Teen Mom Farrah Was Already Paid For Her Sex Tape That’s Really A Porno

Earlier in the week, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham finally admitted that her “leaked sex tape” was really a porno she shot with James Deen, but then tried to say it was for her private collection and she’d only release it for $2 million. So naturally none of that turned out to be true because she signed a model release from the very beginning, participated in the marketing and, oh yeah, already got paid, according to James who apparently is disgusted with these leaked sex tape stunts and, keep in mind, this is a man who spends 90% of his day with his nose in bleached anuses. Via Wetpaint:

For days before this whole thing, I said this is exactly what’s going to happen. There was this whole scheme — you guys can go out on a date and we’ll take pictures and pretend you’re dating — and I said absolutely not. I have no desire to participate in any kind of that publicity. And I told them, someone is gonna see this and be like, “Oh, that’s James Deen,” and someone’s gonna call me and say, “Hey man, what’s up with this chick,” and I’m gonna say, “We shot a porno and that’s the end of it.” I’m not going to say I’m dating someone I’m not dating, like when I was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan. I was like, no, we’re just making a movie together! It’s not a porno, it’s a movie called The Canyons.
So the reason there’s not this big hoopla from the people involved is because, this was kind of inevitable. She’s got quasi celebrity and I’ve got quasi celebrity, and when both of our quasi celebrities are at the same place at the same time, someone’s gonna take a picture of us and send it to TMZ. There was this whole strategy and it blew up in their faces.
People are saying this whole thing was Farrah’s idea…
I don’t think this whole thing was her idea. I think she was solicited to do a movie and said OK and then did a movie. I don’t think she sat at home and was like, “I think I know what I’m gonna do!” I don’t think she was planning on it. I think she was booked for a scene. She signed a model release and she got paid. I don’t think she was aspiring to create this sex tape. I think it was something that was presented to her. But I really have no idea what happened on her end.

Even better, Farrah’s already said she wished she banged her dead boyfriend instead of James yet he still gives her the benefit of the doubt that someone approached her and went, “Hey, want to be the next Kim Kardashian?” So basically a guy who chokes women in pornographic movies has more decorum than a spoiled reality star who immediately blew her money on fake tits instead of a college fund or even diapers. Something someone should probably point out to her devout Christian father who’s now calling James “abusive” for revealing his daughter’s scam. Via Radar Online:

“I think there is no disregard for the individual, Farrah, or her family. I do not know the individual personally, but based on information I do know, he is exhibiting very abusive behavior.
“If somebody wants to do something in private, in that it is not to be made public, it should be respected. Let’s be adults about this.”

“Look, if someone wants to fuck my daughter out of wedlock in a sex tape deceptively made for the sole purpose of greed and vanity, at least have the decency to bear false witness about it. That’s what Jesus would do.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News