Teen Mom Farrah’s Music Video Has To Be Child Abuse, Has To Be

In case you missed Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s single, or it didn’t finish the job and left you for dead like the heartless, auto-tuned sonofabitch it is, here’s the video for her latest song “On My Own” which is every bit the ear-rape as “Finally Getting up From Rock Bottom.” Except this time you get to hear her sound like Robocop having a seizure AND watch her daughter dance around the grave of the dude who knocked Farrah up then went to a better place where he doesn’t have to look at her face and watch words come out of it. It’s all very deep and emotional because, seriously, you guys, there’s nothing more raw than exploiting the kid you make your mom raise while you float around Florida with your fake tits trying to get dudes to marry you after dating for six weeks. It’s a spiritual journey of the heart.

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News