BEST OF 2011: ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Does Bikini Photos Now

Welcome to the magical time between Christmas and New Year’s when The Superficial lazily rehashes all the posts you sick sons of bitches couldn’t get enough of. This year, in lieu of a Top 10, we’ve decided to break it down by the best post of each month so we can all relive the joy and majesty of 2011, and more importantly, give me an extra two posts to phone in so I can sit around thumbing my Christmas loot.


Posted: 1.7.2011

During the early months of 2011, MTV’s Teen Mom was somehow way more popular than a reality show glorifying underage dipshits who couldn’t figure out how condoms work had any right to be. On top of that, these chicks were taking their MTV paychecks, immediately turning them into brand new bolt-ons and then parading around in bikini pictures. A trend that started with Farrah Abraham (above) because she’s something of a modern-day Sojourner Truth if not way more important. “While the right to vote is paramount to our cause, will it cock-tease a man into buying you shoes?” – Susan B. Anthony, 1776.

Original Post: ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah is in a Bikini, And Those Are Definitely Implants

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