Teen Mom Farrah Waxed Her 3-Year-Old’s Unibrow

January 7th, 2013 // 51 Comments
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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham
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YOU: Don’t you have any other pictures of her?
ME: Why?

Immediately after getting paid for her first season of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham blew the money on implants instead of things like a college education for her and/or daughter, or I dunno, a permanent roof over their heads. So you’ll probably be surprised to learn that she thinks waxing a three-year-old’s unibrow is an adorable idea that should be shared with others instead of shamefully hidden from the light of day until you’re a segment on 20/20. TooFab reports:

“So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm to myself that my little, adorable,most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow,” she writes of daughter Sophia on her Sulia blog.
“I felt bad for her so I told sophia of the little issue on her brow, and I showed her how I waxed mine off, so I tryed [sic] to wax her,” Farrah continues.
But it didn’t go as planned.
“the second a dab hit the Uni, she touch it with the towel she had in her hand. UHHH so now, wax was in the towel, and I yanked it back ASAP, but fuzz was not stuck to the wax stuck to her Uni,” Abrams writes. “OMG moment, So now sophia was freaking out, so I had to act like it was a cool science project to get the wax off.”

Fortunately, Farrah remembered reading Kris Jenner’s Guide To Whoring Your Offspring: A Mother’s Journey and figured out a solution: Tweeze the little bitch in her sleep:

“I got my tweezers and Pluck-pluck-pluck,” says Abrahms. “The next morning I showed her and told her how well she did and she didn’t even know, She was more intrigued now to be ok with upkeeping her non-unibrow. I could tell she was proud.”
And Farrah’s proud too — finishing her tale by saying “Ah I feel like a good mom:)”

Shortly after posting her anecdoate for thousands to see, you can just imagine the responses she got from other moms, except most of them were about stupid shit like self-esteem and natural beauty instead of, say, CALLING THE POLICE BECAUSE A CRAZY WOMAN POURED HOT WAX ON A FUCKING TODDLER. This is why you’re terrible drivers.

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  1. JC

    I don’t know if you have much room to critique your 3-year-old, Farrah, given that raggedy mess on top of your head. People who live in glass mobile homes don’t throw beer bottles.

  2. I knew this chick was a dumbass, I just had no idea how much of one she was.

    • Barbara Williams

      Farrah’s is not very smart. With the plastic surgery, she looks a minimum of 37 years old. Not a good move.

  3. Weirdo

    I’d like to wax her asshole while she’s sleeping!

  4. zomgbie

    stupid trailer trash.
    if ur gonna wax the brow of a 3 year old, give them a beer to calm them down first.

  5. MoozBoy

    How is this any different than mothers piercing their children’s ears or putting makeup on them?

    • dani

      Please tell me you are joking!

      • mi

        i dont think he/she is defending it, cannot you not read?
        she’s saying what about moms who get their 1 yr olds ears pierced? or those toddler and tiara mom.. you all watch that. this is wrong but so is pierced ears or letting your kid eat mcdonalds. NO ONE IS DEFENDING HER. damn

      • dd

        i think mcdonald’s is ok.

  6. Is anybody surprised by this? The only thing that surprises me is that the baby’s still alive. I thought it would’ve died form her sheer incompetence and lack of intelligence.

    Anybody stupid enough to have a kid at that age, when abortions are readily available is obviously not playing with a full deck.

  7. I can’t be the only one who has no idea WTF this person wrote can I?

  8. USDA Prime McBeef

    My neighbors have got these 10 year old twins running around with serious unibrows. I’m not sure of the proper age to have that talk with the kids, but I know kids are supposed to weaned by age 5 and that didn’t happen.

  9. kre hart

    lets admit it she needed it….if my daughter had a unibrow I would do the same thing!!!!

    • Courtkney

      If my daughter had a unibrow I wouldn’t give a shit until she was old enough to give a shit. I doubt a 3 year old CARES if she has a fucking unibrow. NOBODY CARES if a three year old has a unibrow, The only thing you are accomplishing there is giving her self esteem issues as early as possible.

      • I want to put up a picture of the McPoyle family.

      • tere

        its hair no biggie. like girls grow hair long why do it? why not cut it short to save brushing getting out knots etc. this is just a few bits of hair being removed.

        shes only doing it cos no kids have uni brows. so why does it matter that she takes it off. why does her kid got to start school and possibly get teased for being different. its not about makeup or making her do it to feel ‘pretty’. shes not shaping them. just trimming an unusual overgrowth of hair.

        what if she grew a beard? would you think it were wrong for her mom to find out the issue to get fixed and if need be remove it herself? even thought it is ‘natural’

        and the kid will prob feel better when she looks back at young photos.

      • reary

        The kid is 3. 3 year olds do not make fun of eachother for unibrows. 3 year olds just got out of the pooping their pants stage, who the hell do they need to look good for? I have never once looked at a little kid with a unibrow and gone “gross” they are little kids. Who cares? Why put them through the pain of removing it for no benefit whatsoever? Why give them that feeling that they aren’t good enough that they have to change themselves to look better for everyone else at freakin 3. She’ll probably be giving her boob implants by the time she’s 14.

      • ieio

        when the kid starts school… not long
        what if it were a beard?

      • KC

        “its hair no biggie. like girls grow hair long why do it? why not cut it short to save brushing getting out knots etc.”
        When I was a 3 year old girl I had a bowl cut. Several of my female friends also had bowl cuts in their toddler years.

    • br

      I definitely don’t see what the big deal is with tweezing a unibrow. The story sounded a little.. intense… but, generally speaking, I think plucking a unibrow (on anyone) is not newsworthy. It isn’t as though she was arching the kid’s eyebrows… or even piercing its ears.

  10. richie

    any reason to post picks of this chick’s slammin’ bod is ok with me.

  11. shivd76

    I always thought that chick was a little cunt anyway.

  12. Schmidtler

    self esteem issues this, dangerous procedure for a 3 year old that, blah blah blah, all you folks missed the really important issue here – BOOBIES!!!!!

  13. KC

    There’s no point in calling the police, if the parents from Toddlers and Tiaras can get away with the shit that they do, then there is no way that CPS is going after her dumb ass.

  14. How the hell can people watch reality TV shows? Ok, the girl got knocked up at 16, and she’s a prissy bitch who couldn’t take care of a damn earth worm, and the father is a stoner or a junkie.

    Ok, or a dude who’s an orange guido with an attitude and an alcohol problem that lives in Jersey. He’s addicted to tanning, working out and partying. What an evolutionary achievement. Let’s pay you to be a douchebag. WTF is wrong with this world?

  15. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    I would pound her ’til her ears bled

  16. Crystal

    WHAT.. THE.. FUCK?! She had to admit to herslef her 3 yr old girl had a unibrow… makes me wonder how she would react if her kid had, IDK… some REAL deformity…

  17. kery

    Farrah is so stupid , so she thinks the hair won’t grow again. Brows will grow again bitch!!

  18. Edod

    What about hers!

  19. hm

    waxing your kids eye brows = wrong… but people are OK with pierced ears on a 2 yr old?

  20. Tinka

    In some countries, ear-piercing toddlers is actually very usual, and has been for a long time. My cousin in Australia had her ears pierced around the age of one. Personally I wouldn’t do that, because I’d be too afraid the kid would eat them if they fell of. As for trying to wax a lively toddler… Well, that just may not be the brightest idea. It also kind of sends the message that she’s not happy with her 3-YEAR-OLD’S appearance, and the plucking will most likely continue. “You’d be so pretty if it weren’t for your unibrow… Here, mommy will fix it for you.” Not the best way to boost your daughter’s confidence, now is it?

    • hm

      yes im australian and i had my ears pierced at 2 — but im not taking the blame away from farrah so re-read my comment — im saying you’re puncturing your childs ears & causing them extreme pian, i don’t see it any difference.
      personally, i wouldn’t get my kids ears pierced.

      • gnarla

        Extreme pain my ass. I had my ears pierced when I was very young too (around 2 or 3), and I actually remember it. It didn’t hurt one bit.

      • hm

        no pain? yeah ok, bullshit. have u seen kids get their ears pierced? or a needle? they scream.

      • ieio

        yeah getting ears pierced hurts. surely kids would feel it more. and if getting one didn’t hurt you, then waxing would hurt a lot less.

        have you waxed a tiny bit of short hair it doesnt hurt a bit.

      • @gnarla
        Bollocks. It hurts. Maybe your mum gave you a whiskey-soaked rag to suck on?

    • I hate that some people pierce the ears of tiny children. If you’re going to punch holes in your baby’s delicate skin, why don’t you just get them tattooed while you’re at it? So kind and loving. So concerned for their comfort and welfare.

  21. This is way different than ears pierced! My sister and I had our ears pierced when we were a few weeks old, no big deal in my culture..but waxing her eyebrows is just insane. We all know Farrah has had all this unnecessary plastic surgery done in the past few months, and shes obviously she is passing down her own self observed idea of perfection on to her daughter already.

    • ieio

      yeah thats a cultural thing so it’s ‘normal’ for you. but not everyone does it as a cultural thing.

      but i think someone was mentioning it for the pain thing also as a comparison, they both cause some some level of discomfort, and could be arguably done for the same reasons.

  22. Ok so maybe it hurts for a couple of seconds but I don’t really see the problem here. A uni-brow is both terrible and unsightly, and if god-forbid my child had a uni-brow, it wouldn’t be there for long. Should she have shaved it or used some sort of depilatory? Perhaps. I just can’t understand the fallout from this.

  23. stop 'reality'

    More proof that these people are stupid scum. I have an 11 year old daughter and this kind of shit really gets to me. I don’t let her wear makeup and her ears are not pierced yet, maybe when she’s 16. It will also be years before I ever let tweezers into the picture as well. this mother thinks her child’s unibrow is a problem? how about the kid having a piece of shit for a mother, might that be a bigger issue than a unibrow? says she “told sofia about the issue on her brow”, the “issue”!!?? yeah great mother alright pointing out to a 3 year old that she has something wrong with her natural appearance. I truly hope this little girl has someone who really cares and loves her, she’s gonna need all the help she can get to prevent or help fix the emotional issues that will unfortunately arise from having a “mother” like this. The mother chose to put her life and all the pathetic details of it on tv, these people don’t give a shit how that’s going to effect their kids. They should not even bother trying to show that they are good mothers, YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR KID ON DISPLAY FOR PROFIT NOOOO ONE IS EVER GOING TO BELIEVE YOUR A “GOOD MOM”.

  24. zomgbie

    i think unibrows r cute.
    i use a sharpie on my 2 year old all the time to give her a nice thick unibrow.
    well not all the time cuz it lasts about a week or so.

  25. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    she was cute, now not so much.

  26. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    keep workn tha hot bikini body Farrah fuck all the haterz they are all simply jealous of how amazing your body looks after having a child and are probably sick of hearing their men talk about how sexy you are……omg the things i would do to Farrah…mmmm filthy!!!

  27. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    thats all
    Commented on this photo:

    Hahaha, whats with all the worries about her nose? Last time I was stoking the fire, I wasn’t looking at the mantle piece.

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