Teen Mom Jenelle Got Married

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans got married in a “shotgun” courthouse wedding yesterday, and no, not to the dude she got engaged to a few months ago after he beat the shit out of her, but a different dude who already tattooed her name across his chest because everyone involved here makes incredible life decisions. It’s like a children’s fairy tale but with more meth and illiteracy. Radar Online reports:

The 20-year-old’s sister, Ashleigh Evans Wilson, was the bearer of the happy news, telling Radar, “My sister got married this morning, it was a shotgun courthouse wedding.
“My mother was totally shocked and had to hear it from someone else. Our whole family is shocked because they have not been dating very long. I’m sure she did this to distract from all the drug accusations that have been flying around and of course she thinks it will help her get custody of Jace back from mom if she is married.
“I got married two weeks before my 21st birthday and now she has gone and done the exact same thing. Very strange coincidence!
“At this point, after all that she has been through, she should know better than this,” Ashleigh, who has a very tumultuous relationship with her younger sis, opined.

Honestly, after Jenelle’s mind-rapingly retarded rant/death knell of civilization aired last week, this is actually pretty tame and one of the least stupid things she could’ve done to follow that up. I just assumed she’d spend her days beating her toddler son with a stick because she thinks he’s a pinata full of Ke$ha tickets. “I know he might get brain damage, but y’all don’t understand, I put feathers in my hair.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet