Teen Mom Farrah’s in a Bikini Again, And So Are Her Implants

Is she looking at me or the seagull she’s pointing at? Knock it off.

Here’s Teen Mom “star” Farrah Abraham, and the implants she immediately spent all her MTV money on, being “candidly” photographed in Miami while staring directly at the camera, or trying her “best” to, which is hilarious for someone who wrote the following message on Twitter “yesterday”:

The question is : did Mtv ruin my life?

Of course, Farrah’s so pretty and probably would’ve made it without being on TV solely for getting knocked up at 16 like a fucking idiot. I mean, it’s not like she promoted a website today touting just that as the cornerstone of her career. Oh, wait:

Farrah Graduated in 2007 from a modeling and self-development class by Barbizon that sparked Farrah’s interest to continue her path on pursuing modeling, acting, talent work and pageants. She has been a part of her local modeling and acting scene, and American Miss Pageant, Miss Teen Iowa, Ranked 9th in 2009 as an OFC Ring Girl, Metropolitan acting class, “Salvation” Independent film, Omaha Fashion Week, M.A.D.D Fashion show, Fashion For Food Show, and Fashion In Salvation show, etc. Farrah was a promotional model for bigger companies as well as non- profit organizations including, Metropolitan Community College, One Love Revolution organization and Coke Zero. Farrah also is a part of hair modeling with the Following companies; Infra Shine, Matrix, Aquage and as well a NAHA hair model. Farrah has been blessed with being part of the original cast of two top rated MTV shows: 16 & Pregnant and Teen MOM, which captured the eyes of 5.6 million viewers. This led to Farrah being on countless online websites, blogs, YouTube, top magazines, and other MTV shows such as “The Seven” and “The Alexa Chung Show.” Farrah hopes to continue being a part of the talent industry and enjoys meeting new people who inspire her.

INTERVIEWER: So, what kind of experience will you bring to this job?
FARRAH: I was on TV because I don’t know how condoms work.
INTERVIEWER: I see. Are you pregnant right now? Because a man’s about to walk in here and TASER you in the tit for wasting my time. Jimmy!

(Someone read that to her.)

Photos: Splash News