‘Teen Mom’ Farrah is in a Bikini, And Those Are Definitely Implants

January 7th, 2011 // 423 Comments

Allow me to introduce Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, the latest addition to the MTV Reality Stars Who Get Implants Then Stage Bikini Photos With the Paparazzi Club. What’s incredible is despite the new bolt-ons, and an admittedly well-toned body, I still can’t get over how badly I want to light this chick’s face on fire. Any time I caught a glimpse of the show, Farrah was bitching at her mom for having the gall to give her a place to live which I could literally stand for 10 seconds before retreating to the kitchen and giving myself a vasectomy with a spoon so I never have a daughter. And now she’s got a pair of fakers which shouldn’t make her even more of an over-entitled brat. No, you only see those things on scientists or charity workers or doctors without borders. Real humanitarians.

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  1. GravyLeg

    As long as she gets the pistol grip earlobes next, I am totally fine with it…

  2. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    she def shoudl have used it for a nose job, she looks so stupid with those bolt on plastic tits…ugly tits.

  3. Poopface McGee

    Man, she should have had that beak worked on before the tits. I bet she can open walnuts with that thing.

  4. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    shoudl have got a nose job instead.

  5. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    i really want to dick her

  6. Not Long

    As soon as she turns 18, I guarantee she’ll be doing porn.

  7. Grace

    I gueess some of you after seeing 42349249 pictures of implants when they are first done, still don’t get that it takes months for them to settle into place and not look like “bolt ons”. In a year, I bet you they look good. If you ask me, she has a great toned body. A little too skiny for my taste, but she she still looks good. BUT, even all that won’t help her mothering skills, which she has none and her horrible attitude. I wish to have a stomach like that after I have a baby.

    • So your saying Victoria Beckham’s boobs started looking normal a year after she got the implants?

      Your idea of “look good” does not jive with the rest of us apparently.

      I do agree with you on her stomach, she got really lucky there.

      • Grace

        Nope, never said that. I agree that her implants are too big and whoever did them did a crappy job. But there are implants that once they drop, do look normal. But to each their own on what nice breasts look like lol. I’m not out checking women’s boobs 24/7, but when a picture is plastered on here, hey I gotta comment on it lol.

  8. gb

    i really really want to dick her

    • eggman

      fake tits suck. chicks bend over on all 4′s and u can c the bags, to me it’s a total turn off. My woman has the most beautiful natural tits in the world. This chick, and others that get them r plastic to the core and incredibly superficial. Other than that, nice looking young lady.

  9. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    Tragically unattractive.

  10. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    Man she is one ugly broad. Thank god, we can all look at the t*ts – not that they look good either.

  11. burton

    fake breast are disgusting, they look FAKE and the bolt on look makes you look desperate and insecure as hell! I see so manywomen with them where i live, esp at the pool and they rarely stay in the water…(do they sink or something?) anyways, fake breast are utterly ridiculous, you dont see men getting penis implants do you? no!
    women who get fake breast for vapid reasons are a joke to society and every one knows it, unless you had it chopped off from breast cancer, be happy with what you got…please women stop butchering your bodies and putting in plastic bags full of saline/silicone, please stop! do you guys not know you have ot get them replaced every 10 years…you really think this dumb broad will have money to get them replaced, hell no..she will look haggard at 30..at 30 isnt old people!

    • Jammy

      You know what I totally agree with you, breast implants do look horrible and fake on most women but at the same time I can understand why women get them. I mean when you see women like Katy Perry or Christina Hendricks getting all this attention just because they have big boobs you can’t help but feel insecure and wish you had big boobs of your own and mind you these women are both totally out of shape and men still drool over them just for their boobs. It all comes down to being secure with your self and knowing that your more than just a set of tits.

    • Vito

      Do you even know what the word “vapid” means? Saying “vapid reasons” is skin to saying “historic banana.” Makes no sense.

      On the other hand, I somewhat agree with you about implants, although I don’t find them disgusting as much as just a waste of good, healthy breast tissue.

      You also say, “you dont see men getting penis implants do you? no!”

      Well you sure as hell would if they fucking worked. And vice versa.

      • lada

        I understand your point on women getting implants for insecurity purposes–or other wrong reasons. However, I’ve got breast implants. I’ve never been insecure and don’t show them off. I was not even an A cup and merely asked for a B or a C. I didn’t do it for anyone but myself and feel that I look really good now. I don’t think it’s right to make such a blanket statement about women who choose to help themselves out a little. I mean, think about the market for male enhancement. It’s huge. If men developed a safe and effective way to make their penis larger, you know good and well they would do it-whether a woman made them feel like they “had” to or not.

    • Kelley

      Katy Perry’s are fake too … she’s lying, just like Kim K.

    • Jaz

      Seriously big breasts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. I have no kids, have never had plastic surgery and I have extremely large breasts, in the H range. They’re truly a pain in the back, and they somehow make people think you’re easy, not matter how much you have covered. I guess now the Sofia is getting the “benefits she’s intitled to” because her dad is dead Farrah figured she had enough money to get breast implants, but it could’ve been used for something way more practical.

  12. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    She bounced back well…

  13. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    Hey Farrah, who’s taken care of your kid?

    • CK

      I was thinking that too lol. Isn’t the pool or beach or wherever she’s at someplace you take your kids? I don’t get that people say she’s a good mom, I don’t want to see my mom’s pics all over the web half-naked when I’m older…yuck.

      • Erin

        seriously? She’s a bad mom now cuz she’s spending some time at the beach without her kid? Being with your mom 24/7 creates attachment issues- stop criticizing you sound like moron.
        And just cuz you’re a mom doesn’t mean you need to wear a burka bikini, so lay off.

      • lor3nzo

        I agree, its so annoying when people judge these kids… if u didn’t like something about yourself and you had the money to change it i know u would do the same thing.

  14. youcandieNOW

    I hope the surgery is featured on the show. I can see it now. She cries to the camera about how she can’t find love since her boyfriend was killed in a car accident and the wreck and her flat chest are both her mom’s fault and the only way to fix the situation is to get fake tits. She goes for her consultation, sits Sophia on the desk while she’s talking to the surgeon and the baby puts on of those sample implants in her mouth and starts choking on it. Farrah rolls her eyes and snatches the implant out of her mouth. The baby cries, falls off the desk and cracks her head open. Farrah rolls her eyes some more. Isn’t this how all of her little episodes go?

  15. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    Hahahaha! Mama needs a new baby daddy! lol! Who wants to knock her up next??????

    • brando

      i woudlove too be her baby daddy…why arell emales so jealous of sxy wome ui hatin on her she is he hottest mom ever bet ever girl wishes they couldhave her body and thats after a pregnancy….unbelievable hot body Farrahdo your thang girl

  16. anonym

    but her face.

    but her boobs.

    who the fuck are these irrelevant people ?

  17. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    She’s got that Bill Cosby, pudding pop face, going on.

  18. Rumplebumpskin

    when are these bitches gonna learn, nose job first then tits.

  19. looks like is at the pinnacle of her heroin trip……

  20. What a stupid bitch

    MTV needs to be blown up. First Jersey Whores, now teen moms. Not only are the producers trying to push antisocial narcissistic behavior as “normal” (they don’t screen the women; in fact, the more antisocial or violent, the better for the show), but now there’s apparently a whole group of underage girls doing ANYTHING they can to get pregnant, so they can reap the benefits of being a knocked up unwed legspread whore on that show. Why the FCC hasn’t shut them down due to all the morals complaints they’re getting is beyond me…

  21. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    Next she needs to take a hack saw to that beak. Yikes.

  22. Cock Dr

    God that looks like she’s in the middle of a huge party inside her own head.
    Guys, there are titties. They’re askew on the treadle but there are exposed Amy Winehouse implanted boobs for the viewing.
    Thanks Amy Tits for awesome link.

  23. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    i’d fuck her six ways to sundown…….hot

  24. Fool

    Not attractive, just skinny with implants – readily available in many strip clubs.

    • GravyLeg

      Actually those are pretty amazing abs and a tight body in general. Fish has posted far worse. (think Courtney Love)

  25. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    random todd
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    what a shitty boob job.

  26. This is why I only cum in womens asses.

  27. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Hank E Ring
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    Fake on the outside, fake on the inside. I’d tag it though.

  28. thom y

    @gravyleg bullocks!!

  29. Barb

    Teen mom my ass! That’s a 35-year-old stripper that was rode hard and put up wet. Gross.

  30. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    Should have spent the money on her nose instead of her tits.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      Agreed, her lower torso I’d eat in a heartbeat. You’re right, though, her BARBARA STREISAND nose’s gotta go. Hook her up with MICHAEL JACKSON’S surgeon…

  31. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    wheat swan
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    she made the right decision by having her kid young; her body really bounced back

  32. puddleduck

    Should have spent the money on her nose instead of her tits.

  33. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Funeral Guy
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    Horrible plastic titty balls, but I’d give her a sound rogering then put pictures of her snoochie on the interwebs.

  34. grf67

    Is there a point here?

  35. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    Yeah, I’d pound that shit to death !

  36. Emiliano Zapata

    Wasn’t Farrah whining about financial struggles? Did she get another job with a bigger pay raise or promotion? Does no logical man want to motorboat her because she is a teen mom that she’s using her love pillows to lure them into seduction? If Farrah’s mother’s instincts worry her about her daughter’s maturity, then she was right. But since no laws are being broken, only her logic & sanity should be questioned. Que pendeja!

  37. paerki

    Disgusting. Stop with the baby making!

  38. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    At least their bodies bounce back if you knock em up young.

  39. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Dora Glasberg
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    Now she need needs to do the nose and the chin.
    And those bangs – good grief.

  40. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    I only have one comment, where is her child? She got boobs and is out showing them off, I read that mom got arrested for hitting her, someone here said the childs father died before it was born, where is the child? MTV should be sued by child protective services for promoting these people and encouraging their behavior.

    • viva lableu

      I don’t know about you, but being a mother of 2 children myself, I don’t spend every waking minute of my life with my kids. Especially say when I go to the beach to detente, which means to relax. SO if her daughter is being supervised by a responsible person then by all means let her go to the beach. As a mom I know I’m being a better parent when I take my time to relax and spend time away from the kids. It causes less stress which is helpful while dealing with a needy toddler. Have you ever been around one of those for 7 days straight? 24/7 it drives you a bit crazy

      • kelly

        i agree its bs that everyone is saying wheres the kid wheres the kid, its not like shes ganna spend every second of her life with her child, who the fuck does that?

      • David

        mothers that care about their kids who aren’t self obsessed whores. As far is it driving you crazy grow up and face your responsibilities. Anyone who would defend this person is showing poor character i believe. As far as her looks she is obviously shallow her body is stringy her face is drawn out her tits are fake and she has no ass. It’s obvious that her life style isn’t healthy she just wants to be skinny. Some of you really need to educate yourselves if you think you should somehow defend a vile attention whore who is clearly not a good parent.

  41. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
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    Wait – she’s a teenager? She looks 40. Poor thing.

    • sos

      No she doesn’t, don’t be jealous.

    • brando


  42. wim

    there is one little plastic help I would promote.

    (why not)

  43. That’s a dude right?

  44. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    viva lableu
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG for every person saying she’s a shitty mom…i wonder if any of them had a kid at sixteen, and then tell me how good parents they were. in fact i wonder of any of them are parents. AND how many of them have their lives edited on reality tv to look like their shitty parents. Id also would like them to post a picture of them in an exact replica of that bikini a year and a half after having a child. If that is possible then for real props, if not STFU…american idiots

    • elohel

      Having a kid at 16 (assuming you weren’t raped or implanted with alien seed) just proves you’re too ignorant, irresponsible, naive, or some combination of the three. We aren’t living on the prairie, there is really no excuse.

      Anyway, if you’re foolish enough to get yourself knocked up at 16 and so desperate for attention that you need to sign up for reality TV you deserve all of the negative comments about your parenting, ginormous nose, blown out vagina, etc etc that the internet and its lovely community could possibly throw your way.

    • laboo


  45. ehhhyaah

    Why should any of you judge?

  46. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    I wish when I was that skinny that I didn’t think I was fat. Dang!

  47. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, the definition of butterface. That is one terrible mug.

  48. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    those low bikini bottoms are hot

  49. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    could park a truck between those bolt ons

  50. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    Commented on this photo:

    with that face, i can see why she did it

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