. I will never watch mtv ever again…

  4. Rachael

    Corey you need to think about your family and not yourself. OMG you have 2 kids and now an ex-wife. GET IT TOGETHER DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. twingirlmommy

    I feel bad for leah. He guy tricked her into thinking he changed and finally grew up. Guess not. and seiously lay off her implants. shes a single mom now if she wans boobs for attention let her.

  6. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    its pretty ignorant to categorize these kids with trailer trash! they are young parents who work for minimum wedge, where else do you think they would go? Trailer trash kind of people are freeloaders who dont take care of themsevles, not a teenage couple with high hopes in over their head. So stop judging.

  7. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    Its so sad to see this…. My prayers go out to them that they will find common ground for their girls sake. Good luck Leah!

  8. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    Leah was the one that cheated on Corey.

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