Teen Mom Farrah Got Arrested For DUI

The last time I posted about Teen Mom Farrah, she was bragging about tweezing a three-year-old’s unibrow in her sleep because apparently toddlers don’t respond well to waxing. Who knew? So naturally it was only a matter of time until she did something equally retarded like, oh I dunno, almost plowing into a cop car while shit-faced drunk. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement tells us … 20-year-old Abraham — who first appeared on “Teen Mom” back in 2009 — was pulled over in Omaha just after 1AM after hanging a wide turn … and nearly hitting a police cruiser.
Cops administered the standard field sobriety test — and we’re told Abraham tanked … blowing a .147 on a breathalyzer … nearly twice the legal limit in the Cornhusker State.

Amazingly, her daughter wasn’t in the car, so just assume Farrah’s yelling at her own mother right now for being a bitch and always watching her kid, keeping her alive. “She could’ve been my DD, mom. GAWD.”

Photos: Splash News