‘Teen Mom’ Leah is Going to Let MTV Film Her Entire Divorce. Oh, Good.

April 26th, 2011 // 79 Comments

“Even though I just bought a new truck with my MTV money, they told me to hand you the kids and look all forlorn. Do you.. do you know what that word means? Because I sure don’t. Shit, are these mics on?”

Apparently Teen Mom star Leah Messer is not only going to divorce Corey Simms after six months of marriage for allegedly banging this, but let MTV film the entire thing. Including yesterday when she moves out of their house and takes their daughters away from their father because that’s always a moment you want recorded forever. Seriously, at what point did this go from a sugary-sweet show glamorizing knocked up teenagers to goddamn Jerry Springer? Or did I just describe the entire pitch.

PRODUCER: So, basically, white trash teenagers get pregnant just to be on TV, and each week, the viewer gets to watch them fall into a hopeless cycle of broken relationships and smashed middle class dreams.
MTV: Can you make them all get implants and wear bikinis?
PRODUCER: I don’t see why not.
MTV: *bangs gavels* 18 seasons! Go! NOW.

(How I think network pitches work.)

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  1. Jimbob

    Implants=interest: Blake Lively, teen moms, Leanne, Kim K and sisters, xtina, Brit, Lindsay, Megan Fox….. The list goes on and on. No one would look at these talentless boobs without the fake boobs.

    P.S. I am a great fan of implants!

  2. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    These girls cry every day on that show, but today is the day she forgets to wear waterproof mascara? Give me a break.

  3. nappawang

    This chick doesn’t look like a crackhead

  4. This stuff writes itself, one show follows another:
    Teen Mom -> Teen Divorce -> Teen Single Mom -> Teen MILF -> Washed Up Skank

  5. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    Fish, you know you could have blurred out the ultra cool emblem on his ultra cool cap. Goddamn, we can’t catch a break is this fucking god forsaken, crusty taint of a state. I hope they all move to PA and start spreading their close eyed gene pool there.

  6. RoboZombie

    Dang, them young ‘uns look as retarded as their paaaw!

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      Ouch! The one with the glasses has some undiagnosed syndrome.


        how could u say that about that baby you are a sorry piece of shit….just saying and those babies are beautifull just because your momma and daddy hated you leave those innocent little girls out of this they are gods lil angels and they are very cute GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

  7. Kelley

    Well said, Fish !!

  8. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    ” Donchoo ever go darkenin’ the door of mah double wide again!”"

  9. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    “And that’s the last tahm you’ll ever get yer hands inside mah jorts!”

  10. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    “And what the hell is an ‘Afflikshun’ anyways? That don’t even sound like a real word.”

  11. RasputinsLiver


    …stupid trailer trash doing stupid trailer trashy stuff being watched by stupid trailer trashy people.

    America, being sucked down the drain like it was a black hole in a toilet.

  12. Youdrink waytoomutch

    How long do you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel before you hit dirt?

  13. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, look Jorts!

  14. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    What is that she is wearing? Ahhh, Jorts!

  15. Crabby Old Guy

    God, I miss Martha Quinn and Van Halen videos!

  16. D_Wire

    Well, that’s good. At least the down fall of America will be in crystal clear HD.

  17. Amy

    This divorce comes as no surprise, considering the wedding was held at Coonskin Park and the teenaged groom wore camo.

  18. Donald Trump

    Why is it that every time they show these two – the dad is always holding the “gimpy” baby? Go back and watch the MTV show….he’s always stuck with the gimp while she holds the normal one.


    • AnActualMom

      Because she’s a mom-wannabe that doesn’t give two sh*ts about those precious babies. Neither one is a “gimp”. The little one that wears glasses should be treated with love. These kids need to be checked on because I doubt that irresponsible skank will watch them and protect them. Poor babies will probably be exploited to be “superstars” and be around shady people.

  19. Donald Trump

    He looks “tarty” but I’d still do him. Prob has a big ole’ red neck rooster.

  20. Arzach

    Not surprising, MTV practically invented the reality franchises ,I know they did not invented the thing but they where the first to make big bucks to the point of converting the whole channel from the coolest music channel to an horrible trashy reality channel, this is not only but the consequence of that first “Real World” that made realities appealing for the teens and young adults (at least the ones with an IQ equivalent to their age number), MTV is just milking the cow as usual without any interest in the real subject.

  21. Kodos

    Am I seeing things, or did the bitch get a beatdown below left eye?

    Oh, shit.. it’s just a couple ounces of eyeliner. I was hoping somebody smacked her one. DAMN!

  22. sakara

    mtv makes millions from losers, paying them thousands for their videos that are a mix of soft porn and hillbilly carnival freak shows….go jerry, go jerry!

  23. Nicole

    He always has that dumb as shit look on his face. MTV should stop paying these people to air their dirty laundry.

  24. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    Trailer trash ALL have the exact same face, it’s kind of scary

  25. Chelsea and her were the only two bangable teen milf’s. However, she feel off. BAD.

  26. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Your Gynecologist
    Commented on this photo:

    Didn’t even bother to put down the remote…

  27. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    Goddamn, Jordan Bratman gets some good pussy.

  28. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    You did say “Teen” Mom, didn’t you? If so, who the hell is this?

  29. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    “Maybe, if I just hit this here rewind button, she won’t find out I was fucking her mom as well…”

  30. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    “I ain’t goin NOWHAR without mah air filter. Filtrete ain’t cheap!”

  31. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    my mascara has NEVER run like that. bssss

  32. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    i love how the one baby is making the same face as the douche bag dad, so sorry baby.

  33. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    lmao wtf happened between this and the pic before?

  34. The Critical Crassness

    Just what the TV viewers of America needed….”Heidi and Spencer meet the Beverly Hillbillies!”.

  35. captain america

    KINDERGARTEN-MOM is the next step in america?

  36. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    damn. poor babies

  37. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I don’t really think it’s funny. I feel bad for her and for the kids. It must be horrible but as time passes she might as well realize she’s better off without the douche.
    Hold on, girl. Shit happens.

    • susan Hayden

      Why is everybody jumping Corey, I thought he was the best one on the show and the mature one, he at least tried to make it work, Leah has alot of problems from her own daddy leaving, now she is doing it to her own girls, how sad, I hope Corey gets at least half custody, he is a good an dedicated daddy, I hope Leah puts aside her angst and doesent interfere with the relationship between him and his daughters, she needs to quit blaming him for everything and take responsibility, she’s the one who ruined the marriage, and ruined the relationship in the very beggining. She needs proffessional help.

  38. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like Helen Hunt…in Pay it Forward.

  39. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    Is it a requirement nowadays that douchebags have to wear Ed Hardy shirts?

  40. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like meth head- what happened in the past 6 mths?

  41. sasha

    Most towns have their own hillbilly people. Why would I need to watch this on TV? In my town you could just stop by the local convenience store parking lot where lots of these idiots do the weekend child swap thing. There”s often shouting, shoving or slapping in front of their little ones. Occasionally the cops get called. So sad. They treat their kids like posessions that they can use to hurt the other one with.

  42. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    That’s one hard looking teenager!

  43. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    Which camera should I look at now?

  44. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    Bugh. She is not aging well…

  45. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    Guys, we’ve found the wicked witch of the trailer park.

  46. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
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    When is he gonna get a new hat?

  47. kendrachanae

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I knew it wasn’t gonna last and she just got married just to say she got married, that bitch is dumb for one having a baby too fucking early and for getting married too early…That’s her problem not ours.

  48. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    whats wrong with her face? it looks bruised

  49. you would think with the 120,000 dollars mtv gave her she would try not to look so white trash!

    • susan Hayden

      mtv needs t o stop paying these girls so much money, its supposed to be a warnin to teenagers not to get pregnant at a young age.

  50. Teen Mom Leah Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like complete crap. gosh leah fix your make-up no wonder ur husband cheated on u

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