‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Got Those Breast Implants

May 3rd, 2012 // 52 Comments

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In accordance with the Teen Mom rite of passage, Jenelle Evans thankfully squirreled away enough of her meth money and finally got a boob job at Wilmington Plastic Surgery yesterday. If you look closely, you can see that she’s wearing a mic pack here and a cameraman is visible here, so presumably MTV covered this grand event for the show. And just like MTV wouldn’t miss a peak or extremely low, low valley (depending on how you look at it) in this girl’s life, her on-again-off-again homeless boyfriend was present to leech some of the spotlight. “Well I was just going about my usual day, finding some way to score, but then this MTV producer I was trying to rob offered me twenty bucks to show up and pretend to be supportive. Actually he said he’d double it if I steal her keys once they put her under.”

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. uli

    did she get a butt and belly implant too?

  2. Frank 'Fat Albert' Burns

    Jenelle, you are like a school in summer – no class!

  3. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    I was going to say , “Classy” but then I remembered what I was looking at.

  4. ya

    why do girls think that getting breast implant is so going to suddenly make them hot?
    if you’re hot you’re hot whether you got boobs or not and everyone knows that breast implants are gross. Real big breast are amazing and small real breast are good too but fake breast are just nasty.
    Real big breasted hot women: Sofia Vergara, Kate Upton
    Fake Big breast: Coco (she’s a joke)
    Real small breast: Emma watson, emma stone (everyone loves them and think they are hot)

    • Govt. Cheese

      Sofia Vergara is a fake num-nutts! She is undeniable hot though…

    • Alex

      Girl or gay guy?

    • Bianca

      I mostly agree with you that real is better than fake, but most breast implants don’t look like Coco’s. Look at Gisele and Heidi Klum, they had really good breast implants (and nose jobs), although Heidi took hers out.

    • Yuuukeee

      Plastic surgery in general does not work because they are trying to fix something that comes from the inside by doing something to the outside. If all these chicks just get some self esteem, they would be saving so much cash.
      Confidence is sexy, look at Gwen Stepani and he flat chest. Still one of the hottest chicks alive.

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    Give her three months and she’ll be filled up with children again.

  6. Cock Dr

    I don’t much care for breast implants aka “fakers”.
    They usually look pretty bad, and the physical complications can be serious, but they do offer women with low intellect and no talent a toehold in the world of stripping, porn and prostitution.
    I hear there’s money to be made in those fields…America’s true growth industries.

    • Breastman

      Not really. Kacey Jordan aka Courtney Roskop is now a prostitute and she calls her breast mosquito bites. That girl has very small and she’s doing pretty good for herself in that industry. If she got breast she would look weird. In some interview she even said that guys like her natural. Sasha grey a retired porn star was at top of her game and she has small natural breast.
      Heidi Montag got these huge fake tits and no one pays attention to her. Kendra wilkinson and her fake breast are also ignored.

      Natural boobs are better. The End.

    • Gen

      “We should all buy more American made products which at last check are down to porn and cheeseburgers.”

  7. El Jefe

    It is like a competition among them to see who is the bigger piece of white trash. I hope this idiot is not pregnant again, she looks it.

  8. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    Isn’t she dating someone else now?

  9. JanellesMOM


  10. mrsmass

    that seems like a great use of money. maybe try putting some cash away for the kid’s college? he’s definitely going to need it.

    • El Jefe

      Look at the mom, the grandmother and the guys the mom dates, do you really think that kid is going to college? Unless the state takes the kid away now and gives him to a family that will give him a fighting chance, he is fucked.

  11. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    What the hell is she smuggling inside her ass?!!!

  12. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    Will they throw some free work on that face as well, cause it sure needs some adjustments!!!

  13. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
    Ben Dover
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  14. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    MTV called and said you can keep that mic pack.

    • StickyFingerFreddy

      I would definitely buy that from her. I would do nothing but sniff it all day. Nom, Nom, Nom.

  15. Q'uran

    Rome burns

  16. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    What’s that in the seat of her pants? Looks like she’s literally shitting a brick!

  17. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    she looks like she got a boob job alright, after getting impregnated… again

  18. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    She’s a mess.

  19. Drsuess


  20. A shining example of everything wrong with America’s youth.

    • EricLr

      No, she’s everything that’s wrong, and always has been, with America’s *white trash*. Don’t drag the normal kids down with this pathetic fame-whore.

  21. Old School Woman

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a B-tch that didn’t have ANYTHING to do with her son’s upbringing is still getting paid while her mom takes care of HER CHILD! Instead of doing the right thing and putting ANY MONEY she makes towards her son’s well-being and education,or even giving her mom the money to thank her for all she’s done (yeah, her mom may be a little crass, but she does take care of the child) she decides to get implants. These girls or more concerned thinking they will branch off into fame instead of showing other young girls in their same situation that taking care of the child should be their number one priority! I say the network should immediately put the money, the so-called moms make, straight into a trust fund for the children and give these degenerates NOTHING!

    • TeenMomFan


      I watch teen mom and 16 and pregnant. I generally don’t watch any reality shows. Just tv shows like game of thrones and breaking bad but for some reason I like teen mom and 16 and pregnant. Seeing janelle and maci and farrah all get implants makes me think maybe I shouldn’t be watching these shows because I personally would never get implants and I am 20 years old and don’t even want kids.
      The fact that these girls became such delusional fame whores make me not want to watch the show.
      I do like the show because I learned from watching it how I never want kids but maybe its time to say goodbye.

  22. Weirdo

    What a waste of good money. It didn’t help her one bit. She’s still as ugly as shit!

  23. EricLr

    She’s being responsible, and thinking ahead. When the MTV thing falls through, she’s going to need a career as a stripper to fall back on.

  24. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    At least her nipple is enlarged.

  25. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
    BethAnenny Who?
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    Yet another example of a fine, upstanding, young woman….who should have used birth control. Isn’t HER Mother raising the son she gave birth to as well?

    This teen needs anger management much more then a boob job..and yes, from the look of the photo another innocent child!

  26. Renee

    She gained weight b/c of her birth control, & the fact she sits on her ass all day and plays video games.

  27. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    Why is Kieffer with her? Isn’t she engaged??!!

  28. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Breast Implants
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    Yeah what’s the deal? Plus isn’t she engaged?

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