Teen Mom Leah in a Bikini

May 20th, 2011 // 154 Comments

Following in the footsteps of Teen Moms Farrah, Jenelle and Maci here’s Leah Messer posing for her contractually obligated bikini photo shoot or else MTV gets to take one of her kids. Although, to their credit, this one does end with her taking her shirt off then walking hand-in-hand with another chick in a bikini. Which, when you think about it, is how all teen pregnancies should end.

Adding… I love the shot where Leah realizes MTV gave her implants in her sleep, yet did nothing about the stretch marks. “Oh, no, those look awesome with a tan. I wanted them there.”

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  1. hehe

    first and i’d hit it

  2. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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  3. Brooke Hogan just got a boner looking at this chick.

  4. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Cock Dr
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    That’s one sure fire way to not get pregnant again.

  5. m

    This bitch is beyond gnarly

  6. bingle

    so why is it that pretty much every chick on 16 and pregnant/teen mom can go back to skinny within weeks but there are so many self-entitled moms walking around blaming their obesity on having kids? this chick has twins for christ’s sake.

    • Cardinal Fang

      Because those women HAVE the kids they want, and probably don’t care what their husbands think.

    • Jennifer

      Because there is a huge difference in the metabolism of a 16 year old girl and a 30 year old woman.

    • Fan

      The body bounces back from pregnancy weight gain much faster at a younger age … physically speaking women should be having their kids at 16-20 years of age…

    • Cock Dr

      Because the MTV producers CHOSE those naturally skinny young girls. I’m sure they had quite a casting pool to draw from.
      A bunch of plumpers wouldn’t get the ratings.

    • Carissa

      Uh, they’re on TV. Different standards. I’m sure if I was going to be on TV for having a kid I’d be in the gym everyday right after. Wanna get that milfy vibe for all the world to see. MTV, man.

      • tank

        people can say work out more, eat less, whatever. the fact is if she has another child in her mid to late 20′s, odds are she will not bounce back like that again. dont get me wrong working out and eating right are great but nothing replaces youth. Open your eyes… 99.9999999999999999% of the time, younger people are in better shape. Thats why you look at your girlfriends mom to see what you will have in 20 years.

      • BradsPittHair

        Oh the old I’m fat cause I’m not rich and famous excuse, now we know why 90% of US women are tubs of lard. Because you have to have money and noteriety to lose weight? Try eating less food and getting off your ass. It’s called discipline; also try to stop hating girls skinnier than you,fatass.

    • Sid

      Err… look again. They’re not twins. The blonde one is slightly older!

      • Medea

        The blonde one is slightly *taller*.

        I hate to put new and confusing ideas into your head, but height does not always equal age.

      • !!!!!!!

        i just had a baby in february and was back to original weight 1 month later. i’m 36 and was a size 4 before. how did i do it?

        no gym. no drugs. i gained a healthy 25 lbs during pregnancy by eating sensibly and yes, i ate very well. no starvation. plus i ate well and was in shape BEFORE. delivery alone lost 15 lbs immediately. if you start with lard, you are left with lard. breast feeding dropped the weight asap. there are fat teen moms. it isn’t your age, it’s your ability to make good choices and not devour buffets like tic tacs.

      • Blech

        Yeah, this gal is trying way too hard with make-up to have a healthy-looking face. She looks old and used up.

    • LEB

      Because she had kids as a TEENAGER. Teenage bodies snap back. Women who are actually old enough to be mothers are in their 20s and 30s for the most part, and pregnancy is harder on an adult body than a teen body that is still maturing.

      But babies are better off in the hands of adult women with finished education, jobs, and stable marriages who *intentionally* got pregnant, not teenagers who don’t know how to put on a freaking condom.

      • there are many reasons why women gain weight and then some during and after pregnancy. yes it is part bad health choices, but it is part stress, part time, part probably don’t give a fuck, part uneducated, part money. nowadays, obesity is more than just people being lazy. can we truly believe that we just happen to be a country with a host of lazy people? people are addicted to the crap the government and big agricultural industries feed them. and “hitting the gym” is such a small factor in losing weight, especially in the beginning. usually, typical exercise increases the appetite anyway.

        so please stop all the judgement. and no, im not fat. im not even a mom yet. although i am the type who will “blow up” with old age.

  7. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Big Ass Bunny Feet
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    Leah! There’s a tick on your left leg! A fucking tick!

  8. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    “Teen Mom” means she’s the mom of a teen, right?
    Chick looks at least 35.

  9. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    Sodomy beat me to it. But…Teen!?!? She looks 50.

  10. The Critical Crassness

    Wow, a “reality TV star” with an appropriate last name, who’d thunk it possible?

  11. misha

    Spray-on orange tan, overly-bleached blond roots, and a back tattoo. Nice work. She’s doing the Redneck Riviera proud.

    • Shamalan

      ah, judgment and condescension. you’re not doing so bad yourself there sweetheart.

    • BradsPittHair

      Spoken like a true fatty jealous hater.

      • Blech

        I’m a size-four, thirty, look about 24, healthy, lean and sexy without make-up.

        This teen packs on two pounds of make-up and tanning-spray and hair dye and ink to appear older than me. So, no, I’m not a true fatty jealous hater– I speak the truth.

    • cc

      That’s about 20% of population in South Carolina, from my observation.

  12. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    Somebody looks hungry!

  13. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    The ratio of her torso to her legs seems way off….

  14. Boo

    I have the same bikini. I bought it at target. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

  15. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Knower to Everything
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    White people, especially tanned ones, tend to look older than their age, but she seems like such a sweetheart, and her smile makes her look great. Plus her daughters look so adorable with the caterpillar arms and legs!

  16. KumaTenshi

    Anybody else think it’s funny that her kid is already getting fat, while she’s overly thin?? Guess she doesn’t know how to keep her kids in shape as good as herself, lol.

  17. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    So, does MTV just do the breast implants right there in the studio now, or do they have some kind of voucher book where they bought 20 from a local clinic for the price of 18?

  18. Shamalan

    No I don’t think it’s funny you’re calling the the disabled twin fat. Nice work.

  19. So…what? She doesn’t think her kid is old enough for breast implants yet? That’s a teenage mother for you…never planning for her kids future.

  20. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    girlfriend got a full tummy tuck also, you can see the scars. C-section scars don’t go from hip to hip.

    • babbymama

      actually thats a scar from getting her appendix removed if you look at all the pictures you can see where her c section scar is and that is a totally different area i have the same thing i have both a c section scar and appendix scar plus tummy tuck scar wouldnt be that big and ugly

  21. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    Cute little chubby baby :o)

  22. horny pig

    Wanna give her a dirty sanchez

  23. Hands Solo

    Great, I’m gonna have to crop the kids out of the picture before I can pleasure myself without feeling weird.

  24. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    Um, ya those are not implants. The second she takes off that top they will fall back into place.

    Also, ya she may have stretch marks… but I hope I have that good of a body after twins… shit.

  25. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    Jeez, her body is banging whether shes had kids or not. Her boobs look read to me and so what if she has like 3 stretch marks? I have no idea who she is, but the writers on this website must be Adonis’s.

    • TomFrank

      Every time I make a comment along those lines, people respond, “I guess you don’t understand the Internets” or something like that. But I still think we get to make fun of her because she’s a famewhore now, turning her presumably unwanted teenage pregnancy into certainly undeserved celebrity glory.

    • Lee

      she looks so what if she has stretch marks…REAL women have this, not hollywood plastic types…stretch marks are not the end of the world, good god.

  26. So THAT”S why they make paper bags. I’ve always wondered.

  27. Artofwar

    ….I have come to deduce, upon intense observation and scrutiny of some of these photographs, that this fine young specimen of feminine fertility, is indeed attempting a mental technique scholars refer to as– Subliminal Thought Transference………

    “hee,hee. All you bitches going off to them big schools and stuff, and reading all those big books with no pictures and stuff, and like all that hard stuff you have to do in them big schools and stuff,.but like look at me, I’m like a teenage skank and stuff, Ummm, that got knock-up, because like my boyfriend said like that he really loved me, and that he would pull-out and stuff, but Umm– he didn’t like pull-out, he left it in , and Ummm, oh yea like he started screwing my best friend and stuff, yea he’s a big jerk, but I still like kind of love him, so like I let him come over and bang me when my x-girlfriend is back at one of those big schools and stuff–ha, yea right–she goes to one of them big schools, like how dumb right, because like look at me I’m like living the life, and I’m on TV and stuff, and they said if I do good they gonna give me like my on show, Oh yea, and I got to meet Kim Kardashian and stuff. my life is great, like who needs those big-ol schools and those big-ol books with no pictures and stuff, hee,hee.”

    Only like in America and stuff……Artofwar

  28. who dat

    Thanks for practically giving me a heart attack Fish. For a split second when I just saw the pic and not the headline I thought some lunatic let Paris Hilton have or be in contact with a human baby. It’s enough that she is allowed to have contact with animals, but a baby??? Thankfully it’s just some horrible worthless criminally irresponsible Parisite lookalike teen Mom who pimped out her poor bastard baby for 5 seconds of MTV infamy. That’s much better.

  29. who dat

    Oh and I LOVE the caked on 80′s porn star makeup and cheap ass spray tan. Her nastiness makes her look like she aint’ even the same species as them babies. It’s like a colossalskankraptor rearing human children.

    Gryaahgawwwhhhhh lets go beach babies colossalskankraptor Mommy needs attention to distract from worthless pitiful existence cawrgahwwaaaa!!

  30. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    Now this would be the sex video that we want to see.

  31. BradsPittHair

    This sure has attracted all the jealous fatsos.

    • Artofwar

      …And just the mere fact that you chose to speak on-behalf this trash-bucket, says all we need to know about you…..Artofwar

      • Artofwar

        ….Yea, real jealous, over a teenage skank that comes with a rug-rat and a Valtrex prescription. . Yea, she is one hell of a catch….Artofwar

  32. Artofwar

    …And Just the mere fact that you choose to speak onbehalf this trash-bucket, says all we need to know about you…..Artofwar

  33. anonymous

    how come all these “teen mom” look like they are in their 30′s and 40′s?

  34. Nice to see her watching the camera more than her kid. At least she still has her priorities straight

  35. Venom

    Another chick ruined with a crappy tattoo.
    I would still bang her senseless.
    I used to Farrah was the hottest, but this one might have beaten her out.

  36. yikuainiba


  37. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    One has to wonder how many of these girls got pregnant so they could be on the show.

    For that matter, since this is reality TV, you have to wonder if these are their actual children, or hired from an agency just for the show. It is Hollywood after all.

    I don’t have cable, so I have never seen the show. Plus, I do not like to encourage the lower end of the gene pool.

  38. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Jackass- she doesn’t have implants and if you knew fake boobs you would know that. Second, why don’t you grow 2 babies in your body for 9 months and then give birth as see if you don’t have ‘stretch marks’. She looks beautiful and has a beautiful figure. I can guarantee your ugly ass is fat and hairy with a few lesions so shut the fuck up.

    • spl

      IKH – of course she looks great – she’s a kid, you idiot. Of course, the idea of an unwed teenager having a kid probably doesn’t offend the likes of trailer-park dwelling, white trash, tattooed, ignorant hick dumbshits like yourself, does it?

  39. the captain

    well, she looks like it.

  40. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    looks like Wolverine attacked her… poor lil mama!!!

  41. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    The stretch marks would be less visible if she was not tanned that much

  42. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    How does she fit all her organs in there?

  43. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    who’s watching those kids?

  44. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    I agree, I think she looks great!

  45. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Did this Ho have twins??? If that’s the case, she looks Fng good, twins will ruin pretty much any body and there isn’t any getting around stretch marks with that much baby in ya.

  46. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Kaywoodie Sucker
    Commented on this photo:

    well put together, she is.

  47. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    oh…… ali still can’t walk.

  48. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    she’s definately anorexic

  49. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
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    She looks like helen hunt.

  50. Teen Mom Leah Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    No wonder she got knocked up, I nutted on pic #2.

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