‘Teen Mom’ Farrah is a Calendar Model Now. Of Course.

January 26th, 2011 // 60 Comments

This explains the implants.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham appears in the 2011 Mastering the Art of the American Motorcycle Calendar which, don’t be fooled, actually has all kinds of hot chicks who unfortunately don’t fall under the purview of fair use. Anyway, Farrah has already held signing events where she sits next to all the issues of Us Weekly she’s been in for getting teen knocked up, so of course people in Missouri brought their impressionable young daughters to ask her for an autograph. “Can I get a TV show and dream modeling job, too?” they probably asked. Only one way to find out! USA!

Photos: J. Anthony Digital Photography


  1. Aggie

    So this is fine, but a magazine showing Elton John and David Furnish with their baby was deemed so offensive it had to be covered up? That makes sense.

  2. Robin

    did they photoshop out that beak?

  3. Newt Gangbangrich

    I bet she can break cinderblocks better than Chuck Norris with that shnoz of hers.

  4. Well what else was she going to do, go to med school? Everyone knows teen moms end up either marrying abusive military, turning tricks, or as a cashier at the Piggly Wiggly. So far she’s doing better then most others in her group, so more power to her.

  5. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    someone has some big ole’ daddy issues.

  6. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
    Two Armed Guy
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    Eww, she’s not even attractive.

  7. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    If you were to take all of that shit she has on her face off and put it into a bucket you could make about……say 20 rainbows

  8. Yep, way to go, society. You show those kids the serious repercussions of having children in their teens.

  9. Grass on the Field

    Fish why are you complaining?

    I am all for anything that encourages more teen girls to have sex.

    Just make sure they don’t have a beak like this one.

  10. mick

    She’s a teen mom? Why does she look 35?

  11. If anyone flipped the channel, they could see plenty of examples of teen pregnancy going horribly wrong as well. Maury, Jerry or just about any other talk show would do it. Even going outside might do the trick.

  12. All this skank knows about motorcycles is that it is the place to be if you want a convention of bikers to run a train on your ass.

  13. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
    Not if I rough you first
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    Oy vey! is that the same chick I wanted to tap this morning?

  14. One has a standard body with some bolt-ons, accessories and a fresh coat of paint. The other one is a motorcycle.

  15. Mike

    Geez that’s untypical

  16. wim

    but she still can’t ride a bicycle.

  17. nexted

    over her already. next!

  18. Christina

    They should have these girls handing out birth control and condoms at planned parenthood, not modeling and signing autographs. Ooh look sweetie! A hooker, go get her autograph, maybe she’ll have Richard Gere pick her up later!

  19. michelle

    Women do a lot worse to be able to feed there kids. That’s the beauty of america

  20. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
    Mojo Nixon
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    What we’ve learned…shooting a baby out of you vagina will make you famous. Somewhere out there the guy who did the study in Freakonics about abortion and crime rates has a gun to his head.

  21. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    she is so fugly

  22. Rhialto

    That looks a lot like Audrina Patridge but the better variant. Coincidence? I guess it is.

  23. stevebeagle

    and a stupid ass jap Easter egg of a bike at that.

  24. Phil Yerassin

    nice thread. i came in my own mouth

  25. tom

    16 bikes, 16 months, 16 year olds!

  26. BigDaddy

    This bitch is UGLY.I wouldn’t even use your penis on her.There’s no way you can compare her with Audrina Patridge.

  27. Keesa

    Too bad they had to skin poor animals alive! to put their furs on this TRANSVESTITE!! Sickening!

  28. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    She’s beautiful…. if you compare her to that picture or drunk again jessica simpson im looking at right now.

  29. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    i realize now that my life has been wasted. i could have gotten knocked up at 16, capitalized on being punched by my mom, and ended up signing tabloid mags at my local walmart. where did i go wrong…

  30. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    Farrah secretly thinking – “Bitches don’t know about my smilex makeup.”

  31. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
    Ram Punchington
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    If she’s not whippin’ man-babies then I’m not interested.

    And she looks old, yeah that’s it.

    Punchington Out.

  32. servo

    I was trying to figure out where I had seen this before. Then I remembered my sister’s boyfriend from 1976, and his awesome ride.


  33. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    shes too short! nice tree stump legs you midget!

    • kelly

      shes acually very thin, and has thin legs, she is too short to be a runway model, so she does print work like this
      and yes shes ugly lol

  34. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    She modeled BEFORE she was a teen mom. Do your homework =P!

  35. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    moley moley moley moley….

  36. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
    Shifty Shabazz
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    Woohoo, Go Huskers!

  37. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    watch out fangirl, those super obvious stupid looking implants might knock you out. lost all respect for farrah when she got those, what a bad example for sophia. stupid mother.

  38. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    She looks like a piranha, or some sort of bird, with that beak and those protruding jaws…..eek, her body may be nice but her face! Yup, butterface.

  39. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    she cute but my god thats alot of make-up

  40. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    her sister looks ugly and old

  41. Michele

    Omg this spoiled not to mention uglier than a toads water tight a$$hole treats the 2 people who love her the most like #$&% …why would somone actually hire her for a shoot knowing she’s just not attractive. She has a nice body but now she looks cheap with those nasty,huge melons. I swear..she has to realize if somone sleeps with her they’re secretly wishing they could put a bag over “that” face.

  42. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    well i still think she is beautiful and does amazing work. yall stop hating because your not a model. LOL. haters!

  43. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    I think she is beautiful… now she needs to get some butt implants and good to go.

  44. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    If she is beautiful then I really hot..

  45. Teen Mom Farrah Calendar
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    Correction, I’m really hot!!

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