Teen Mom Farrah Got Arrested For DUI

March 20th, 2013 // 13 Comments
What's The Big Deal?
Teen Mom Farrah Bikini
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The last time I posted about Teen Mom Farrah, she was bragging about tweezing a three-year-old’s unibrow in her sleep because apparently toddlers don’t respond well to waxing. Who knew? So naturally it was only a matter of time until she did something equally retarded like, oh I dunno, almost plowing into a cop car while shit-faced drunk. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement tells us … 20-year-old Abraham — who first appeared on “Teen Mom” back in 2009 — was pulled over in Omaha just after 1AM after hanging a wide turn … and nearly hitting a police cruiser.
Cops administered the standard field sobriety test — and we’re told Abraham tanked … blowing a .147 on a breathalyzer … nearly twice the legal limit in the Cornhusker State.

Amazingly, her daughter wasn’t in the car, so just assume Farrah’s yelling at her own mother right now for being a bitch and always watching her kid, keeping her alive. “She could’ve been my DD, mom. GAWD.”

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  1. JC

    Sadly, her fakers acted as airbags, preventing her dashboard from giving her the plastic surgery she so desperately needs for her face.

  2. What’s kind of funny is that Maci Bookout, another Teen Mom, tweeted her followers last night asking them if she got arrested what would they think it was for!


  3. schmidtler

    She got arrested? I thought standard procedure when pulling over a hot young drunk chick with big cans was to drive her home after getting a bj in the back of the squad car?

  4. MD2020

    Lol. She spoke out against drinking-and-driving on New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago, but I guess drinking and driving on March 19 is fine.


  5. After being pulled over for suspicion of DUI, Teen Mom Farrah blew 147. Then she failed a breathalyzer test.

  6. Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Implants Boob Job
    thats all
    Commented on this photo:

    Hahaha, whats with all the worries about her nose? Last time I was stoking the fire, I wasn’t looking at the mantle piece.

  7. No way I would have arrested her sexy ass. I would have had her working off that DUI all weekend. She is dumb as a box of rocks and definitely would have agreed to those terms.

  8. Dee

    She used the Teen Mom money from 2009 to buy breasts.

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