‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Sold Her Fight Video

March 31st, 2011 // 39 Comments

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans might have been arrested for assault earlier this week after getting in a white trash brawl with another girl (Brittany Maggard) that was caught on video. But that shouldn’t stop her from treating it like a sex tape by selling it and pretending she’s devastated that it got out. E! News reports:

The Teen Mom 2 star, whose legal troubles seem to be mounting at every turn, exclusively tells E! News that Maggard sold the tape of their fight to the media for $45,000.
Who says there’s such a thing as bad publicity again?
“She told me herself and I got very upset,” Evans said Wednesday. “I cried for two hours.”
Multiple attempts to reach Maggard for comment were unsuccessful, though she told TMZ that Evans not only shared in the cash windfall, but personally made the initial contact to sell the video—though according to her, the payment they received was just $5,000, not $45,000.

When you’re the star of a reality show centered around idiot teenagers from backwoods towns getting knocked up, it’s kind of hard to feign indignity over a video of you rolling around in the mud being viewed by thousands of people. Instead, you should be pointing out the fact you didn’t use your baby as a club because, honestly, that’s impressive. I didn’t think this show actually helped girls like you grow as a person, yet here we are not using children as a weapon. Literally.

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  1. So Evans sold the fight tape for $45,000 and when Maggot asked for half, she told her it was $5,000 and presumably gave her a $2500 cut.

    I’ve been under the assumption that teenage white trash knocked up tramps were dumb…I might have to rethink that position.

  2. American

    Damn, America sucks.

  3. Stupid tramp. Just posting about her encourages other mental patients to just up the ante.

  4. That's Retarded

    That’s Retarded

  5. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
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    Please ignite please ignite please ignite smoke bitch smoke

  6. chaz

    smoke that cig retard. burn baby burn

  7. guy rossi


  8. Richard McBeef

    45K for a video of two broads ain’t nobody ever heard of fighting? I am in the wrong fucking business.

  9. Wotwot

    She makes Amber Portwood look like the virgin mother.

  10. “Dear Jenelle. This was not the kind of fisting we were looking for. Please try again. Thanks.”


  11. youcandieNOW

    If that pesky Barbara would just leave her alone with the baby for a few minutes she could probably get a good price for him too.

  12. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
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    Kristen Stewart, I told you weed would lead you down the road to perdition

  13. Slaps

    Smoking while gassing up the ol’ Honda. Awesome.

  14. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
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    What a dumb twat….smoking while pumping gas?! She shouldn’t be allowed near her child.

  15. Satan's bitch

    Since when are these little twats considered “star”s? Porn stars, reality show stars… None of these people are actually stars, for fuck’s sake. They’re all just talking heads appearing in worthless television shows or movies. No one featured here is a fucking “star.”

  16. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
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    I was just going to say that lol lol ..She really want’s to go out with a bang…!!!!

  17. Daria.Morgendorffer

    Let her do what she wants….just as soon as they take her kid away and tie her tubes!

  18. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
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    Does that photo say she is only 5 ft tall?

  19. Fletch

    She looks like the Kristen chick from the Vampire movies that I didn’t watch.

  20. That chart is surprisingly correct. I would rate her at about a 5 as well.

  21. Truth Squad

    Typical thuggish behavior doesn’t shock me when dealing with white trash.

  22. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
    Cock Dr
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  23. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
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    Where do you put Granny’s rocking chair on that thing?

  24. cc

    You know when you watch ‘Cops’ or ‘The First 48′ and you see young, barely literate guys going to jail for killing someone over jackshit? Now you know what their mothers were like.

  25. reality tv sucks

    Ok, can we now go out & kill everyone associated with “reality” tv? It’s a bunch of douchebags on camera, being egged on to act out by producers who are the absolute lowest rung of humanity. Let’s just drop a bomb on hollywood & get it over with…

  26. the one

    the entire life of americans is about cheating and be involved in as many money cases as possible!!

  27. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    What a waste of white skin.

  28. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight
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    At least she should be dead soon and cull the herd…..

  29. Myclamisaninnie

    Our country is so fucked up. Sickening

  30. jackie

    I am not suprised she got 45,000 for the fight Video…whomever shot it did a great Job caught everything ..sound effects and all. I don’t promote violence but I have to admit it was one of the best beat downs I ever saw.. I honestly watched it twice I couldn’t believe it. The girl has alot of deep emotional pain ,anger and obviously a drug problem. I wonder if she put as much effort to getting her life straighted out as she did whoopin thats ASS she would go real far. I would hope that she would take that money get herself set up , not homeless anymore and get on the right track. Go Janelle fight for your life back …..Hello people an Intervention is needed here Dr, Drew where are you? Help this sixteen and pregant kid.

  31. kendrachanae

    WAY TO GO JENELLE!!! you set a “perfect” example to your son about being in jail by the age of thirteen and how real mother make their selves look like an ass on tv! Perfect mother figure for every mother around America! Bitch please!

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