‘Teen Mom’ Leah Files For Divorce

April 18th, 2011 // 39 Comments

Christ, did they all get implants? It’s like they made a pact.

Despite filming a fairy tale wedding for the Teen Mom 2 season finale, Leah Messer filed for divorce from her husband Corey Simms on Friday and the very next day let MTV film her crying in the woods where most people go to read their legal documents. I personally won’t sign a contract unless I’m engulfed in moss. True story. RadarOnline reports:

The split was included in a lengthy list of divorce filings reported in Saturday’s Charleston Gazette-Mail. “Leah Messer Simms from Corey Simms,” it simply said.
But there is nothing simple or uncomplicated about this uncoupling. Leah and Corey, who wed October 17 in Charleston, are parents to 16-month-old twins Aleeah and Aliannah. Ali was was born with several disabilities, and her young parents discussed the challenges they faced with her in a episode of their show.

People with a vagina tell me these two divorced because Corey supposedly took money from Ali’s medical fund to buy a truck which I’m just going to go ahead and believe because they’re from West Virginia. Regardless, this has to be the eight millionth example of how retarded it is to compound the mistake of a teen pregnancy by forcing two kids to get married. Because shoving them into the most suffocating relationship dynamic possible that grown adults without kids can barely cope with is going to work out awesome. But try telling fanatical Christian southerners that. “If you ask me, the problem is they ain’t got enough guns. Ain’t nothin’ a pile of guns can’t fix. Marriages, clogged turlets, colic (Both horse and infant.), gingervitis… I can sit here all day.”

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  1. phil

    does she like dick? first!

  2. Wait till she finds out they’re still brother and sister.

  3. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Born with disabilities? Are many kids born healthy nowadays? They tested it on rats feeding them with genetically modified garbage they feed us and third generation was sterile.

  4. hmm weird

    her legs are messed up. so are her babies. turned inwards like that. baby probably just got it worse. both her and corey have inbred mouths. the south is scary.

  5. the captain

    pst: it’s just because of the money she can look forward too.

  6. Aria Hills

    I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it.

  7. Ismoss

    Seriously what the hell is wrong with us? We keep making these dredges of society in celebrities. At least the dredges that star in movies have talent all these chicks did is not use a condom.

  8. Anybody who watches this show is brain damaged.

  9. J.R.

    Looks like a bag whore to me. Skanky…

  10. Ashley

    Not everyone from the south is like that! I’m from Mississippi and can guarantee that I woudln’t have let anyone force me into marriage if I had gotten pregnant when I was in high school! I’m 26 and wouldn’t let anyone force me into it now!

    • Jovy

      Thank you for standing up for the South. Many people have a harsh view of Southerners. I don’t live in the South myself but I know many people who were born and raised there and they are just like any other person.

  11. Teen Mom Leah Messer Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    I didn´t know they were doing “Children of the Damned” sequel…

  12. Teen Mom Leah Messer Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    shouldn´t they read the script off camera?… agh… pregnant amateurs….

  13. asdf

    You just lost a casual reader. Tired of the Southern and Christian bashing. Peace.

  14. Cher X

    She looks an awful lot like Tonya from Real World Chicago.

  15. If they’d just left her out in the woods in the first place this wouldn’t even be an issue.

  16. Yikers

    Why does she look older than me when I am nearly 30?

  17. JC

    But Dr. Drew can fix all of this, right? RIGHT??

  18. youcandieNOW

    I think they should be forced to stay together forever. They made a retarded kid and they shouldn’t go mingling their fucked up genetics with others.

    • Emily Smith

      honestly you are going straight to hell. “retarded’ is a word only used by small minded individuals.

      • Jillian

        Whether you like the word or not, “retarded” is not only acceptable to describe a person who actually is, but it’s medical terminology. Open a book some time, moron.

  19. Teen Mom Leah Messer Divorce
    Commented on this photo:

    what ever happened to bitching like a wild chihuahua until the guy finally leaves to go to the local bar and drink away the hours until its safe to go home? i mean, we’re Louisiana. yeah, yeah. yall all know what we known for. i wont stunt. and even we wont divorce over that. we’d bitch, possibly get arrested for abuse, then hug it out. tough times calls for….idk. it calls for more then a damn divorce. grow up trick!

  20. Racer X

    I’ve never watched Teen Mom 2 and proud of it BABY!!!

    /when the reruns stop people will soon forget about this white trash

  21. LEB

    They weren’t forced to get married, they decided to. And apparently no one bothered to tell them that marriage is hard, and if you’re not willing to put in the effort, then you really, really shouldn’t do it.

    Of course, same goes with unprotected sex… only with marriage, at least it’s not possible to wake up one day and go, “Oops, I think I’m married.”

  22. jw

    so… if I may be the first to ask….

    is she available? SCHWING


    Tough sad deal, filing a divorce sounds strongly loss.

  24. Kim

    Really sick of the southern bashing. If you read the comments section, you will see that most of the idiotic statements are from the people basing southerners.

  25. It must be hard being a 43 year old teen mom.

  26. well well

    hey dumbass they weren’t forced into marriage.

  27. From WV

    Seriously? Some of these comments are just ridiculous. I live about 30 minutes from where these kids are from. We’re not just a bunch of inbred hicks. Some of you really do need to broaden your horizons!!! And to call her child retarded?? GEEZ!!!

  28. Jillian

    Good move, Leah. Ditch the one person who could actually put up with your non-stop bitching and compulsion with wearing makeup 24 hours a day, so that you can pursue your “I have 2 kids and no job” joke of a modeling career.

  29. Arian

    the majority of the comments above is what’s wrong with America. Apparently the education system has done nothing but spew out foul mouthed, ignorant, pathetic excuses for human beings. I would suggest most of you get a life and leave others to their.

  30. Teen Mom Leah Messer Divorce
    ashley gomez
    Commented on this photo:

    it seems like leaah is not said and the photo with a cigerett wow when ur daughter is sick and u smoking wat the fuck thats so fucking stuip

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