Teen Mom Farrah’s Mom Kicked Her Out

“But who’s going to raise my daughter for free?”

I’m going to try and present this in the most humble way possible, but clearly Teen Mom Farrah’s mom read my letter and found it be so fuck-full of truth and wisdom that my words transformed her into a glowing beam of pure awesome that physically launched Farrah right out of the house. I don’t know how else you put that. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Farrah tell us, the two have been arguing tooth and nail ever since … so today, Farrah packed up a U-Haul and hit the road.
Sources say Farrah’s mother gave her the boot … but Farrah tells us, “After meeting with my counselor today, I’ve packed up everything and I’m not talking to my mom anymore.”
She adds, “My mother will never be a good mother to me and it is too hurtful to deal with let alone have my daughter Sophia around it.”

So this “counselor” looked at this situation and went, “Why, yes, Farrah, your mother should’ve supported you lying about the pornographic movie you made because you thought you could just fuck your way to being the next Kim Kardashian without putting in the necessary groundwork of leeching off Paris Hilton and Brandy first. Sitting alone in an apartment while you chase unrealistic career goals will be way better for your daughter than being around the grandmother who’s been raising her this whole time.” By any chance was this person a teddy bear in a trench coat you’d had since you were six? More importantly, did he recently switch careers from modeling agent to licensed therapist? Because, holy shit, is this guy a quack. You should sue for malpractice.

Photo: Pacific Coast News