‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Is Getting Implants, Too, Now

Posted by Photo Boy

They’re putting one across the entire face, right?

If Teen Mom has taught us anything (It hasn’t.) it’s that no matter what you get famous for, when public interest in you begins to fade, people are still going to enjoy looking at your tits. Especially if you enhance them with plastic surgery and cyber-stalker extraordinaire Jenelle Evans is no exception. E! Online reports:

She got tired of having small breasts. Jenelle decided on a full ‘C’ cup because she does not want to go too big.

By all means, Jenelle, don’t go too big. You wouldn’t want to turn into a cartoonish representation of everything wrong about a society that rewards morons with fame and wealth for making a TV show about their terrible life decisions that, in turn, a soulless network sells to advertisers schilling candy and shoes to teenagers who think getting knocked up is the thing to do because calculus is hard. A ‘C’ cup will still allow you to keep that “I’m a celebrity, but I’m not above blowing you for a dinner as long as the restaurant doesn’t have a drive-thru window” look that won’t draw stares.

Photo: INFdaily